As the leak was likely from the British Government I would suggest there’s possibly more behind the scenes


Why would the British government leak a document describing Trump’s administration as uniquely dysfunctional? Everybody already knows it anyway, and how does it help the UK?


Trumps unorthodox approach is exactly what upsets people… personally I don’t care if it gets results


Absolutely. And results would make a great change from the recent traditional norms.


Boris is making a fool out of Mr Hunt, Clear answers are a refreshing change from the normal waffle…The neighbours will need to dig deep into the tape collection to stop the front runner.


Well the memos were British held and I don’t know the answer to why they were leaked.
The result however, will be Darroch losing his job.


I’m waiting for someone to say that the Russians did it…


What I am hearing in tonight’s debate is johnson giving glib answers and constantly talking over Hunt. What a prat! Just the sort that Tories like.




Thought buns suggested that one

You EU groupies tut tut


House of Commons votes by majority of 1 - yes 1 - to stop Johnson from proroguing Parliament in Sept or Oct


You are the waffler around here fynne. Just an empty vessel except for a marble rattling around in it.

Darroch was being blunt, even though it was in secret. Yet you don’t like that as you think Trump is John Wayne, even though he’s just a Draft dodger who inherited a lot of money.

Sir KIm was just telling the obvious truth: nearly all of his White House staff have been sacked, resigned or charged with offences. A large number of posts remain unfilled. Trump ignores all advice and is pig ignorant. The only people left around him are those he put there through nepotism.

It is staggering that your quisling Brexiteer clique are prepared to take the side of a porcine, pin brain such as Trump against your own Ambassador, Prime Minister and Queen all of whom he has egregiously insulted. Why don’t you all emigrate to the land of the free? Plenty of room for more hillbillies, if not Muslims and Mexicans.

All this after Darroch had spent a year making the preparations for Trump’s pantomime “State visit”. Mrs May was ill advised to allow this stunt, as now Trump has spat in her face.

I’m no Monarchist but I did feel sorry for the Queen, having to put up this Lardarse lout. She always wears gloves of course because of the huge amount of handshaking she has to do. I bet she had some Marigold gloves under her usual ones when she shook Trump’s? Never know what he’d have been doing with them, as he loves himself so much.




Staggering. 1 vote away from the end of British democracy.


It’s already ended if the referendum result isn’t adhered to.


Well it hasn’t been, and democracy goes on in the houses of parliament … just.


nobody knows what kind of deal ppl voted for
Canada Norway Mays Deal and NO DEAL all are leaving the EU so another referndum is not the same and as the LEAVE campaign cheated and lied Remain would need to be an option…

one thing for sure very few voted for NO DEAL


Which deal would you choose?


I would choose REMAIN but IF we were sure that the Majority of the UK want a particular deal now, I would accept and get behind it.
my preference in that scenario would be Norway eg some deal that keeps the trade etc as it is and the Brexiters could think they had won something…


Remain is the only sensible option.

I don’t mind leaving with a deal so long as freedom of movement and current trade arrangements are preserved, including all those extra billions the EU pour into our R&D sector (which isn’t counted in any of the payments or rebates). I just don’t see the point of paying through the nose to keep what we already have.


You really do like the sound of your own voice … what a load of bollocks
If you can’t put what you’ve got to say in one sentence don’t say it …


Tell me something I’ve said that isn’t true dimbo.