Also, a few years back,…@trisco will remember this as he was probably of of the many chanting it @ White Hart Lane… Spurs fans (can’t say what they call themselves else I will be reported for antisemitism again) used to have a song about Adebayor… if you don’t know it, the repeatable parts are the line “… your dad washes elephants and your mother’s a whore”.
No action taken against Spurs, FA / Premiership did nothing… and when it was reported to Police (and subsequently CPS)… nothing again… they said it wasn’t racist! (I don’t thik they heard all the verse personally.
I heard that song and a few choice others about certain other players on a few visits there… I;ll bet it still goes on esp. when Gunners turn up.

Nothing like Old Firm matches of course… they can get really rancid.

Only point is that, Premiership has carefully positioned microphones at most grounds and ‘edit out’ most of the chants… if that didn’t happen I reckon there’d be a couple of matches abandoned each week in the Premiership.
Still… it’s Bulgaria’s problem… damn foreigners.


JW - hi

So what - at some point the players are going to walk!


So what? Put your finance hat on John… think of the s/betting opportunities here.
Get @Trisco singing some Spurs standards if the bet starts going the wrong way… quids in.



I remember the first time I heard that aired. Think it was The Railway Tavern on White Hart Lane (RIP) and I have to say it was utterly embarrassing. Even worse when sang in the ground. We’ve quite a big Afro-Caribbean support, and even they sang it too.

Could say the same about the Wenger songs too.

I don’t think it’s on the level of outright monkey chants or hitler salutes etc, as seen in Sofia, but it’s undoubtedly racist. I remember United singing about Ji Sung Park and eating Dogs and that was often mentioned in mainstream media as if it was wholly acceptable and as if people from the far east are fair game.

Surely the worst episode of racism was the Suarez Evra incident. Suarez proven to have called Evra the N-Word, in court, banned for 10 games, and then Evra is booed constantly next time he plays at Anfield. As if, he had the temerity of reporting it.

I have you down as a Rangers fan - your constant aggression and bitterness is a give away :wink:


There’s a short 3 minute video halfway down the page that is well worth a look IMO…explains who are the ‘characters’ involved in US foreign policy regarding Ukraine.



…we get more confirmation of the damage that Brexit will do to the UK economy. Today the BBC reports:

SandcastleGetty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images
The UK would be worse off under Boris Johnson’s deal than Theresa May’s, according to non-partisan research organisation the UK in a Changing Europe.

It has looked at what details we have of possible future trading arrangements between the UK and the EU and come up with some bleak predictions about the effects on the UK economy of different deals.

Looking 10 years into the future, it predicts that, relative to staying in the EU, aggregate real income per capita would be 2.5% lower under Boris Johnson’s deal, due to the effects of trade barriers.

This is compared with a 1.7% fall under Theresa May’s deal, and 3.3% under a World Trade Organization (WTO) rules scenario.

It says: "All three scenarios would reduce UK living standards compared to staying in the EU.

"The decline in income per capita under Mr Johnson’s proposals is 50% greater than for Mrs May’s deal, but smaller than under a WTO exit.

“The costs of Mr Johnson’s proposals are roughly equidistant between those of Mrs May’s deal and a WTO exit.”

If this sh*tshow goes ahead we shall have to see how it all pans out. We have already seen what austerity has done to our politics. Add Brexit related damage to standards of living then maybe the Tories will have to answer for it.

Frog in a tree



Betting syndicates would use that - we know they are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths.

The best approach is to force the culprits to play behind closed doors. That way any in the crowd who start up racist abuse will have it quelled by other fans … assuming there really isn’t a majority of racists among the crowd.


This is what I was thinking too. I’d have though Football authorities would want to establish firm rules on this upfront but seemingly not. The issue is bound to turn up… if it hasn’t already and they haven’t realised it yet.

Instead of encouraging them to walk off pitch and abandon match, as you say they could ensure that match is replayed potentially from same score line and minutes left… shortly afterwards in an empty stadium… as well as fining culprits… ie. the individuals which usually escape with NO effective fine or punishment whatsoever even on rare occasions they are arrested.


JW - hi

Best I can see, the football ‘authorities’ don’t care about the issue. If they did they would have done something by now as we all know it’s been going on for years!
They are happy to let things roll on (and continue to take the SKY ‘megabucks’) , the last thing they want to do is confront the issue,
As I predicted in a recent post ‘at some point the players are going to walk!’ as they did.
To get things moving it now has to happen at a Premier League ground. Then SKY will go mad at having their advertising revenue threatened despite all the money they contribute.
Once they start agitating, the Premier League and FA will have to get their ar@es in gear and do something - not just talk!


