Pete, there is a reverse side to every argument
I could say …

WHATABOUT … blah blah blah

Actually I have personally not only worked with many (EU) economic migrants but also employed many … in my time
I distinguish between those from the EU and those from outside whether legal or not.
But the thread is about the EU and Brexit?
I don’t have a personal problem with either but I could see the impact on the local society.
I have children … and grandchildren
Where you clearly despise these UK elite cheating the system… I personally don’t see much difference in the EU.
I noted Boris being collared by a Scottish fisherman over the fact that most fish is now sent for processing in the EU … jobs lost, industry lost
I want that to change back so that it is the UK that benefits… not the EU
… is that so hard to understand?


What a plank. Most fish caught by British fishermen is SOLD to the French and Spanish - to be EATEN by them!

Idiot Scottish fishermen are cutting their nose off to spite their face.




Isn’t that the point I was making 4b2?


The point was that this “fish” may be caught in British waters but is no longer processed in Britain … industry and jobs
… it can still be sold to the EU btw …


Mmm… and what precisely do the industries around Grimsby do?

The fishing industry is worth 0.1% of the UK’s economy so largely irrelevant but anyways…

Furthermore, the UK imports almost twice as much fish as it exports, with the top five being cod, tuna, prawns, salmon and haddock. The impact of a hard Brexit on trade would make these more expensive, the researchers found. The impact would also hit UK fish farms, which export most of their products, and the fish processing industry, which relies on imports.
“While the domestic fish price goes down, the price of the imported fish goes up quite a lot,” said Heleen Bartelings at WUR. “There is also an impact on [farmed fish] and processed fish products – both become more expensive. So it is only a small part of the UK fish sector that is less expensive and the rest is more expensive.”
She said the apparent opportunity for the UK to “cash in” by closing marine borders is scotched by the analysis. “Overall, the advantage of an increased fish access is completely outweighed by the costs of protectionism,” the report concluded.



In Scotland? Probably not very much !


Cod n haddock …, Iceland / Norway etc
Tuna !!! Clearly not uk ?
Prawns … actually we have an active prawn fishing fleet … ironic that most go abroad while we import from Asia?
Salmon … mostly farmed these days … did I ever mention the detritus and chemicals that poison the waters around fish farms

Next …


Next? Try forming proper sentences that make sense and make a point rather than a jumble of meaningless words and incoherent rubbish.


Listen fynne, I used to live in Aberdeen and know the fishing industry inside out.

This so called processing is a “red herring”. The French and Spanish import high value seafood such as scallops, lobsters and salmon. They like these to be fresh not processed and preferably alive when they swallow it!

Most of the white fish coming into Scotland arrives in Peterhead and is landed by the Icelanders and Norwegians and processed there or in Aberdeen. This is what the British eat.

The British fishing fleet is tiny. It was scuppered during the “Cod war” with Iceland which Britain lost, not the EU. A lot of the EU licences allotted to the British were sold by them to Dutch and Belgian fishermen and then our fishermen retired.

Fishermen are even bigger moaners than farmers. Fishing may be a hard game due to the weather but they ain’t poor. The industry as a whole is probably, pro rata, the one which has the most fiddles, back - handers and tax avoidance going on than any in the country. The fishing issue is BS.




Absolutely… given the attention it gets, you’d think it was more than 0.1% of the UK’s economy… still it presents a good image to the Brexiteers… even if all their facts are still wrong about it.


Good to see you doing some straight talking common sense for a change
It suits you better than you normal verbiage, should try it more often :+1:


Nothing you say is ever correct or of interest. We just reply out of a futile attempt at educating the empty vessels here. It is a sad flaw on our part.




dont despise them the so called elite but the system.where they are allowed to FUND the Tories and then LEAVE via crook arron banks in order to keep tax avidance is wrong.

And now stirring up all this hate just to avoid delay til next year.
If When the lose the delay BREXIT DIES.

thanks for bringing up fishing.


Another article on Brexit offshore Tax Dodgers some text below in case you dont open the LINK.
Just more evidence on the reason for well funded Fraud you were exposed to…
plse dont start talking about Cod or Mackerel

Starting to thnk maybe some of these have been doing a lot more than legal avoidance>.

Come January 2020 the bloc will bring in a law instructing anyone with off shore accounts and investments to disclose them to enable full scrutiny so they can no longer get away with tax avoidance and evasion.
It would make life for those with significant offshore wealth far more complicated, which is perhaps the motivation for keeping the UK at arms-length ahead of impending EU legislation?


I have a theory that UK fishermen want to be given new quotas (after selling them for a good profit to European boats many years ago) and when they have them they will sell them again to European boats…for a quick profit…then moan about EU boats ‘stealing’ our quotas.

This is a ‘get rich quick’ scheme by UK fishermen & women…


The Independence group (Change UK) continue to migrate to the Lib Dems.


I’ve tried ‘testing’ the law to the ‘limit’…it usually ends up badly (for me)!!

Oily: “Ossifer…hic…I was not going at 80 miles per kilometer in reverse up the high street…your speed camera thingy is obviously malfucktioning and you need to go see on obstetrician because you may be cross eyed…hic”
Policeperson: “Perchance…have you been drinking madam…er!!..sir?”


""Dominic Cummings…told a meeting of government aides that they needed to be “cool like Fonzies”
The directive is part of a strategy to “wait for others to melt…”
Cummings is obviously mentally deranged.


We will be consistent with obeying the law but also sticking to our policy, and you will have to wait and see what happens because there is a lot of days between now and 19 October," he told the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme.

Should have took the chance of a General Election when you had it … :jack_o_lantern:


You mean when Parliament had the opportunity… not us… and Parliament can call a vote of no confidence whenever.