Is this the simplified immigration system John was talking about?


the real way to control immigration is train your own population to do the jobs the country needs.
something that can be done in the EU but ERG Tories just blame the EU .
if we headhunt ppl it costs more will need to pay their visa expenses one way or the other


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‘if we headhunt ppl it costs more will need to pay their visa expenses one way or the other’
Pete - good morning
To make it even cheaper, we should stop the unemployment benefits of anyone refusing to do the jobs we need.
Sounds like a definite win : win m8
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What about people who are incapable of doing a specific job? That don’t have the skills. E.g. an unemployed shelf stacker from Mothercare wont be able to fulfill a radiologist.

Because, in case you’ve forgotten, we already do stop benefits for people who refuse job offers.


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Bleedin obvious m8
BUT there are jobs done by immigrant labour (vegetable / fruit picking & working in food processing factories for example) that would be well within their intellectual and educational capability.
If we need radiologists encourage school leavers to train for that career instead of getting ‘mickey mouse’ degrees at ‘mickey mouse’ universities
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I am sure some Tory ERG BREXIT would love that policy and its says a lot abt them…and you

and if you are going to stop benefits for lower paid workers only why stop there … stop all and go back to the 30s


If you listen to what the farmers say, the Brits that do take up their fruit picking jobs aren’t physically capable of doing them and don’t last more than two days. I’ve heard it time and again on ‘Farming Today’. I imagine they can do factory work, but who wants to fill their production line with workers who hate the job they are doing and are approaching it with a bad attitude?

That kind of solution may take a generation at least, but yes, its the way to go generally for all positions. As a culture, the west needs to get rid of this silly notion that ‘you can be anything you want if you work hard enough’. I don’t think that is helpful and it certainly isn’t true for most.


It is a sound bite the hard right have used for years, but ultimately its meaningless and destructive.


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So your preferred policy is to pay the cost (financial and social) of higher than needed immigration AND employment benefit to UK people who choose not to take available jobs.
Ok if you are willing to pay out of your taxes - not if you want me to contribute m8


JAR, that earwig bloke is delusional, Farmers want the Eastern European workers because they will pick fruit for **** all, let’s start telling the truth, it would benefit everyone if we had more honesty.


I think that you ignore some basic facts JAR. Currently the employment rate is 3.9% according to the current ONS data. It is generally considered that anything around 5% or below is “full employment”. In that 3.9% we need to allow for a bit of churn between jobs and also to consider that many of the unemployed are incapable of working to a profitable standard.

As a nation we are short of workers. We have to import doctors and nurses. Why? I suspect part of the reason is that government policy has made education a more expensive option for today’s young people. The most recent Tory idiocy in this area was abolishing nursing bursaries for what is a modestly paid profession.

All the evidence is that migrant workers do not damp down wages and that they contribute more to the Treasury than they take out in benefits and services.

The only way of meeting the shortage of labour from our own population is to raise the pension age or, perhaps, to insist that people like you pick strawberries in return for your pensions. The UK has in fact benefitted enormously from migrant labour.


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Look it up if you don’t believe me. Do you think I sit here making up stories about what farmers in Kent, for example, say?

They still have to pay minimum wage (and house) whoever they employ. They repeatedly say British workers can’t cut it.


you have been conned and lied to migration can be controlled in the EU if our Gov could be bothered. what I was saying is the Gov should first of all Train our young people to do the jobs needed in our country eg
They can advertise, have incentives and train when I was young 1956 we have many tech college where school leavers went to learn the basics of mech / elect some were sponsored by companies other direct, created a pool of young kids to feed apprentices into industry. That could be done in NHS and many other industries if the GOV could be bothered. but just easy to blame the EU and Migrants.

I dont want my Grandkid’s picking fruit and spuds in a muddy field…


in case you missed this…


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In a sense I agree.
Farmers have developed their business model on ‘cheaper’ immigrant labour. Cheaper in the sense that they will work longer for less money. If that source wasn’t available they would have to either pay more(to UK people) or turn their land over to farm something else! So not only do they get EU subsidies they also get their labour subsidised.
Alternatively, if they wish to continue to use immigrant labour they should be responsible for all the costs labour, accomodation, health care etc.
AND if immigrant workers decide to ‘leg it’ and use this as a way to enter the UK illegally, the farmer should be hit with a substantial fine (say £20,000), which by the way is the fine for employers if they are caught employing an illegal immigrant now. (source Penalties for employing illegal workers -