You post some facts while your waiting petethenovice, how about the Lib Dem’s racist candidate in Thurrock? You must have a story regarding that ?


Its not Everyday…

“link unable to be provided due to limited access for taking on the groupies”

…but that looks like as close as we will get to an admission that Mr Carpet has been restricted for his abusive behaviour to other posters.


Frog in a tree


yes was posted on another thread just shows the desperate argument of brexit WHATABOUT Tories are rife with racists so you look for a LIB DEM to justify rather than criticise them.

any answer yet…

Still waiting for you to explain how me not wanting my grandkids (they live in leeds boys 5 and 8)
to work in fields makes me racist ???
also any link showing working fruit picking machines??


No peter , you are suggesting everyone should back a party that has a racist element, you above all people…tut tut


Does anyone understand this??


You could always ignore him…



I think it is the only answer…


Your still taking orders then Pete, good little boy x


Never mind Russian meddling in the election, Tusk has been sticking his out going nose into our elections, very undemocratic, another sad loser that cannot accept the Majority view.

_Outgoing European Council President Donald Tusk has urged British voters not to “give up” on stopping Brexit. _
_As campaigning ramps up ahead of next month’s general election, he warned that leaving the EU would leave the UK a “second-rate player”. _
In a speech, he also said Brexit would likely mark the "real end of the British Empire".


Yep…the truth hurts!


Not good for the Tories!..‘perhaps’.


Nothing desperate about what I posted, pal. The Lib Dems like to paint themselves as the moral f’ing high ground and I don’t think so. Nor was it posted to justify Tory racism.



oilovlam - hi

Obviously (for EU Groupies), the only truths emanate from the mouths of EU functionaries?


…as opposed to what’s written on the side of a bus?!..something about £350m per week…for something or other!!

Boy does the NHS need that money today. But I suppose the magic Brexit money tree will deliver another bumper harvest of unicorn dust just in time for Christmas.

I started searching for my grandparents birth certificates tonight…both born in Ireland…it’s good to have an Escape plan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oilo - hi

slan a chara


Corbyn has his eye on BT shareholders, wants to nationalise it without a thought for pension funds or savers.


Trump has his eyes on the NHS…grow a pair, boohoo cry baby!!


Absolute nonsense. Why would Trump want to buy the NHS?

Why does Corbyn keep up with these Trump references. Is that the best he can do? It’s like a Trigger word “Trump Brexit…”, or “Trump NHS” - “OMG Trump is going to buy the NHS”.

I don’t buy this idea that the NHS is for sale. There is no way the public would stand for it, and there is no way Parliament would stand for it. Why the hell would Trump want to buy the NHS anyway? It doesn’t work very well. It doesn’t make any money. Sorry if this offends you, but it’s a massive myth that the NHS is some sort of cash cow. And as soon as Trump buys it, he’ll be reaping in the wonga. Of course he won’t. It’s loss making, as we discussed the other day.


Everyday we get another ridiculous pledge:

BT will be part-nationalised and every household will be offered free broadband if Labour win the election, they have said.

The announcement will be made by party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who plans to pay for the scheme by taxing multinational technology firms such as Amazon, Facebook and Google.

Mr Corbyn will make the announcement in a speech in Lancaster tomorrow, when he will describe the new free public service as “central to Labour’s plans to transform our country and economy”.

He will say that the “massive upgrade in UK’s internet infrastructure” will save the average person £30.30 a month.

There are more than 27 million households in the UK, according to the Office Of National Statistics.

The broadband plan is a non-runner. Notwithstanding the £20-30bn it would cost to buy Openreach and the £1-2bn a year it would cost to run their “free” broadband, it totally misunderstands how the broadband market works. Openreach is effectively a wholesaler, selling their circuits to the retail broadband companies, be that BT, Sky, TalkTalk or any of a score of smaller specialist firms. In an instant they’d kill the industry stone dead, and even companies like Virgin who run their own network would be at an immediate disadvantage, with a business model based on charging for something the government gives away for free.

But Openreach doesn’t just deal with consumer broadband, their network also carries business class circuits, meaning Labour would either have to give them away for free too or try to run a commercial operation against Virgin and Vodafone. It might make a good headline but if they tried to do it they’d be tied up in the courts for years.