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  1. Six Nuclear Armed countries in active conflict with each other.
  2. Global Wealth Inequality has peaked.

those two things alone are unsettling, at least for me.


It looks like BoJo has until the weekend to put up or shut up. The problem is that he is full of bluster and cannot come up with a plan to satisfy both the EU and Parliament. So all we will get is bluster and the blame game.

There is talk of a vote on BoJo’s deal in Parliament next week…much like the Brady amendment, it would be pointless. To vote on a deal that the EU would never ever accept is a definition of pointless (IMO). But the Tories are all about grandstanding & showboating…which equals ‘bluster’. If only we had an opposition leader who could lead…



Good to see local news keeping its ear to the ground.


Hopefully they have included a contingency plan in the Yellowhammer document?



well BOJO and Farage told them to “get behind brexit”


Both sides of the ‘debate’ are guilty ‘apparently’…hopefully just a few nutjobs and isn’t reflective of the vast numbers of Leave & Remain voters.


With ‘friends’ like America who needs enemies!


It was to be expected…and now the ‘blame game’ begins! (operations ‘Cummings’)


More correctly, imo, the blame game is starting to come into the open. It has been going on since day 1.

I’ve always felt that may be the case but was prepared to believe Johnson just might have some sort of deal proposal he thought he could get through at the last moment.

It seems apparent now though that there never was any real attempt to get a deal, indeed what has been put forward isn’t even coherent and was likely scribbled down on the back of a cigar packet as something to pass the time as the No Deal deadline approached.

Revoke now, the only way out is to stay IN.


Agree Eadwig. Except that I have never given the benefit of the doubt to Johnson. The Johnson/Cummings strategy was a sham all along designed to shift the blame on to the EU. The gap between the a close relationship with the EU and the sort of future envisaged by the ERG/Brexit Party right was always going to be unbridgable. Its the same old Leave.EU pitch to the rather dim-witted nationalist audience. The right-wing libertarian elites always wanted to tilt towards a US de-regulated future and make a fast buck while they were at it.

The irony of “taking back control” is that control will be handed over to the US and unfettered corporate interests.

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Its a myth though, that the U.S. is some kind of free-market with no regulations. It has far more than the UK within the EU - ask any British utility that has attempted to break into the U.S market, as just one sector example.



…the impact of Brexit on our economy becomes clearer to those with eyes willing to see and the brains to understand. The BBC reports:

Productivity figures ‘hammer home’ impact of uncertainty
The latest UK productivity figures “hammer home” the impact Brexit uncertainty is having on the business environment, says the Institute of Directors. Chief economist Tej Parikh said: “Unsure of what’s around the corner, businesses’ investment in the new equipment and technology that drives up their performance has been stifled. “Many companies are also trimming their investment pipelines for the year ahead to build up a cash cushion in anticipation of challenging economic conditions ahead. “Policymakers have been distracted from putting together the various pieces of the productivity puzzle, ranging from the skills agenda to infrastructure improvements. It will take a while before recent pledges by the Government on road and broadband networks filter into the productivity numbers.”

The likelihood of a no deal Brexit is impacting on the markets today with sterling and the FTSE 250 down by nearly 1%. Curiously even the FTSE 100 is caught up in the gloom and has fallen when the big fall in sterling would normally have prompted a rise.

Hold on to your seats folks!

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The Brexit ‘good’ news is coming thick & fast today (courtesy of the BBC again :wink:)

“Farmers will feel “betrayed” by a government plan not to impose tariffs on the majority of goods entering the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the National Farmers Union has said.
…The government has announced it will not tax 88% of imports into the UK”


"The government has asked all 31 countries to keep EHICs in use until 31 December 2020, no matter what happens with Brexit.

But only three have agreed to cover UK tourists if there’s no deal.

The government has made it very clear that it wants EHIC to continue, deal or no deal.

But so far, only Spain has agreed to that.

Portugal says it won’t carry on with the scheme if there is a no-deal Brexit. But it has passed a law saying that UK tourists can still get healthcare as before, for now, if they show their passport.

There is a similar agreement with Ireland, too."


Government advice is that I get private health care insurance in Poland.

There is no comprehensive private health sector in Poland. So what they really mean is some kind of UK health insurance that will repay any (or some) costs incurred.

I feel the tax payer should pay such costs for people who have paid into the NHS all their lives and were led to believe that they would have coverage if they worked or lived elsewhere in the EU.

Imagine if, at a guess, a million UK citizens had health coverage withdrawn from them in the UK what an outcry there would be. Yet, I don’t hear any politicians talking about it. Certainly not those in power. They are too busy assuring farmers they’ll replace their £3.5Bn p.a. subsidies.


Don’t the Cummings family own a farm in the UK and claim EU subsidies? ‘obviously’ there won’t be any objections from Dominic to the UK picking up that particular bill if we Leave. Funny that!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Even funnier is the fact that most of that money goes to big corporations and not the individual small-holder that the term ‘farmers’ tend to conjure up in the public imagination.



…we get warnings of the damage Brexit is doing to business. Today Nissan, based in Leave voting Sunderland, has warned that Brexit and WTO rules will make its plant unsustainable.

I wonder how many Sunderlanders are now regretting their Leave votes. Brexit must be stopped to avoid more damage.

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"The firm, headed by inventor Sir James Dyson, said its engineers had developed a “fantastic electric car” but that it would not hit the roads because it was not “commercially viable”…

…In October 2018 Dyson revealed plans to build the car at a new plant in Singapore. It was expected to be completed next year with the first vehicles due to roll off the production line in 2021."


"The Trump administration’s role in Ukraine is at the centre of a congressional impeachment inquiry…

…The charges are the first criminal case related to the Ukraine investigation.

While these alleged campaign finance violations do not concern Mr Trump directly, the activities of Mr Parnas and Mr Fruman as two associates of the president’s personal lawyer is attracting congressional scrutiny.

Both men are US citizens. Mr Parnas was born in Ukraine, Mr Fruman in Belarus. "