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“Remain” … Corbyn …

Rumours abound “parliament” is to be challenged in the courts ?
Seems only fair since the government has constantly faced legal challenges.
Don’t think they’ll win but may slow things up a bit


Would you like to clarify what you are talking about?


Ha,ha,haha!!..good luck with that. Parliament makes the laws that the courts follow. Has Parliament infringed on BoJo’s human rights?! would be ironic if they went to the ECJ to get them to block UK law. :rofl:

It does sound like BoJo/Cummings have something in mind to force the UK to leave with 'No deal on 31st October. I suspect it’s something to do with the EU…annoy them so much that they refuse to give an extension (something he is very good at, annoying people).

It’s hard to see how ministers can say on national TV that they will obey the law but also say we will Leave on 31st October (which would involve breaking the law in the event of ‘No’ deal)…perhaps they are convinced we will get a deal!! (hard to believe).


The “law” passed, as I understand it? requires the government to “request” an extension if a deal hasn’t been reached by 19th(?) October.

Not exactly compelling!!

Tick tock. :jack_o_lantern:


Yes, under the terms of the bill, if Parliament has not either approved a no deal exit, or approved some form of withdrawal agreement by 19th October, then the Prime Minister must ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit date. This request should be for an extension of three months, pushing the Brexit date back from 31 October to 31 January. The exact wording of the letter to be sent is also already drawn up in the Bill.

The EU, knowing that there will be a General Election this year, will almost certainly grant the extension on the grounds that a new Government would have a different approach to the negotiations than the current lot. No matter what Johnson does to try and p*ss off the EU… the EU know the game.


Wouldn’t be tooo sure on that one … Johnson’s popularity is rising.
The removal of those (ex) Tory MPs will strengthen his, and the parties position.

Noted labour forcing one of its own MPs to face reselection … more of that to come imo



Is it? The Tory Party will continue to attract Brexit Party support for sure now that they have surrendered to Farage’s Brexit Party.
For Johnson, now only just over a third (36%) think he would be the best prime minister, down from 41% last month.

Why? They are still MPs and able to vote in Parliament.

If you mean, Diana Johnson, she faces a run-off against rival candidates to win the right to be the party’s candidate in Kingston upon Hull North at the next general election… personally, I don’t have any issue with her or any MP from any Party having a reselection battle.


Why? They are still MPs and able to vote in Parliament.

GE coming soon and some won’t be MPs any longer … some might but not sure which party they will represent



Yes but you said: “The removal of those (ex) Tory MPs will strengthen his, and the parties position.”

That isn’t the case… at least not perhaps until AFTER the next GE.
At this next GE some of the 21 will campaign as Independents and take votes from the Tories with them.


Some of the 21 are considering an arrangement with the LibDems whereby they will be able to stand as independent conservatives without the LibDems putting a candidate forward. This could put a dent in Johnson’s election plans.

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So you’ll have independent “conservatives” (?) standing against official Conservative party nominees… the local party will select a new candidate.
Really working for the good of the party then?

Some may win in the forthcoming election … some won’t !!



I meant long term btw


Seems unlikely to me…I suppose it depends on which seat is being talked about.

My MP is Steve Brine (one of the rebel’s) would had a 10,000 majority over the Lib Dem candidate in 2017. Jackie Porter (current Lib Dem candidate) would be very annoyed not to be allowed to fight a seat she would stand a reasonable chance of winning (IMO)…especially against a new far right Tory candidate. So I doubt it’s as easy to arrange as it first appears.

Indeed Chukka Umunna recently joined the LiB DEms and he will stand for a different seat in the next GE (I don’t know the exact reasons why).


Err… why should the independent Conservatives work for the good of a party which just kicked them out?!

The Johnson Party is not the Conservative Party any longer, it is an abomination and a Brexit/Johnson cult.




We are all very good at mind reading…a very disappointing read in your case btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Splitting the Tory vote to prevent the election of another Brexit nutjob seems like a good plan to me! There is some possibility that some of the independent Conservatives may retain their seats due to their personal support in their constituencies.


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I sure it does … I see it as a further splitting of British democracy.

… but not necessarily with the support of the party … who will finance their campaign for instance?


Sterling is almost back to 1.12 euros as the markets perceive that the risk of no deal Brexit recedes with the likely passing of the Act to ensure that no deal can’t happen.

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George Soros of course!