Honestly guys, I try to show you a glimpse of post-Brexit Britain and what thanks do I get?

Not even a single like!

Really, you guys. At least it’s given you something to sleep on.

Sweet dreams :sleeping:


I’ve given your post a like now but only 'cos I felt sorry.


I just cant like it, hes much too clever for me…


DP, wrong again methinks…I ‘liked’ one of your earlier posts today (or was it a flag :wink:). But you seemed to get back to playing games with people and then Boradmoor ‘likes’ you more.

That ‘fellow’ Tim Worstall of the Adam Smith Institute is a gem…I wonder if there are any more like him at the ‘institute’ :face_with_monocle:


DP long posts on sites like these are not read, it’s not the WSJ or the FT so no credence. If it were people would take the trouble.


Thanks everyone x

I’m afraid I’m giving up on the forum.

After 20 years there’s not much here to attract me anymore.

I wanted to follow 2 new stocks this week and I’m not able to create pages for them. If I could there wouldn’t be any traffic anyway, I bet.

I can’t see much use for a financial forum with very little share discussion on it.

I’ll still be on Lemon Fool, crunch base and “the federation” if anyone’s ever on alternative social media…and yes, you’ll find me at the occasional Adam Smith event :wink: although I’m not in London much these days.

I’m also pretty active on the angel networks, as you know I’m an :innocent:

Enjoy what ever happens next!



Why are you seeking self approbation? Who exactly do you think you are? You are just another poster like everyone else.



…the door opens a little wider. This morning the ECJ confirmed that the UK can withdraw its Article 50 notice unilaterally without agreement of the 27.

It is good to have this clarity.

Meanwhile May continues to be pushed around by her Brextremist right wing. She should just move to a vote and get it done with.

Frog in a tree


Isn’t that called ‘a get out of jail free’ card?! :face_with_monocle:


More trite nonsense from remain you are missing out the billionaires that backed remain like Branson and millionaire comrade Corbyn


Exception prove rules …


Usual nonsense Pete let’s try another Millionaire your mate Corbyn says he was remain lil


Pete loves a picture :joy: , Yes lots of poor backers on the remain side…completely clueless


let’s try. another variation on. What about.

no arguments FOR Brexit because you were conned.

PS did you watch Stephen frys video. any Whatabouts from that…


I have this as well. I wait for Whatabout what Cameron said 15yrs ago.

Leave fined £63K for cheating.
Arron banks investigated for election fraud
Dont yet know where the LEAVE money came from.
“very likely” that the UK voted for Brexit because of illegal overspending by the Vote Leave campaign, according to an Oxford professor’s evidence to the High Court.
Vote Leave’s Facebook adverts reached tens of millions of people after they should have stopped, they influenced huge numbers of voting decisions.
LEAVE sent out these lies to millions daily.

Meantime complacent Remain was sending OUT letters

IF TURKEY is not joining EU the referendum should be void.


Someones still listening Peter , And please keep adding pictures , There must be a few people that have not seen the photoshopped versions you post ?


none photoshopped actual LEAVE posters also one of your hero Trump also on his way out…



I missed something we have a breakthrough instead of quoting Cameron from years ago you are accusing me of photoshopping the LEAVE posters but there are so many RE Turkey and it was the biggest LEAVE lie among many they cant all be photoshopped can they?

IF TURKEY is not joining EU the referendum should be void.


Ruffly translated as the PM of the UK was a silly sausage telling Parliament he’d wholeheartedly Back the application of Turkey.
Its written into History peter, No amount of photo shopped pictures can match his words ;-0

Enjoy your day making pictures


aah Just when I thought we were getting somewhere (my photos are photoshopped) you go back to the same debunked old rubbish.

I asked When is Turkey joining the EU…
Has any polician in the last few decades ever spoken in support.
Turkey has been trying to join the EU for 30years and they are not even having talks about it and most EU countries not in favour and Unanimous vote need for them to join. That means all countries have to say yes. so When is Turkey joining the EU…
The use of Turkey joining was clever cynical immoral. They also had posts showing Iraq and Syria almost the same country with the usual arrows point to the UK playing into the EDL bias…
You’ve been conned…

An official Vote leave poster… look it up…