We are desperate for a free trade deal with the USA, if the Yanks say that will require access to the NHS for American companies, practices & regulations then we wont have much choice (because Brexit will make us a very weak negotiator…& Trump knows it).

Who would have thought that Blair would have promised Bush to support his war in Iraq…“Parliament will stop it”…anyone for WMD?!

They would ‘spin’ the American takeover of the NHS as ‘offering a state of the art NHS’…but without mentioning the huge increase in costs.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is either naive, fooling themselves, or trying to fool other people.

It’s funded by the government…the taxpayer just pumps in as much money needed to keep it running. When was the last time a hospital went bankrupt and was closed?


And the US wants to take on that liability, does it?


What liability…the ‘managers’ of a company don’t have liability…the shareholders (UK taxpayers wrt NHS) pick up the tab. American managers will ramp up costs and simply pass the bill onto UK government to pay within 30 days (or a penalty will be added).

It will be the ‘Wonga-isation’ of the NHS…courtesy of Brexit & our need for FTA’s at ANY cost.


The EU Groupies can never argue the point in question , Corbyn is a clown if he thinks he can nationalise his way into power, his grip on the Labour Party is great news for Boris.


I get all that, but I don’t buy the soundbite (which is what it is by the way) that Trump is going to buy the NHS. Sorry, @oilovlam


It won’t be wholesale, just smaller specialist services that are part of the whole.



Who said he Trump was going to BUY the NHS? seem to have created your own soundbite (or are repeating things that are on social media…and ‘possibly’ reinforcing it).

Trump has his EYES on the NHS as part of a FTA…to think otherwise is a bit naive.

Don’t believe what Politicians say…it’s what they do that’s important (IMO).


It is desperate to give its drug companies access to the NHS market and destroy the NHS’ large bargaining power.

Can’t believe you’re so slow on this one Trisco. Trump did give it away accidentally not knowing how sensitive a topic it is here.

It is nothing to do with ‘buying the NHS’ and everything to do with high drug prices akin to those in the USA with its purposely segmented health market.


Just Corbyn…plenty from him in that regard.


Just one example…

Cuprimine was approved in the US in 1970, it is currently priced at $31,426 for 120 capsules.

There are many generic versions of Cuprimine available to UK patients via the NHS. In terms of price they range in price from £23.08 to £88.77 for 56 capsules. Therefore, the maximum price for 120 capsules is £177.54 ($150.84).


That is an example, that might happen. And probably an extreme one. Absolutely no evidence that it will.


Perhaps not those specific prices, but the evidence is all over the place that drugs are more expensive in USA … life expectancy is much lower and health insurance priced much, much higher.

Big pharma is the single biggest contributor to political campaigns (all sides) in USA and US pharma continually complain about price restrictions placed on their drugs across the globe and lack of free access to those markets.

You don’t have to search far or have been involved in investing in US drug companies as long as I have to find this out. Just try a few searches on the internet.

A Johnson government aiming for Brexit and desperate for free trade deals will have NHS supplies on the table, I guarantee it. He already paid the EU an extra £7Bn for a worse deal, why would anyone think that is going to change beyond Brexit?


I agree with you on this…
Why is labour bringing this up when the big issue of Brexit and this gov of muppets is being sidelined


just like selling off the car parks and charging visitor’s it would be little by little taking over any area that profits can be made from…


Yep… it might… so worth talking about…

The price the NHS pays for US medicines could soar under a trade deal with the United States after the UK leaves the European Union, according to an investigation.

Despite Boris Johnson’s assertion that the NHS is not on the table, sources with knowledge of the initial trade discussions between the two countries question whether the Prime Minister is able to keep to that promise. In fact “drug pricing” has been discussed in six initial meetings between trade officials from the two countries and secret meetings between US drugs firms and British civil servants where medicine “price caps” have been talked about, according to Dispatches.



Trisco - good afternoon

They keep on coming m8
I’ve heard that the Momentum Party manifesto (due out next week) is set to contain a pledge ( according to Charlie Cairoli - a party spokesman), to nationalise all public houses in the UK and provide free drinks 24/7.
He went on to say that this ‘may cost a few bob’ but the Momentum Party has ‘arranged a line of credit to finance this with Hasbro’
(typo edited)


If only…

Don’t be surprised if that policy (or something similar) is announced by the Tories tomorrow…paid for by the magic Brexit money tree.

It’s a race to the top of the ‘who can spend the most’ spendathon…they are both as bad as each other. I blame Brexit!!


…and if the Treasury forecasts of Brexit-related damage to our economy are anywhere near correct, these promises will not be met without plunging the economy back into deficitville. And then what purpose will all those years of austerity have served. The final reckoning of all this irresponsibility will not be paid for another five years at the next election by which time there will be a substantial majority of people regretting Brexit as young voter come onto the electoral role and older voters…

Frog in a tree


Please do. Please, Corbo, nationalise these, IMHO:

  • My local Indian plz. Free curries to all in the E8/E5 district, occasionally extending up to EN2/EN3 and possibly a few N postcodes;

  • Fridays

  • Pubs

He’d 100% get my vote


I don’t think I’ll be voting for anyone. We are having the mick taken out of us by all of them with this unicorn nonsense. Maybe I’m just paying attention more this time but the levels of insane, impossible toss being chucked out by all of the Parties is absolutely mental. It’s lying, simple as that, and I’m not voting for liars.

It’s all very well saying “it’s an election, that’s what happens”, but it is completely unacceptable. No one has any real plan or idea what they’re doing and whoever wins, we all lose. It’s shameful.