But given the referendum result , would you not just be happy if they maybe give you a little titbit?


Don’t have to look far do I … as I said … utter bollocks


Wait Pete to the rescue… no old headlines from the express by any chance


not sure what that means but given that there is no benefit to the UK in leaving the EU as shown by my asking that question multiple times here.
The only real reason for any deal is to try to bring our divided country a little less divided.
So a deal that keeps us in the EU where LEAVE voters can feel the have a victory is the only hope but with Remain on the ballot that would be difficult.


dont know what this is in response to but I have a suggestion. competition for the biggest lie
my nomination is



Peterthenovice, may I ask, why do you feel anyone owes you an explanation or benefit to Leave the EU ? Who are you to demand an answer ? I just do not get the self righteous posters on here that feel they can demand answers, and boast of victory when met with silence.


ooh touchy. all I have asked many times is for any Brexit posters to name a single real benefit for leaving. It’s part of a discussion we are having and important for my kids n gkids and surely you would not want the Tories to push this through when at least 1/2 the population dont want it IF there is no benefit.



Remainers will Leave the UK


so as expected you dont have one.


I cant give you a negative either. Balance


Very few facts in the world. In each of our minds, we live in our world’s. . 7.5 billion varying perceptions of what the world is .

All i recommend is be at peace with the world that lives within your head. And everything will be ok whatever happens

Even if it is the daily mail


Not for us younger members with respect, whilst you post stories of enjoying retirement playing golf, many of us younger UK PLC workers will reap the rewards of Leaving the Club that costs the UK £ 13bn less a small drink returned for good behaviour…You have been feed to much negativity, have a little faith in the UK Peterthenovice


So why did you tick up Macca45 everytime he demanded an answer then claimed victory 10 minutes later before anyone had even read his post?


While you were off on holiday did you miss the Iranian government returning to Uranium enrichment and exceeding the limits of the deal that Trump nixed?

N. Korea have also gone back to their missile programme after realising Trump’s deal goes nowhere. So negative marks on the nuclear proliferation so far.

Communist land/sea grabs - not aware of any since he’s been in power, but none given up either. So no marks there.

World disorder? Syria carries on, Libya in chaos, Afghanistan and Iraq no improvement Yemen getting worse. Nothing done to stop internal strife in Myanmar, encouarged increased Israeli land grabs, no moves against reported Chinese internment of over 1 million citizens, civil war continues in Central African Republic, armed internal conflict in Colombia continues.

Hasn’t really had much impact there one way or another, has he?

His unpredictability may have stopped some countries making some moves, but we’ll never know, will we? I would say it is way too early for History, or you, to be judging him.


Yes. Maybe too soon for anyone to be judging him?


Fair point. Although there is no question if you read the reports that he’s had less grip on government departments than any other president in living memory, probably ever.

Its hard to imagine that working out as a positive. E.g. If terrorists snaffle up enough nuclear material to make a dirty bomb because the U.S. Department of Energy (whose main job is to stop that happening, despite its name) was ignored for months and left without leadership by the Trump administration, simply because he thought the country could be supplied with energy without spending billions on the department’s budget. In other words - he wasn’t interested in finding out what it actually did - or even putting someone in place to do that job for him.

Last I heard he still hadn’t filled the top 20 or so posts in the department that directed it, I just hope he’s woken up to the chances he is taking and done something about it since.

That’s only one aspect (grip on government departments) of the job.

He is prepared to do what he thinks is best for America and to bully anyone in the way using America’s economic clout. Lots of people would argue that is his job and don’t care about him keeping allies on side, such as the UK, who they expect to come to heel anyway.

I don’t like that, and I don’t think I’d like it if I was American either. However, if his isolationism (and he’s certainly not the first in that) prolongs America’s pre-eminence in the world, then history may well look favourably upon him as an American president, if not as a statesman.


Threadbare - Where did Pete or anyone else (including I) say that he was “owed an explanation”? Or even “demanded” an answer?

This is just an internet forum… if people choose to post or not, that’s up to them. When people do post stuff, then it’s quite legitimate for others to question it or comment on it. If they don’t want to answer, so be it… but it won’t stop others trying to ask why they hold the beliefs they do, voted the way they said they did etc.


I DEMAND an answer!

What was the question again??


I agree entirely its only younger PPL who will gain OR suffer in this debacle.
I am concerned only for kids and grandkid’s but as the majority of older PPL voted Brexit its certainly not a fair result for young and another Vote would sort it out. What do you think??


so answer is you have NO positive benefits FOR Brexit and as I said its
All Risk and NO Reward…

Reduction of Exports to EU in No deal (£240B/year)
Car Industry layoffs
large parts of Farming industry killed off by cheap US food
Scotland Independence
Wales ?
Northern Ireland trouble
Mass layoffs in other areas
Trade deals with US India China that kill off our manufacturing industry
Largest part of Uk Finance economy moves offshore
London and Uk recession
Mass protests from young ppl who have been duped.
Uk worldwide Laughing stock…
I could go on…