BerkCo has been told to call Taxi


Who gets top choose his replacement…‘possibly’ a House of Commons that is not controlled by the government. Interesting times!!


Still waiting for you to admit that you were wrong and apologize for saying that Gina Miller was “humiliated” in Court “again” when her previous expedition was one of the greatest victories in British legal history.

Also Bercow has called his own taxi. No doubt he will be pleased to see the back of stupid people like the repulsive Angela Loathesome.

Let us hope that the next Speaker is also an anti - Nazi, pro Remainer.




Bercow gave a great resignation speech to the acclaim of the House of Commons. Those sad souls on the Tory benches did not have the grace to applaud.

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If you added the IQ of @rossx48 to that of @GreyCarpet, I wonder if it would get to double figures?

We’re still waiting after all this time for any of the Brexiteers on this board to state the reasons they voted to Leave the EU and inform of any benefits… and then stand behind those under scrutiny via board questions.

There’s a few possible reasons for that:
A) they are embarrassed that they hold either xenophobic or racist views,
B) they don’t want others to know that they hold either xenophobic or racist views,
C) they know their reasoning will be shown to be ill considered,
D) they are too thick to know what they are talking about.


I read that the Conservative party was to contest his seat in the next election, breaking with tradition of allowing the speaker to go unchallenged.
Called his own taxi … before it was called for him


Bercow is a finer democrat than you will ever be Fynne.

All the best,

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Without doubt !
… however as an “impartial” (?) speaker I think he pushed the limits of his authority passed what he should… and he knows it.
“Leave” (:jack_o_lantern:) or be pushed was his choice also


“Johnsons popularity is rising” ?? do you live in the UK… hes a national embarrassment…


Hi Pete,

At the moment the opinion polls are with the Tories and Johnson. I think we can see from the data that the country is split down the middle, as ever. I still think that the support for a no deal is in the region of 25 to 30%.

The problem is that the Remain vote is far more split than the Leave vote. A problem for Remain is that Corbyn puts a lot of people off and he is easy to attack.

We must not forget that among the Tory support are many that would support a soft Brexit deal.

And in terms of best leader ratings:

There is still a lot to do.

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Just like Trump Bojo is a laughing stock but supported by big money and Media that just lies barefaced…
I just cant see any of these latest polls being anywhere near right and talking to friends and family almost nobody is in support of Bojo or Brexit. Easy way to find out.

You are right about Corbyn hes been vilified in the Tory press for so long and if he had been fully in support of another referendum he would be in a much better position…


“I just cant see any of these latest polls being anywhere near right and talking to friends and family almost nobody is in support of Bojo or Brexit”

The problem with that statement, Pete, is that most of us tend to move in circles where most of our friends and family agree with us. None of my close friends (i.e. those I have chosen) are Brexiters but a small number of my family members (i.e. those that life has given me) are Brexiters. Proof, maybe, that our close associates are not a scientific sample.




There goes LLOY


A lot of my buddies were Brexit voters almost none now openly in support like in the past. Most dont talk about it and a few are shamefaced…
How can anyone look back on the tosh put out in 2016 and not be embarrassed about believing those obvious lies…


Spot on…Another little remoaner that could not stand to lose again, so he ran away like a good little boy.


There speak the village idiots…



He had pushed his luck far enough… he knew his time was up.
It’s called seeing the bleeding obvious.
Bit like expecting “polls” to be right ? … NOT !


From my conversations as a leave voter … some leave voters feel they need to keep quiet on the subject.
Mention you voted leave and you are brow beaten by every remain supporter
Bit like on here really … being called thick, a plank, brainless, “village idiot” etc etc
Whilst some may now choose to be quiet on the subject it hasn’t changed how they’d vote.


Bercow said a year ago that he was planning to retire so it was no surprise when it came. What he has done by retiring ahead of the general election is to limit the scope for Johnson and Cummings to manipulate the election process for the new Speaker.


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