“It is understood that it was proposed by Jon Lansman, founder of Labour grassroots group Momentum.”


It is good really.

The more the two main parties move to the extremes the the more M.P.s will defect to the Lib Dems. As both Blair and Cameron have admitted this week. I hope Tom Watson joins them.

Then we can have a good old British compromise and revoke article 50 once the Lib Dems can put together a big enough coalition - assuming parliament ever sits again. Johnson is threatening to extend the gagging of democracy, I understand.


Not sure it’s an extension…it would be more a replacement. IF he loses the case next week in the supreme court and it is confirmed that he lied to the Queen (hey, why break the habit of a lifetime!!) then the proroguement will ‘effectively’ be null & void (the exact mechanisms for undoing a proroguement aren’t clear at the moment). If BoJo is obliged to bring back Parliament then he is quite entitled to prorogue it again - but this time lawfully - so a quick proroguement circa beginning of October could still lead to a Queens speech on 14th October…an attempt to NOT look like a total plonker.

More worrying for BoJo - if he unlawfully misled the Queen - would be calls for his resignation (‘presumably’ from all sides)…what credibility he had would be in tatters.

But the Supreme court could step back from going so far…it may be difficult to decide on his motivation for the proroguement from a legal viewpoint (although we all know in reality).

An interesting week ahead.


"Andrew Fisher, head of policy, will leave his post by the end of the year “to spend more time with his young family”

The Sunday Times claims Mr Fisher warned that Mr Corbyn would not win the next general election.

The newspaper reports that he criticised Mr Corbyn’s team for their “blizzard of lies”."


According to the BBC (Nick Robinson 18th July 2019):

  1. The UK had no plan for Brexit
  2. The EU did have a plan - a plan for its own survival
  3. “Brexit means Brexit” but what on earth did that mean?
  4. The first rule of politics - you have to be able to count
  5. The clock was always ticking
  6. No deal was an empty threat
  7. The Irish border issue just wouldn’t go away
  8. The EU dreamed that the UK might change its mind
  9. MPs couldn’t agree on anything
  10. It was all a terrible misunderstanding:

Franns Timmerman, First vice-president, European Commission: ““If the only goal of the EU is this (UK) market obviously you could think that the German car industry could force the German government to comply with the demands coming out of London, but for Germany the EU is much, much more than a market. It’s their destiny, it’s not revisiting the horrors of history so even the car industry itself understands that this is fundamentally more important than selling cars to the United Kingdom.””

David Lidington, former Cabinet Minister (UK): ““They (EU) thought Tories were simply pandering to UKIP or the DUP and never understood that Euroscepticism, a desire for sovereignty, support for the Union were real forces that any political leader and party would have to address.””


A big day tomorrow…‘perhaps’…or a damp squib!!


The most powerful speech I have ever heard…a sad indictment when a child has to tell the so called adults what to do.


Yes Oili,

It was an impassioned and angry speech. I can only wondon how this 16 year old will develop. Nominate her for the Nobel prize I say.


Frog in a tree


Jeremy Corbyn’s policy on Brexit has triumphed at Labour conference, as members endorsed his stance to stay neutral while negotiating a new deal.
The party voted against a motion which would have seen Labour backing Remain in any future referendum.
But there was confusion as the votes were called, as the chair of the proceedings faced calls for a recount

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: calls for a recount , nothing like taking the loss on the chin , how many votes would the remoaners be happy with :joy:


just heard of a new name for a golf shot…

The Brexit = All risk No reward



Huge admiration here for Greta Thunberg & those of her generation who care passionately about this all-important issue. Indeed, a very powerful speech &, understandably, delivered with considerable anger & indignation towards the ongoing lack of urgency from those in power who still prize increasing profit & growth above all else.

No wonder her strong anger when you see what she’s up against with very limited humans like Trump leading one of the biggest polluters of all in quite the opposite direction. Recent examples:

“The White House has stripped California of its right to set its own vehicle emissions standards and banned other states from setting similar rules.

The waiver allowed the state - America’s most populous - to set stricter standards than the federal government. President Trump says the move will cut car prices and the impact on emissions will be minimal.”

“LOS ANGELES — The Trump administration’s plan to open up more than 1 million additional acres of public and private land in California to fracking is raising alarm in the environmental community.

Environmentalists are challenging the proposal as “dangerous” to humans and iconic national parks nearby, including Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks.”


"President Donald Trump has acknowledged withholding US aid to Ukraine and pressuring it to investigate his would-be White House challenger Joe Biden.

The controversy came to light after a US intelligence whistleblower filed a complaint with an internal watchdog about Mr Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president.

On Monday night, the Washington Post published an op-ed by seven Democratic lawmakers - all with backgrounds in the US military and intelligence agencies - who said the “stunning” accusations against Mr Trump amounted to “a national security threat”.

“If these allegations are true, we believe these actions represent an impeachable offence,” wrote the lawmakers. “We do not arrive at this conclusion lightly.” "


Hi there Frog,

Just thought you might like these photos taken this afternoon in the rain!

I won’t be posting until the whole Brexit lunacy has gone away as I would not want to upset anybody or be upset by the views that I do not support.

Best regards



Hi Jack,

Great to hear from you again. I am glad you found your way to this small war graves cemetery in Neuville-sous-Montreuil. These Indian soldiers fought for us and deserve to be fully honoured by those of us who remember their service. They died far from home. There is quite a lot written about the Indian soldiers and especially about how their eyes were opened new ideas and to the wealth of Europe and its democratic institutions. This was influential in the struggles for Indian independence.

Keep well.

Frog in a tree


Peterthenovice, I’m sure you will post the link the from the BBC (I’m banned from posting links )

The National Crime Agency has found “no evidence” of criminal offences after allegations against Leave.EU and its founder Arron Banks.
The agency launched an investigation into the pro-Brexit campaign group after it was fined £70,000 by the Electoral Commission in May last year.
But the NCA said it would not take any further action against Leave.EU, its chief executive Liz Bilney or Mr Banks.
Tweeting after the ruling, Mr Banks said: “Victory is sweet.”
Earlier this month, a criminal investigation into Leave.EU was also dropped by the Metropolitan Police as there was “insufficient evidence” to justify any further inquiry.



no links but would still like to know where he got the £millions to fund the fraud. It wasnt from.the imaginary goldmine thats for sure …


Showing your credibility rating as zero for not being man enough to admit you were completely wrong , I guess that’s the remoaners way.
Have a good day fella


Got to hand it to Boris yesterday for managing to turn the tables on the establishment, what a stroke of genius to call it the surrender act, a betrayal of the people is another excellent line.

The majority are lapping this up…
(No links due to grey status)


Hitlerite rabble rousing.