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Yes, the theft of their European citizenship is the greatest crime of this Century in the UK so far. A stab in the back by those who have enjoyed it for 45 years.




I can only imagine the brexit vote backlash if its turned over. UKIP staight to downing street. Protest vote. This is the issue really isnt it. No matter what, it seems it will drag on in the UK for 50 years, even when the rest of the world has forgotten about it already really.


Seems to be the case. He’s getting lots of ‘flashing’ messages from admin.



A foreign banks seek a UK banking licence and has it approved.


Unfortunately we can’t read the story unless we subscribe.


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First couple of paragraphs:

Handelsbanken has become one of the first major European lenders to receive a new UK banking licence to ensure that it can continue operating without interruption after the UK leaves the EU.

The bank already has more than 200 branches in the UK, but previously used EU passporting rules to operate under the Swedish licence of its parent company. On Monday, however, the bank said regulators had given a licence to its new UK subsidiary, Handelsbanken plc.


Thanks for that OE. For sure it is not all one way traffic and all companies will be seeking to exploit new opportunities and defend existing ones. What will matter in the long run is the balance of company movements and where they do business.


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@Old_Eyes yes, that’s the same story you’ve mentioned previously.
The more usual way that large financial institutions are being impacted is where they are using the UK as a base for their UK and EU client services… and now they are splitting away into EU state legal entities the parts that service EU clients (which is usually the largest parts)… thus less corp tax for the UK… and less jobs.


Frog I would ask if you have ever been in the forces as it appears not with those absurd comments. I can tell you after serving with Gurkhas and troops from Fiji that they are incredibly loyal and fine Soldiers. What you fail to understand is that the forces are the crowns and many of these countries have the same Queen and Royal family



I have no doubt that you are right that the Ghurkas and Fijians are very fine soldiers. However, surely it is a concern that we, as a nation, are now unable to recruit sufficient people from within the UK. It looksxa bit like outsourcing. My question about whether we need to maintain such a large armed force or whether it might be more sensible to reduce the size to something more normal for a country of this size still stands.


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“The report says more than a million emails sent to Leave.EU subscribers contained marketing for the Eldon Insurance firm’s GoSkippy services.”


It is the same story I mentioned before, expect yesterday it was ratified by the Regulator with the UK Courts giving the final green light later this month.

It’s still a brexit story, worth adding to the “Everyday” thread.


Yes… the balance is shifting to an outsourcing model. You will be able to have a lot more armed forces, pay them a lot less and probably in the future have fewer obligations after they have finished their service/contracts. Most of the British Army will be composed of Indians, Australians and Irish in the future.


All three nations have fought very bravely & with honour inside & alongside the British army in past conflicts. There will always be a sizeable contingent of UK born soldiers…probably even a majority.


As it ever was:

This is a photo I took a couple of weeks ago in Montreuil in northern France. It is a first world war cemetery for Indian soldiers. Sikhs and hindus are buried on the left and muslims on the right. It is respectfully maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It stands in testament to the role these soldiers played in the war and for me, it also serves as a reminder as to why the EU is important in one of its intended roles which is to prevent further war in Europe.

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The war graves and trenches in France are well worth a visit, if ever any of you have the opportunity.

But I have to take issue about the EU and the prevention of wars in Europe - while the Balkans was not part of the EU, the EU did very little to prevent the war or resolve it once it started. NATO is your friend to prevent wars in Europe, far more than the EU.


…but we have had a comparatively prolonged period of peace in the EU nations. One of its purposes was to bind France and Germany in a unity of interest and in this respect it has so far been successful.

In our debates about Brexit we tend to overlook this aspect by giving all the attention to economics and trade.

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NATO is just an arm of the US military.


…which looks like it might be less reliable now the The Groper is in the White House. An EU army doesn’t look such a bad idea now.

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