Who are you talking to? I copy stuff all the time on here and don’t get restricted. So long as you attribute it it isn’t really infringement as such. Well, technically only perhaps.

Perhaps its this kind of comment after Remainers have constantly supported you being given full access that gets up some moderators nose?


I think Mr Carpet was making a rather weak joke about his use of “EU Groupies”, a term originally made by JAR. His jokes are as poor as his Brexit comments.




I think you’re right now you mention it. Forgive me for having forgotten the scintillating banter between the two.


Eadwig - hi

It’s medically known as ‘acute sense of humour failure’


Hello Swampie,

I see swamp_cat is greyed-out? What happened? I see you have a slightly amended ID now.



Support ? You openly back a poster that wishes me/Leave supporters DEAD , that’s the kind of censorship ii need to look into imho.


Yes, support. I have constantly, along with others, said that you should be given full access - just in case your suspected ghost moderator is reading all these posts.

I don’t know why you keep going on about someone posting about a demographic FACT combined with what the polls tells us about the age of leave voters.

Is it just faux outrage to avoid all the obvious truths you and the other Trump-Groupies fail to acknowledge. You must have realised no one else cares by now?


FIAT - hi

Bit of an understatement m8

As well as being investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission!


Labour at war over anti-Semitism: Deputy leader Tom Watson says ‘chilling’ Panorama expose shows ‘permissive culture’ towards vile abuse - but Corbyn dismisses it as based on evidence of ‘disaffected’ former staff
PUBLISHED: 08:03, 11 July 2019 | UPDATED: 12:48, 11 July 2019

Mr Watson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he ‘deplored’ the Labour response to the whistle blowers.
‘You couldn’t fail to be saddened and moved by the testimony, particularly of the young members who’d had racist abuse in party meetings and on social media,’ he said.
Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters urged MPs and activists to ‘drown out’ claims in last night’s BBC Panorama investigation to protect the Labour leader and his aides from anti-Semitism, it was revealed today.


The party’s ‘outriders’ and ‘socialist social media activists’ were urged to take to social media to defend Mr Corbyn and his general secretary Jennie Formby.
As the show went out on BBC1 a WhatsApp message reportedly shared and sent by a key aide to Corbyn says his supporters must ‘park your emotions for a few days’.
And they should avoid criticising his deputy Tom Watson - who said today the Panorama film had revealed a ‘sickness in our party’.
Instead they should turn their fire on the BBC and focus on allegations that the Tories are Islamophobia and ‘amplify’ Labour’s message that they are not a racist or anti-Semitic.
The memo, leaked to HuffPo’s Paul Waugh, says: ‘Jeremy Corbyn is not an Anti-semite. Jennie is dealing with Anti-semitism. It is a real and present problem,’
A Labour source has said that the guidance was not written by the party.
'And there was an array of young and old former members of staff from different wings of the party who I think showed great courage to speak out in the way they did…
‘To speak out about the party they love must have taken a great act of courage and to dismiss their testimony as in some way flawed I think was wrong.’
He added that he had now been shut out of seeing figures on membership and disciplinary cases.
‘It does seem to me that there is obviously some participation in these disciplinary cases from the leader’s office, which means they are responsible for dealing with the rebuilding of trust in the Jewish community,’ he added.

BBC News (online)
Labour anti-Semitism claims prompt dismay in party
• 47 minutes ago

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the “serious charges” were being “hotly contested”, and the process of dealing with complaints in the party had been “improved dramatically”.
But Mr Watson said he “deplored the statement made” by the party and to dismiss the testimony of the staff - some of whom had signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) when they left - was “wrong”.


Three Labour MPs - Ruth Smeeth, Margaret Hodge and Louise Ellman - have written to Mr Corbyn, saying there was “no justifiable reason for your continuing failure to act”.
They added: “The ongoing inaction and tolerance of anti-Semitism has made a mockery of the party’s core values of anti-racism and promoting equality. By ignoring this issue, you are turning a blind eye to anti-Jewish racism in the party”.

‘the Islamophobic Tory party’ (as you state in your post - as a pathetic ‘deflection’ attempt), doesn’t even come close!


Tom Watson also obliquely criticised Corbyn - I listened to that interview. He said it was an example of what can happen when you don’t act to nip something in the bud.

I took that as a dig at Corbyn, which is all to the good. He’s the only thing standing in Labour’s way right now.



As you are aware, I have been very critical of Labour’s failure to deal with the Anti-semites within its ranks and, additionally, I have also expressed the view that Corbyn ought to be replaced as leader.

As for my references to islamophobia in the Tory party, I apply the same standard. There is no doubt that a substantial number of Tory party members are racist and islamophic. I know this from first hand experience of working with Tory party members and Councillors. I would also say that many of them are not like that and are good public servants. Perhaps you have not looked at the polling research on your fellow members:

According to the poll, 54% of the Tory rank-and-file believe that Islam is “generally a threat to the British way of life”. Some 60% think that “Islam is generally a threat to Western civilisation”, with fewer than one-in-five (17%) taking the opposite view. The YouGov study follows polling results released last month, which found that almost half of Conservative members would not accept a Muslim as the country’s Prime Minister. They were released as Tory activists vote on whether Boris Johnson or Jeremy Huny should be their next leader and Prime Minister. Shadow equalities minister, Dawn Butler said: "This poll shows that Islamophobia and racism are ingrained among some Conservative Party members. It is worrying that the people choosing our next Prime Minister hold these views. "Boris Johnson has a lot to answer for - both because of his own record of racism and Islamophobia, including just last year comparing Muslim women to ‘bank robbers’ and ‘letterboxes’, and because of the likelihood that these Tory Party members will vote for him as leader.

