They go wherever they get the cheapest Labour who can do the job @BrownAdder… and always will.
Anyone who thinks Dyson gives a sh*t about the UK is misguided… he cares about his profits only whilst cultivating an image for the Proles in the UK that he’s waving the flag for Blighty.


I was wondering why no one in govt. could find a solution to acquire 2bn investment in UK. Dyson himself is least of my concern.

Also if UK Govt. cant find solution to cheaper labour through tax-breaks and other accountancy tricks then UK Economy is going way way down


Yep… well there’s a reason many manufacturing industries have been moving for decades to Far East countries from many Western countries… and why the UK was investing in and powering ahead in financial services… unfortunately that doesn’t look to be as valued as a few short years ago.


Its not everyday that a thread gets 10,000 hits. Nice one!



Banks named in paradise papers as tax avoiders… Join the dots ??


Sir James Dyson, the champion of British engineering, has quietly transferred his £1.5billion business empire offshore in a move that could save him hundreds of millions of pounds in tax.

Join The Dots



Hot on the heels of Brexit champion Nadine Dorries’s attempt to win “I’m a Brexiteer Get me out of here!” with her rueful admission:
"This is a very sad place to be but unfortunately, the future of the country and of our relationship with Europe is at stake. This deal gives us no voice, no votes, no MEPs, no commissioner.”
[ Yep… she really said that… source: ]

… we have the latest mumbling from failed Brexiteer David Davies:
“We can deliver an honest and clean Brexit, leaving all the possibilities such as global free trade deals open for bright future. If we need to leave with no deal and negotiate a free trade agreement during the transition period, so be it. Let’s be clear and honest and tell the EU that’s what we are prepared to do.”
[ Yep… he did say that… really… source: ]

Looks like they have a good understanding of Brexit eh? We are in good hands yeah?


JW, Dicky Davis couldn’t have said the above…because only an idiot would say such nonsense…because in a ‘no’ deal scenario there is no transition period. It must be a misquote :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh not the project fear lies again Pete


Pro Brexit Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA) has received at least $286,000 (£223,300) from US-based donors in the last five years, including $100,000 originating from a billionaire-founded religious trust incorporated in the Bahamas.

Join the dots… … more obvious by the day…



128 days.

“Alea iacta est”

The big news today? 1 in 4 Europeans vote “populist”…we’ll be missing out on the first European Unions Trump. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Unless that’s what the Europhiles wanted all along… a European Trump to follow.?


For those who mght be interested, here is the source of the story:

People tend to misunderstand the political spectrum as linear when in fact it is circular with mainstream centrist parties at one pole and at the other pole where the extreme right and extreme left meet is where Corbyn and Farage touch by their fingertips.

It is no surprise that citizens have gravitated towards the extremes as they do in all crises of economic stress. Populists find it easier to manipulate the public at these points in history by blaming certain ethnic minorities, so-called elites, and foreigners generally for the bad times. Hitler is the classic example and Brexit follows the trend.

When things settle down, the populists become less…popular.


Frog in a tree


That will make an even super group.
You can find some foreign policy experts suggesting that - this slight breakage of EU - is exactly what the top earners Germany and France exactly want.

Its not just us sick to death of paying for the likes of Spain Italy Greece.

The odd thing is that Germany etc didnt expect UK to exit.

In summary I would say its all bollocks


Hi Fiat,

Agreed. Not the slightest bit surprising given the years of austerity & so many citizens feeling downtrodden & ignored. Many seek easy scapegoats, rather than identify the real culprits with power at the top.

We live in worrying times. The internet is a double-edged sword. It brings pros & cons. Some of the cons include many thousands of websites spreading fake news & sowing further hatred. The same sites also frequently dismiss objective real news as “fake”. Many people are being misled.

Joseph Goebbels understood this well way back in the 1930s with his very accurate view that if you repeat lies often enough, most people will end up believing them.

I genuinely fear for the foreseeable future & the wider effect of this obvious downside to technology on society in our lifetimes. Sadly the internet has empowered all sorts of people, not least those who want to spread division & hatred for their own ends. Right now, at times they seem to be winning. - Regards.


It seems to me that there is a need for schools to teach children how to sort out the true from the fake. It is a form of reasoning which should be reasonably educable. There is certainly a need for greater understanding of the benefits and dangers of the internet and social media in particular.


Frog in a tree


I noticed that they are already doing this at some schools.
I think that needs to be treated with real caution however. If state schools simply follow a Government led agenda all the time then the truth will become precisely what the Government of the day wants you to believe and they will close down as fake anything that runs against their own narrative.

Teaching people on being able to think about what’s behind the news items, why they are in the news, who is publishing it/promoting it… and more important to read more widely around the news items encompassing different views is a far better approach than simply… some ‘regulator’ classifying something as fake or true.


127 days.

No leadership challenge and neither main party wants another referendum.

Mrs May’s “positive” rating by voters surges by almost 50%.

More news next week. Maybe expect something on Friday.

Time to chill.


126 days. Tempus Fugit.


Surely, caveat emptor!


Day 125

Hillary Clinton tells Europe to curb immigration.

“I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration” Clinton tells U.K. newspaper The Guardian

You can rely on the good sense of the British electorate to be ahead of the curve.

Unfortunately, you can also rely on “progressives” to flame their own righteous egos with condemnation and name calling

I see Paris is rioting again tonight. So very European of them…