The point is they were told by the professionals to stay put. I can’t understand this and has been something I’ve thought about a lot since the enquiry was published.

I’ve never, ever been in a fire drill where it wasn’t standard procedure to gather at some pre-designated place OUTSIDE the building. This includes high rise offices as well as a high rise residence I stayed in briefly in USA.

It seems to have been the fire brigade that were lacking common sense in this case. One wonders how such a standard policy could have ever developed. Ok, while it was just a fire in one flat kitchen and they thought it was under control, fair enough. As soon as they realised it had spread outside unexpectedly ‘safety first’ should have kicked in immediately with an orderly evacuation of the building. Surely.


It looks like our silly friend Mr Carpet has bought a black propaganda story about Swinson. There is a lot of it about.

Frog in a tree


Did you note an ex-aide to Johnson now runs some right wing organisation that had a political ad pulled from Facebook in the last 24 hours or so for breaking the rules?

Bit surprised no one has mentioned it here. There’s every chance this election could be won or lost due to dirty tricks in digital media.

Also, the threat of an Xmas postal strike could be set to rule out millions of votes from being counted (including mine). That would certainly work against Leavers and I expect the Tories also. I think the Tories didn’t consider that as they argued to push the election as close to Christmas as possible. They’re already urging postal voters to switch their vote to a proxy vote. I’d do the same but i’m not sure how to.

I wonder how many M.P.s who were arguing for the election date to be a few days earlier or later were aware the unions were considering a postal strike at the time, if indeed they were (they often are at that time of year when a strike would have the greatest impact).


You can do it here…


Batten down the hatches…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!


And what Parties have this down as a major issue needing to be addressed?


propaganda story about Swinson. I smell panic But we were talking about

OUR GOV blocking Russia EU referendum report until after election eg

and you do the old Brexiter WHATABOUT… just shows you have no arguments left…


Provide proof it’s a lie then, or get your mates to flag it to hide the truth, it’s evident to all the readers of these boards that you are slowly being isolated peterthenovice, you EU groupie friends are distancing themselves from you…the end is in sight, and they have hung you out to dry :joy:


@GreyCarpet = what a berk!

Frog in a tree


Can anyone help me with this…
I bring up a recent Story abt our Gov refusing to hand over a report on Russia interfering in our election.
This muppet makes up a story abt swinson to change the subject then asks me to disprove it and then says all my EU friends are hanging me out to dry??


Another classic from GreyCarpet…“Provide proof it’s a lie then

He wants us to prove that his likely ‘fake news’ is false…how about him proving what he wrote is truthful!!!

He does come up with some classic lines…“it’s rumoured” and “universally recognised”. Keep 'em coming…it’s all good for a laugh!! :rofl:


@GreyCarpet seems to be on his own these days. Its very noticeable his Little Englander Groupie friends have all gone missing in action since Halloween. Probably dead in a ditch somewhere.


They’re all out partying earwig :grin:, I just lurk to keep peterthenovice posting propaganda pictures , unfortunately he has been sold a pup and thinks we will remain under Jo Swindlesome, he slipped up the other day that his main reason for voting remain was to maintain his cheap labour force…ruined local families rights to earn a decent wage mean nothing :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Funnily enough this ‘fake news’ story about Jo Swinson’s husband being funded by the EU was discussed on today’s edition of ‘ElectionCast/Brexitcast’ at the BBC:

(between 13:50 to 17:00 mins)

Bascially it’s fake news created by some Italian-Welsh bloke in North Wales called Ben who creates fake news for ‘Nye Bevan News’ (…he creates spin using snippets of truth to fool people like GreyCarpet!!

That’s the actual truth!


Its all hotting up.

Makes @GreyCarpet’s repeated use of “Swindlesome”, in the hope that no matter how big the lie some will stick, look pretty pathetic.


hi appreciate if you could show where I said what my reason was for voting REMAIN??


Here you go matey, you must remember posting this ? I cannot provide links or reply to the Brexit wars thread due to posting restrictions, in fact I’ll be unable to post further in this thread once admin have been notified, so don’t expect a reply👍

just in the final stages of selling a motor rewinding business. Dave who runs it tired and want to go live in france. He says his businesses and most customers are running 100mph with too few trained ppl and cant see how some of his big customers can survive without EU migrants eg east Europeans.
Had to sell business for a lot less than it’s worth…
Brexit is not helping anything it’s just bull


Quite clearly Pete didn’t say anything about “cheap” workers, only that there was a lack of trained workers locally. Mr Carpet you owe Pete an apology.

Frog in a tree

p.s I would be grateful if someone could copy the above into one of their own messages as Mr Carpet is banned from seeing my messages due to his own misbehaviour.


I do remember posting this but it was nothing to do with my reason for voting remain this is a business that is being sold this month… and Dave who runs it is explaining how bad industry is now and how brexit is making it worse.

So again…

appreciate if you could show where I said what my reason was for voting REMAIN??

PS from Frog…
Quite clearly Pete didn’t say anything about “cheap” workers, only that there was a lack of trained workers locally. Mr Carpet you owe Pete an apology.
Frog in a tree


Sure thing, once you’ve provided the proof that I followed the DM headlines or wanted to keep offshore Tax heavens …works both ways matey