No doubt that is what Sajid Javid ambushed his fellow leadership candidates in a TV debate and got them agree to an inquiry into racism in the party. And also let us not forget former party Chair Sayeeda Warsi who has been saying much the same. Then there is a senior Tory who gave a Nazi salute to a Labour councillor in a Council chamber as was reported a few years ago.

You have suggested that my raising of the issue of islamophobia in the Tory party is a form of “deflection”. I say that it isn’t at all. It is equally serious as the problems in Labour. There is something rotten in the state of our politics.

I finish by reminding you that it is not me that has recently voted for a man who has made numerous racist statements and would like him to be party leader. Respectfully, JAR, you ought to examine your own conscience before flinging around silly accusations against others.

All the best,

Frog in a tree


Excellent post , how the EU Groupies can continue to support the Leader of an Outright Racist party is a little confusing. So they want Corbyn to move to a remain party, whilst glossing over his racist views. Pot kettle ?


You really do talk some rubbish. A Trump-Groupie calling other people racist. Its not even a bad joke.


Are you suggesting Corbyn is not racist after last nights revelations? You really ought to do a little research on the BBC website earwig.


I have no idea about Corbyn and little interest in him apart from when he will be replaced as party leader. I didn’t watch the last night’s revelations because I have my own experiences of the Labour party and I’ve never come across racism in it. Not among activists.

There are plenty of Labour voters who are racist, but even among those I’ve never heard anything anti-semitic. I’ve never heard anything among Tory voters anti-semitic either, but much more open racisim in the followers of that party.

I have heard racism from Trump. Overtly used as a ploy to gain votes. Now that is disgusting and dangerous and you obviously agree with it wholeheartedly.

You can’t say for one moment that Corbyn or anyone in the upper echelons of the Labour party has campaigned for votes by playing the race card.

Can you admit the difference between the two and openly say you support racism? Or will you condemn Trump’s tactics here and now? Go on, be a man.


More WHATBOUTs who is the most racist Tories or Labour
Same as who was the best liar / cheat in the Referendum

Not interested in your whatabouts only in.
Is leaving the EU better or worse for my kids n Gkids answer is obvious
LEAVE campaign cheated and Lied in our advisory referendum true…

This was real racism make a poster that make EU migrants look the people Tommy whashisname and supporters hate… any idea why???



The old diversion tactic works every-time, so you defend Corbyn as a racist by asking my views on Trump? Corbyn defended a hate preacher by saying he has never said anything racist in his company, you really do want to do a little research. even you can learn something everyday.


Who are you replying to??


Eadwig, above.



GC - hi

Also, the Groupies are ‘wetting themselves’ at the prospect of Boris being PM.
They conveniently forget:
Boris is a much better politician than that disaster Theresa May - who Corbyn failed to defeat last time
He beat Ken Livingston (twice) in the London Elections (an earlier version of hard-left Corbyn)
Labour are (rightly) showing their true colours of the inbuilt anti semitism of the hard left / Momentum group
The Momentum faction is (as we speak), ramping up their campaign to de-select up to 70 moderate (Blairite?) MPs - thus moving further to the hard left and conveniently replacing them with Corbyn supporters - making it harder / almost impossible to get rid of Corbyn

'70 Labour MPs including Yvette Cooper and Hilary Benn face deselection before next election
MPs have until Monday to inform Labour executive whether they intend to stand in next election amid fears of a ‘purge’ of anti-Corbyn MPs
Richard Vaughan Wednesday July 3rd 2019

The i newsletter
News for free thinkers

As many as 70 Labour MPs face deselection, including several loyal to Jeremy Corbyn, as a result of the party’s preparations for a general election.

MPs have until Monday to inform the Labour executive whether they intend to stand in the next election, opening up the prospect of members facing “trigger ballots” should their constituencies decide to replace them.

Margaret Beckett was targeted by Momentum last year for her criticism of the Labour leader
The Labour general secretary Jennie Formby wrote to all MPs last week giving them just a fortnight to decide whether they wanted to stand for reselection at the next election.

According to research by an internal Labour group, which refused to be named, as many as 70 MPs are at risk of being deselected.

It has sparked accusations that it is an attempt by party bosses to “purge” anti-Corbyn MPs.’

All good m8


Hey John,

Maybe you could answer this seeing as you look in the mood to explain things. This will help understand why you voted to Leave.

Whilst there are many potential improvements that could be made to the UK immigration system… you have failed to state any reason why it could not be done whilst the UK is still in the EU… and could not have been implemented at any point over the last few years.

So… why is that a reason for leaving the EU?

You also mentioned EU “uncontrolled” immigration.
I assume you are referring to the large numbers of migrants in their exodus from Africa, the Middle East (esp. Iraq and Libya) and placed like Afghanistan (to name some of the main sources).

Tell me what you think would be happening if there was no EU and no Schengen system (for those states that signed up to it)?
Do you think that the migrant crisis would magically have not happened?

There would still be boats coming to the shores of Greece and Italy… they would still be passing through those countries, there would still be some states trying to block them, some trying to help as much as they could and some hurrying them through as quick as they could.
There would still be lorries coming to English ports with migrants (from non-EU countries) trying to get in… IN or OUT of the EU.

So… again… do explain how the UK being outside of the EU is going to help stop such migrants (ie. asylum seekers and illegal migrants) from trying to get into the UK?
You think there’s be less trying to get to the UK if the EU didn’t exist?