Although maintaining “material risks” to the economy remained, reiterating that crashing out of the EU on 31 October was likely to have a negative impact, the governor of the Bank of England said “real progress” had been made since November last year.

hes saying that the effect would still be bad so

cant remember any MPs telling us to vote leave to be worse off ?


Carney has back tracked today, Fake news spreaders appear to be getting nervous about getting called out on predictions.


Wonder what would be worse for Britain…
… brexit or a Corbyn led government !!


Good piece on Bloomberg yesterday, pointing out the City of London fear Corbyn more than a no Deal Brexit, says it all really.
Remainers on here would happily reap havoc just to save face.



Utter rubbish as usual. Carney does not sit there with a pen and paper making stuff up, he has an army of economists and statisticians working for him.

Due to the billions wasted on No Deal preparations the BOE has reduced the negative impact of No Deal from 8% of GDP to 5%. which is still massive.

It was Carney that saved the British economy by slashing interest rates and other fiscal measures in the aftermath of the stupid Referendum while there was no Government operating. This was a pity because otherwise the idiots who voted leave would have seen the folly of their ways immediately. Interest rates should have gone up. This would have strengthened the pound and increased savings rates, both of which would have been good for me.




Even his own brother…Et tu Jo?!

“torn between family and national interest”

That’ll be an interesting Johnson family get together at Christmas…hopefully it’ll be televised!!


Brexit Wars continue!

I was only wondering yesterday why Jo Johnson had accepted an appointment in his brother’s government when he had previously resigned from May’s much less rabid government on Brexit grounds previously. Business as usual!


Frog in a tree

p.s. Hopefully it wasn’t Cummings and Goings that had him sacked!


"They had 10 fewer cases of heart disease and three more strokes per 1,000 people compared with the meat-eaters.

However, it cannot prove whether the effect is down to their diet or some other aspect of their lifestyle."
The meat industry fights back!!


The overall picture however is that in both carnivore and vegetarian populations the death rate remains stubbornly at 100%.

Another inescapable fact is that if you are over 65 and voted Leave during the Referendum you are twice as likely to die than if you voted Remain. Food for thought.




Understand that Johnson met in Wakefield by protestors singing
“Where’s your brother gone, where’s your brother gone?”


Hopefully they will all agree on the timing for the next GE…and Corbyn will finally be able to make up his mind…on something!!

The consensus from ‘most’ people on TV is that it would be stupid to let BoJo off the hook and agree to a GE on 15th October…at the moment they have BoJo ‘dying in a ditch’ on or after 19th October…surely that’s worth waiting for…it’s only a few extra weeks to wait for a GE Mr Corbyn!!


This ditch… where is it? Will there be TV coverage of the dying event or do we need to attend in person? Pretty much all reality TV is awful but that would be compelling.



I think it would have to be televised…it would be in the national interest, after all.

Perhaps we could use it to raise funds for the NHS…pay per view!! That would be a couple £ billion in the UK alone…world wide sales would be enormous. :wink:


I fear that, because it would be of such interest, the broadcast rules would require it to be free-to-air. Still, I reckon ITV might be prepared to put in a serious offer for the broadcast rights; imagine the size of the audience so the value of the advert slots!

I have some ITV shares, it could only give them a boost! :grinning:


I am in the same boat (ITV holder) and would support your suggestion. ITV need all the help they can get…would we class it as a Brexit boost?!


Miller has rightfully been made to look a laughing stock again, anti democrats never learn.



She won one of the most important cases in British political history last time - preventing Mrs May from forcing her deal through without Parliamentary scrutiny. As a rabid hard Brexiteer you owe her a great debt of gratitude.

Anyway she’s off to the Supreme Court next so nothing is over until the fat lady sings.

Personally I want Parliament to be prorogued now to ensure Johnson doesn’t get his No deal election and is made to marinate in his own juices.

What a lying cretin he is. He must be the most lamentable PM ever and he’s only been in the job (elected by morons) for about 6 weeks. It is he who is the laughing stock along with the entire UK now.

You should apologise for your stupid comment above.




I agree…BoJo needs a holiday…has it really only been a week since they got back?!

The Tory party conference should be an ‘interesting’ affair…I wonder if the ‘rebels’ are allowed to go…perhaps they will gate crash. For once I might watch it.


Good, hope it costs her a lot of money in the process :+1:
She’s not upholding democracy btw … just using her money to force through her opinions
… good luck :wink: