The good news is that Article 50 can be extended or revoked as long as we have the agreement from all the 27 member states.

Just need to go through the chaotic process over next few weeks leading to #BrexitRef2 to make that happen.


1.9 percent


Nope but they got their forecasting wrong on the Brexit vote
What makes you think they haven’t made the same mistakes


When will Brexit ref 3 be then or Brexit ref4


RRW, I think you’re getting confused between all the negative Brexit analysis from various sources…I know, it’s difficult to keep track they’re coming so thick & fast.

It’s time to change the broken record now…we need a way out of what looks like a Parliamentary impasse and a democratic referendum is a good option IMO.


I don’t think Brexit is something that should be voted on by the Proles at all tbh.
It is something that should be debated in Parliament and that Parties if they want to change being IN or OUT in the future place in their Manifesto and stand for that in an Election.

However, if the coming Deal is voted down… or rather… when… then the only likely way that all sides across (most) Parties are going to agree on something is by putting it back to the Proles to decide.
There’s another possibility that another type of Deal could be resurrected but doubtful if that could receive majority of MPs agreeing on.

Either way… Article 50 is almost bound to receive an extension… I predict in late January that will happen.


Pound was up after Carneys car crash , So again proving the Money is not buying the BS.


Your right change the record and accept Brexit that the majority of those voting voted for


The voting majority wanted Brexit 2 odd years ago…but do they want it now? Now that they know the facts of what Brexit actually means. A democratic 2nd referendum would sort things out once and for all. No lies, no going back, no Russian interference. If people want to make themselves poorer then god bless them.


Nothing democratic about that we had a vote nobody says two years after a general election I didn’t like the way the last vote went we need to have another one. Typical Europeans saying you must agree with us or keep having votes until you do
Glad we are leaving


Punctuation dear boy. Otherwise it is rambling.

Sounds to me that one doesn’t like the prospect of a ‘Peoples’ vote to confirm the manner (or not) of our leaving…now that we know the truth about Brexit. Perhaps the electorate will be happy to endorse their initial decision - what are you worried about? - or perhaps they will say what a balls up this has all become and lets call the whole thing off

Watch the roller skating at the end.


Don’t they? Happens all the time… where’ve you been?


Day 120

Doesnt time fly.

So what did we learn yesterday?

That by early 2030’s the impact of Hard Brexit would cost the same as the last recession under Labour.

A cost spread over 17 years, rather than the Labour cliff edge from their last attempt at managing the economy.

Sterling might fall by 25% in March.

Does anyone think the same wouldn’t happen if we got a Corbyn Government?

So to conclude:

Hard Brexit might result in the economy shrinking by 8% over 15 plus years and Sterling might reduce by 25% in the short term.


The same scenario if we get a Corbyn Government the day after election results.

I guess Hard Brexit looks more palatable.

One other thing caught my attention yesterday.

The Romanian Minister who wanted the EU to restrict “fee movement” to 5 years because of the very negative effects it has on his country. The best and brightest leave his country, never returning. Which will over the long term distort population demographics in a negative way.

Impoverishing the country.

I’ve always thought would be the case for latter, developing, joiners.

Some take the high moral ground over free movement, I suspect that’s because they can’t face the reality, it transfers wealth and resources to the larger existing economic powerhouse. Neo-colonialism.

Always ironic, so many of this type will also bang on about the long distant history of Britain.

They can’t accept they are advocating exploitation.

Always easy pretending it’s the “the European burden” to help these smaller economies.

When will they realise they are European Nationalist looking to exploit colonies. Like any empire they are always willingly open to new countries “joining”.

Nationalism and colonialism is so last century. Like Socialism, it should be left in the past.

Socialism, nationalism and colonialism. The intimate ugly sisters of history. You only have to ask Eastern Europe …


Day 119

I find myself today thinking more about my own portfolio.

Pod Point have delivered a fantastic result with supplying the news Tesco & VW joint venture.

You see, there is life after Brexit :slight_smile:

If you listen to all the nonsense on here about Brexit you’d come to the conclusion British business was hiding in a bunker!

Far from it.


All very interesting but hardly of any relevance to Brexit.



DP, yes, it’s called the future. Things won’t stop progressing just because of Brexit (which is what you seem to be trying to suggest people are saying). It’s just that any progress will be that much harder if we build barriers to our nearest trading nations.


“German auto firm Volkswagen and U.K. grocer Tesco have teamed up”

What is that a German company investing in Brexit Britain? :wink:

“Pod Point received the ‘Hottest Green Tech Startup of The Year’ award at the Europas Awards” and the hottest green pan-European start-up is based in London? How can that be? :smile:



Thanks for posting Devon…Some on hear do not want to know Business’s are happy to work together post Brexit.


@broadmoor1 You might enjoy this.

I once lived in a mill, in the West Country, that used to produced woolen fabric.

There were many local stories about the place.

This one always made me grin.

During the Napoleonic wars the local community and mill owners became very prosperous…making the uniforms for Napoleon’s army :blush:

They weren’t succesful at winning a contract for the British Army, so… well, you can guess :wink:

Trade has a way of finding it’s way through.

It’s called entrepreneurship, for those that haven’t been at the commercial end of private enterprise.


Do ‘Pod Point’ want a ‘No’ deal? Do they want easy access to the Single Market?

"[Coming out the single market] could affect our supply chain and Norwegian operations – there is a whole bunch of stuff depending on how Brexit goes that could have a significant effect or no effect,” he explains, “It’s difficult to quantify at this moment.”

“I think, as an entrepreneur, staying in the EU would probably have been better but the public have spoken and you have to deal with that.” [Erik Fairbairn, the Founder of UK electric vehicle (EV) charging company POD Point]