You’re showing your ignorance, John. The authorities in football have been tackling racism in and surrounding the game for a couple of decades with the ‘kick it out’ campaign

Your comments as though this is some kind of UK-based problem just shows you don’t know what you are talking about.

Football can only do so much when there are racists on the street screaming for Brexit


Eadwig - hi

I know that ‘kick it out’ has been ineffective for decades.

I agree with Ian Wright:

‘‘As a black player, we’ve heard it for many years about walking off. It’s something you do not want to do. ‘You need the white players to do that for you, so you can go off together because you are a team together. ‘When that can happen, and you see how powerful that is’

I suspect he knows a lot more about the issue than you m8!


I think Mark Wright would be the first to agree that things have improved ‘110%’ since he started.

Players walked off in a sunday league game this weekend when black players in the side were insulted and spat on by spectators.

Brexit hate speech, fronted by Johnson and co, leads such people to believe they have a green light for such behaviour and as a result we appear to be slipping backwards.



This problem precedes Brexit and (unless the football authorities actually solve the problem), will exist after Brexit has been settled.
To try to say it’s all down to ‘hate speech, fronted by Johnson and co.’ is testament to your prejudice and myopia


As I didn’t try to say that, quite clearly, it is obviously testament to your own prejudices.

Given that those prejudices are very thick and difficult to penetrate, I’ll try to be very, very clear.

Johnson and many other Brexiteer leaders use of hate speech repeatedly in the mainstream media, and now from the highest office in the land, is giving leadership to those who harbour prejudice that it is quite ok to spread their vile and hateful agendas.

If you can’t see that you are more than myopic but blind as a bat.


John… you are still missing the point that I first made. If teams walk off the pitch… or indeed… if a referee abandons a match… the huge sums being gambled on either match results, goals scored, positions in table etc. are all impacted. Lots of betting is happening during the match.

What will stop organised gangs then affecting the results to their own ends by inducing incidents that will cause teams to walk off the pitch?

Ian Wright isn’t the sharpest tool in the box really is he? A great footballer a few years back but hardly the best to comment on implications of what he is proposing.

In that way… it’s a bit like Brexit of course… a bad idea, no real understanding of the outcome sought and even less on the implications.


The ref calling off the match is even more open to gambling abuse as just one man is involved.

Remember, most betting rules (not football rules) count as a result if a match is abandoned after 50 minutes, as with the Wimbledon F.C. power cut to keep the score at nil-nil.

I’ve seen small groups of outsiders try to incite a whole crowd to start racist abuse. I’m sure a better organised, but relatively small ‘claque’, could achieve it quite easily in the right conditions.

Happily, they don’t seem to exists anymore in main UK stadia, although john seems to think they do and is happy to support hate speech which may make those conditions more likely to return on a large scale - especially when playing European teams.


JW - hi

So the implication is the authorities (scared of helping criminals), lets racism continue?


Eadwig - hi

‘they do’ - yes it does still go on in UK
‘happy to support hate speech’ - no



No. They often compel teams to play behind closed doors, as I suggested previously. The problem with this is although it punishes the supporters (guilty and innocent alike) the club is also punished when it doesn’t necessarily have very much control over crowd behaviour.

Also, there are many examples of spectators convicted (or simply identified as conducting) racial abuse being banned for life from attending matches. This is especially prevalent in the UK, although you seem not to be aware.

Commentators and managers have lost their jobs and never been employed again within the game for racist lapses that have been reported and proven.

The heavy-handed approach of walking off the pitch is too open to abuse in a professional game which has heavy betting on it around the globe. It isn’t just racist abuse either, there are many examples of religious and cultural hatred displayed in many matches. Not least the old firm derby in Glasgow. When do you decide the level of abuse should result in abandoning the game?

However, there are limits and that might be necessary from time to time but hopefully wont become anything but a last resort. i’ve attended matches myself where supporters who believe they are going to lose the match have invaded the pitch in an attempt to get the match abandoned. That means a replay even when there are only a few minutes left.

The authorities have to tread very carefully so as not to play into the hands of criminals while continuing to stamp out racism wherever it occurs within the game.