Perhaps we should all go on holiday for 5 weeks…to come back to find that BoJo has delivered a marvelous deal with the EU that has sorted out the Backstop (and all the other concerns of the ERG)…or more likely…to find that BoJo (and his team of expensive lawyers) have found a sneaky way round the law to avoid having to write the letter asking for an extension.

More alarming is the rhetoric from Tory MP’s & Brexiteer journalists framing the argument as ‘Parliament against the will of the people’…very incendiary.

OK, give the decision back to the people with a final winner takes all (no if’s, no but’s) Referendum to let the people decide on the ‘deliverable’ options…but all we get back is: “NO…that would be undemocratic”.

Instead we are forced to accept a ‘No’ deal that NOBODY voted for!!..and somehow that’s democratic.

Thankfully rational sane people in Parliament seem to have put a stop to that slice of madness…for the time being. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But we all know they will keep trying.


Err was that you giving me lessons in English


A typo…not a self confessed lack of basic ‘O’ level English!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Funnily enough ‘alwaming’ and ‘alarming’ are probably so similar that the brain (assuming you have one) can automatically auto-correct…the brain is a wonderful thing.

I can almost hear Fynne singing ‘his’ song:


See above reply


Is it all of three years since the majority voted to leave the COMMON MARKET; now called Europe.
Do you think there will be any different outcome in another vote?
With the man/woman in the street SICK to the back teeth with all politicians ,left ,right or middle…plus the B.B.C. and the PRESS …is there any doubt about how they are going to vote again?
Advice…Load up at Ladbrooks round the corner… a no brainer.
And Lloyds is a winner …… no matter .
Tell the crew in Monaco to chill the Cote de Rose.


“Would be” would make it about a future decision but the statement was about the referendum decision and present attitudes to it. Give up…you are simply wrong and digging your hole deeper.



After some discussion
With all due respects, we find it very difficult to take any financial or political advice or guidance from you.
Thank you


Thanks for the feedback Ross. Its no loss to me. You said that we voted in the referendum to leave the"Common Market". Clearly, you are unaware that the Common Market ended in 1993 so you are 26 years behind the times, again demonstrating your lack of knowledge and understanding.

A common market is a free trade area with relatively free movement of capital and services. The European Economic Community is sometimes referred to as the “Common Market”, a regional organisation from 1958 to 1993.. (Wikipedia)



p.s. Your French hasn’t improved in recent days. Time to give up trying to impress!


We do not wish in any way to be insulting. Peace & Goodwill to all men.
Next time you are in Monaco please come on board ,if in port, the “Stingray”
Pleased to offer a glass of Provance /Rose’


If you need any limpet mines Froglet… let me know.


And still your French doesn’t improve!



No worse than his English.




And the three wise men of the East have spoken


If it helps you find him and Stingray Froglet, we have this photo:



coming back to this the truth is you feel like a plank when someone asks
WHY DID YOU VOTE FOR BREXIT and you have not one sensible reason
then someone asks
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF LEAVING and as shown on this board you can not name a single thing
then of course there the list of obvious lies you swallowed



…the “party of business” seems more and more determined to inflict fatal damage on our manufacturing industries. You would have thought they might have learned a lesson or two from the damage they caused in the Thatcher years. But no, here they come again:

How load does our car industry have to scream? They should start making political contributions to Labour and the LibDems.

Frog in a tree


Presumably Train company bosses are calling ‘No’ deal Brexit a Car crash!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


FORD bonds rated uninvestable
by one credit rating agency,
one more agency agrees then it will be JUNK

Thats big corporate BOND starting to get into JUNK
still doesnt prove anything these days


Request views by the B.O.E via. "Carney "… a Canadian we understand.
We have doubts about recent public /personal statements he has given (without being requested by Parliament / Cabinet /Treasury )
The leading direction of his statements we feel are a cause for our concern.
Understand, however, he is leaving office shortly…


who requests ?? the LEAVE campaign who roll out old pop stars, sportsmen, tax avoiders .
… who dont live or pay tax in the UK we understand ?