And I thought us Brexit voters were the conspiracy theorists …


Wouldn’t put money on that … @GreyCarpet is probably right and the taxi is waiting …


Don’t forget the EU Groupies are better educated and know more about every subject. But we will see if he is removed as a result of leakage , that someone else is responsible for :wink:


I was just quoting a previous foreign secretary … but you and @fynne 'll know better wont you?



Explain why you think that it is at all plausible that Sir Kim would leak his secret memos?

The content of these is hardly news, every intelligent person in the world knows that Trump is an idiot who is not fit to have job shovelling dung out of a pigsty.

Trump’s latest thuggish outbursts need to be met with resolve. We should:

  1. Impose swingeing taxes on US Tech firms.

  2. Give the USAF notice to quit their vast bases.

  3. Create an "unwelcome environment " for immigrants from the USA and also arrogant American tourists.

When we’ve forced Trump out of office things can be allowed to get back to normal.




and a “previous foreign secretary” will clearly be giving an honest answer??
Regardless of where the leak came from the guy is finished in the USA. I’d put money on that …


Gone by mid August.


Ah there in lies the answer … you don’t like Trump because he doesn’t follow the traditional way. It’s also why Darroch didn’t like him.
What’s wrong with blunt questions and answers or do you prefer waffle


already been told to pack …
and thanked for his service of course but in the circumstances probably better that we move you.


Thanked? More like told to f*** off


No I tried that one … using EU groupies in every post … still here.
Anyway you’re a group who support the eu … I don’t think EU groupies is to objectionable.
compared to some of the other insults thrown at him by @J_Westlock
For instance… should have added… as Brexit shows us each day with the likes of Threadbare who seems either retarded or permanently high on morphine or some other medication (he probably doesn’t have long to go), John who seems a nice chap but then can’t back up literally anything he says and then Trisco who’s thick so we can’t stop him being easily led by the… grubby, selfish Brexiteers.


Trump obviously dislikes them. Can’t stand them, reacts like a child in fact.


So why shouldn’t this guy be finished in the USA too?

Wriggle out of that one.




The traditional way in High Politics is seriousness and politeness, not ranting like Hitler and looking like a pig ready for market as does Trump. By “bluntness” you mean lies of course, the stuff you like to suck up.




Send the ambassador to the US, to Russia, Iran, Lybia, Iraq or Zimbabwe. He has all those traditional attributes. He can lead the way in how ‘traditional high politic diolomacy works’ around the world…

And then ask China to leave the disputed sea zones. And North Korea to stop nuclear development.

Was Obama traditional? A lot of this happened under him. And if Not, didn’t get far with it


You don’t seem to have any kind of grasp on what has actually happened. Our ambassador’s confidential report has been leaked to the press and Trump has thrown his toys out of his pram.

In 2010, when the US state department leaked criticisms of the royal family, David Cameron, the UK’s armed forces and called an M.P. a ‘hound dog where women are concerned’ . The UK’s diplomatic response was the ‘The leaks were merely embarrassing and would not make any difference at all in political terms.’

See the difference? Trump’s spoiled child response and UK’s former ambassador to the USA responding like an adult.


I was talking about that ambassador being traditional as defined by @Sir_Buns-Up_Knealing

Wasn’t talking about why he is going to be moved on or blaming him.


Actually I believe it’s the other way around… talking to trump has to be direct and to the point… I’d like that … would make a change from the usual sheite I get


History will remember Trump favourably. The president that stopped communist land/sea grabs and nuclear proliferation and world disorder.

Unfortunately, the ‘bollocks to brexit’ t -shirt brigade are the ones with most idle time to be online, preaching about how bad trump is. It’s obvious they don’t live in any of those countries . Or in America pre Trump 'Everybody else and politicians first '. Slogan not as catchy as America first.


Wriggle out of that one. @Sir_Buns-Up_Knealing

He’s a politician… first rule is never take anything they say as other than political point scoring … won’t stop Boris being PM … will it ?