Project Fear no doubt… this time from the UK Aerospace Industry… won’t these Remoaners ever learn that they need to just shut up and close down their UK operations?

There is growing concern among key aerospace manufacturers about regulatory alignment and the ability to bring products to market after Brexit.

The firms have sought reassurance that the UK would continue to be a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency after any Brexit deal.

They also warned that alignment with chemicals regulations is “vital” for the sector.

The government said it would pursue agreements where necessary.

The government is facing a backlash from key manufacturers amid growing industrial concern that Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiators have dropped existing commitments to participate in specific EU regulatory institutions after any Brexit deal.

BBC News has obtained a letter from the aerospace industry body, the ADS, to the government asking for “reassurance” that “continued membership of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and alignment with EU chemicals regulations” which “are vital for our sector”.

It said that “we received assurances from the previous [May] government that the UK would seek to continue membership of or retain participation and influence in EU agencies such as EASA”.

The letter, dated this week, and sent to Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove and Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay, expresses “concern” that the PM has signalled a different approach.

Repeated attempts to get clarity on this issue have not reassured the aerospace and other industries on this topic.

It says that “regulatory divergence would pose a serious risk to our sectors” will result in “huge new costs and disruptions to many of our member companies”, and an “inability to shape safety rule
making” which “will make it much more difficult to bring UK technology to market”.

Then… the source is the BBC… so it’s probably all made up… you know how the BBC is pro-Remain, probably fake news.



Sri-Lankan food ‘apparently’!!..home grown cooks/chefs re-inventing our ‘Indian’ restaurants…interesting times (gastronomically)!!


and the CEO of ADS was just telling fibs when he was on live on Friday describing how his industry had been thrown under the bus with their exports ceasing on 31st October. Looks like big pharma too - hence those stocks falling on Friday. Chemical industry also.

Apparently no plan even to put any UK body in place to replace EASA, and even if and when it is, it still has to gain international recognition before Uk air-worthiness certificates etc etc will be recognised. Maybe that will take a few days, or maybe it will be weeks, months or years?

Who cares though? - besides the 1.1m who have just found out their jobs are on the line, that is.


Maybe pharmas and chem lost ground because of exchange rates. With sterling appreciating against the dollar there will be some loss of profitability for companies making most of their brass abroad.



So it looks like the Kurds have aligned themselves with the Russians…is that what Trump wanted??


“Should the contracts need to be cancelled, the UK will pay the firms £11.52m. The UK paid £51m to cancel no-deal ferry contracts after the Brexit deadline extension at the end of March.”


Could this be a ‘little’ reminder that Brexit may have hidden costs?!



The Vodafone billing thing seems to have been a technical error.

The most uptodate info on the Brexit impact on roaming fees is:

Frog in a tree


"If the UK leaves without a deal, the government’s advice is that mobile operators would be able to implement roaming charges if they wanted to.

But in the event of a no-deal Brexit, UK law would automatically put a £45-a-month limit on the amount that customers could be charged for using mobile data abroad before having to opt into further use.

There would also be requirements for customers to be informed when they have reached 80% and 100% of their data allowances.

And there would be requirements for operators to take “reasonable steps” to avoid customers being charged for accidental roaming in Northern Ireland, which would happen if a phone in Northern Ireland locked onto the mobile signal coming from the Republic of Ireland."
Using a mobile near the Irish border could be ‘interesting’…presumably that would also apply to EU citizens.

So what has the EU ever done for us?

  • Remove mobile roaming charges within the EU…‘perhaps’!


More likely they are getting ready with their software for charge updates and it accidentally became active.


"The Home Office said the increase in hate crime over the past five years is thought to have been driven by improvements in recording by police and a growing awareness of hate crime.

However, it added that there had been “short-term genuine rises in hate crime” following certain events such as the 2016 EU referendum and “part of the increase over the last year may reflect a real rise in hate crimes recorded by the police”. "


I didn’t see anything in that report of how many cases resulted in someone being charged…(?)

Are the Police just logging these and producing nice charts?


It’s abysmally low…people who perpetrate hate crime know there is very little chance of being caught, charged or prosecuted. Perhaps that’s part of the problem.


Exactly what they are doing.

Or perhaps part of the problem is, there are more serious crimes to be perusing.

Or are the figures on the rise, in line with the rise in Social Media usage i.e. it’s easier to abuse someone on Twitter/Facebook now, than to someone’s face 10 years ago when Twitter/Facebook was very new.

And if austerity is having an effect on Police resources, perhaps Cressida Dick might like to stop trying to Police hurty words on the internet? Deploy her Thought Police Units onto the street and catch some actual criminals, rather than those guilty of wrong-think?

Meanwhile I see another two kids were stabbed to death, in the last week, in London, with the usual hand-wringing and internet thoughts and prayers being offered in response. If only these knife crime hot spots could be flooded with officers with such ease and for such a long duration of time, perhaps they might actually prevent a few deaths before they happen. Obviously that would involve some danger and real confrontation though, so don’t hold your breath.

Stick to producing nice fancy charts about hurty words on the internet. Just what we need.


I take your point, @Trisco, but you’re in danger of belittling some heinous crimes within those figures and also the recent warning that from the security services that extreme right-wing terrorism is now the greater threat within the UK.


Mr T, you are making ‘reasonable points’. Hate crime is ‘probably’ a policing low priority unless there is an actual physical assault…hate or racist words may also be difficult to prosecute. I expect the police just don’t have the resources. They most certainly aren’t capable of dealing with all the vast amounts of data & video that they have to analyse for every alleged crime…Artificial Intelligence needs to be used…but there are obvious human rights & social issues to address for the use of such technology…Big Brother & all that.


Severe hate crime should be dealt with. Absolutely. Please don’t confuse what I’m saying.

But some hate crimes are literally someone reporting to the Police some bad words on the internet. For instance, if I called you “a bleeping bleep bleep anchor” on twitter, or any other social media platform, and you reported it, it would be logged as a hate crime. It’s happening all day everyday.

This isn’t a right or left wing thing. Internet hate crimes are carried out on both sides. Pop onto twitter and you will see venomous bile from both sides. If you think its a solely RW thing then I think you are very much in the dark.

And is extreme RW the greatest threat? Maybe, I don’t know. Some nut job recently went rampaging with a knife in Manchester Arndale, attacking anyone within a swing of his blade - I don’t think he was RW. Just a lone wolf nutter…


According to a report released in the last few days by UK security forces whose job it is to monitor such threats, yes. I would also count fundamentalist religion-driven hate crimes as right wing also, by the way, but this report was definitely focussing on the more traditional definition of right wing.


I believe he may have had mental health issues.


Well, clearly. As is anyone else that carries out such heinous crimes.