If you read the other boards you’ll find I’m talking about all sorts of things.

How exactly has my responding to your questions about Trump backed me into a corner?


Quite the contrary…the Trump impeachment is only just getting interesting…it’s gonna be televised now…I wonder if the box set will be available for Christmas?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seems unlikely to make much difference…parties will ‘probably’ agree to pull out when they don’t have a chance of winning i.e. when they poll hundreds of votes.


just a thought . when you talk about me being isolated have you ever check how many tick Like on your posts. ??
Tory Party rally was like a trump event but when shown from.a different angle looks sad. like Brexit as a whole


I expect half of the ‘crowd’ was security.

‘Crowd’ isn’t a suitable word to describe the audience is it?..a ‘smattering’ perhaps…“I expect half of the ‘smatter’ was security”…yes that works!!


Yeah, it’s something that I really must work on, getting ticks on a free investment forum means so much to me :roll_eyes:
The isolated bit was in reference to your EU mates slowly dropping back and letting you take the lead on posting @@@@, they cannot face losing again, hence you are the only one posting how good the LibDems are doing in the polls, you’re a laughing stock and will be dropped once the results come in fella…you carry on pleasing the master and gathering up the ticks :joy:


The Tories can’t half pick 'em!!


can anybody help me here. I have no ide what this muppet is going on about…
Is he saying nobody should post polls. ??


Can’t help Pete, Threadbare can’t be stopped when he’s on a roll.


Pete, he’s an old fool fighting windmills…sometimes it’s better to ignore him & he will tire himself out talking to himself (it’s always garbage anyway). Notice how even other Leavers don’t engage with him. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



You’ve lost me earwig , but I’ll raise you…

Labour voters should support Boris Johnson in the general election, former Labour MP Ian Austin has said.
The former minister resigned from the party in February, accusing leader Jeremy Corbyn of failing to tackle anti-Semitism.
Mr Austin, MP for Dudley North, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that Mr Corbyn was “completely unfit” to be PM.


yes he said he didnt want to hurt the reputation of the Party


More Bullshit from Threadbare I see…



Discussed on the Brexit wars thread 15 hours ago. Do keep up!


I wouldn’t say that GreyCarpet is stupid…just ‘thick pile’.


“The cost of applying for a visa would also be reduced from £928 to £464 for medical professionals, and they would be guaranteed a decision within two weeks, under Tory plans.”


tory plan to attract NHS staff ? next would be farm labourers etc.
dont tell the brexiters ?


So the ‘plan’ is to replace one set of workers with another set…just from a different part of the world. Yes, that makes ‘perfect’ sense to me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No mention of a ‘plan’ to train or incentivise the indigenous population to do those jobs!

I suppose it will create lots of new jobs in the department(s) that process & manage the work visas. We might even make a bit of money from the cost of the visa applications…but they will ‘obviously’ need a new expensive IT system before then…and it will never work as required, of course!..but the Magic Brexit money tree can pay for any overspend…happy days are here again!!