Does everybody have ePassports?

Wasn’t there ‘talk’ of a UK identity card a few years back that came to nothing.

The UK government saw membership of the EU as a way to cut costs on border controls…it is now coming back to bite us. For years & years immigration was seen as a huge benefit to UK plc (and encouraged by the UK government)…immigration & ‘freedom of movement’ has been used as a political football and it has turned poisonous…we are about to cut off our legs because gangrene has set in…which is a shame because with a little education and good management of the situation we could have avoided the amputation that Brexit means.


Brexit means that we will be a ‘foreign’ country and we will not have access to EU databases (because of GDPR I believe). So we will need to create our own databases …which will be expensive and ‘probably’ inaccurate (at least to start with). Hence why security experts are warning that Brexit may degrade UK national security (and also EU security)


No but they are being rolled out in UK and around the world. UK has had them since 2008… and I suspect it will be another decade before almost everyone uses them.
I use them all the time… you typically go straight through… before the final security check anyway.


I thought Brexit was all about stopping Migration wonder if Brexit voters are starting to realise that was all lies.
Weve had stuff about using machines to pick fruit and UK ppl even pensioners now this.
I suspect they wont check how many Leave.?
Next will be other industries eg catering want the same??

The Bullsht goes on and on.

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s government will quadruple the annual immigration quota for seasonal farm workers to 10,000 from next year to tackle labour shortages in the sector after Brexit, the Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported.
Currently Britain allows 2,500 people from outside the European Union to work temporarily on British farms each year, a number that the sector says is too low. Many other farm workers come from poorer parts of the EU, and do not yet face a quota.


So we can class ePassports as a sort of ‘alternative arrangement’ for solving our Border control issues…maybe in 10 years time when they are more universal they would provide a sensible answer.


I’m just saying that it can’t be that hard to work out who’s left and who’s come back if everyone was using the ePassport… as the data is already then captured.


I don’t and its only 5 years old.


Exactly true, @J_Westlock. ePassports could have been implemented years ago - but no political will to do it, as there never was with any other type of system to track visa over-stayers.

I have no idea why, except cost seems the logical answer.


That still wouldn’t help if no one is tracking them at border control on the way OUT.


Yes, you’re right that the UK would also need to have similar tech on way out as they aren’t “swiped” then at moment… in UK… customs rely on airline/ferry records automatically sent to customs when people leave so you as can imagine, it has lots of gaps/issues.
The tech is available and easy to implement at no great cost … it just needs the political will to do it.


The typical response - we’ll get an outside party to be responsible, and where they don’t cover it we’ll do a few random checks from time to time and then take a guess at the figures if anyone asks.

I wonder if they even ever bother auditing the systems used by the travel companies.

Anyway, the bottom line is the tech is there, the systems and laws have always been available and the UK has chosen not to use them, and continues to do so.


Not exactly unexpected news!!


Isn’t it called ‘outsourcing’?..passing the buck onto someone else so that you don’t get the blame.

Saw Sajid Javid on Marr show today…I expect he’s an advocate of ‘outsourcing’…I wonder who he will ‘outsource’ the economy to?! (assuming he gets another chance!)…Mothercare!?!

He really is a slimy f**k!


No, not strictly speaking. You only outsource work that you once undertook yourself. Border Control, to my knowledge, have never done this work. Possibly they did at some point before I started travelling abroad.

USA, last time I was visiting, did the same, by the way. Immigration stapled a card into your passport which the airline removed on your departure … a card! So part of a manual system … and I wonder how it caught the missing cards (filled out by yourself) if and when they were ever collated. I suspect they were thrown away, or carefully filed somehwere never to be accessed again.

Once on entering the USA I (everyone) was required to give both thumb prints and a retina scan … just one airport did that (Philadelphia I think it was). There was no outward check of the same kind. Since then I entered through Newark, Atlanta, LAX, Chicago and a road junction in northern N.Y. State, none of which used the biometric checks.


It may have changed again but last time I went to LAX(last year) the card in the passport system had stopped.


Could well be the case. After a lot of time over there I haven’t been now for nearly 10 years (late 2010 was last visit)



…the Daily Express and the like try to boost the Tories’ chances. Bloomberg has reported that the UK avoided a third quarter recession with a small uptick in growth for the quarter but the growth for 2019 as a whole likely at 1.2% which would be the lowest in a decade. The Express reported this as “Boris Bounce”. Heaven help us!

Frog in a tree


Apologies if this has been covered already, been busy today sourcing block paving so Petes grandkids don’t get muddy picking strawberries ( which are picked mechanically :joy: )
What an heroic act by Nigel to stand aside for the good of the country, if only other politicians had the same morals ? The EU Groupies must be fuming to be out foxed yet again…
Boris changing direction is about to have a massive majority…deal done behind close doors ? Perhaps time will tell


offered a Peerage If he helps BOJO get the Brexit that is not Brexit through…

They both know only possible brexit is Bojos BRINO giving £50bill to the EU to be worse off…

Not heroic corrupt and cowardly ,

Still waiting for you to explain how me not wanting my grandkids (they live in leeds boys 5 and 8)
to work in fields makes me racist ???


Farage was offered a bribe by the govt to stand down his candidates on Friday.