What are your sources on Singapore? It is highly regulated, very highly taxed and has fantastic public services. Also low crime, excellent education.

If you have no sources then I can only assume that everything else you have posted over the last two years is meaningless


Most evidence of impact of Brexit on City:

Brexit has taken a “considerable bite” out of financial services jobs with vacancies dropping 39 per cent in the last year, according to new research.
There was also a 28 per cent fall in the number of City professionals looking for work in November compared to a year earlier, recruitment firm Morgan Mckinley found.

Source: Independent



…there is more evidence of Tory Party chaos. This morning comes the news that the required number of 48 letters of no confidence has been received which will trigger a leadership election. It looks like a lasy desperate throw by the Brextremist nutjob right who are trying to scupper any outcome other than a hard Brexit. They are not bright you know.

So, from the party that brought you Brexit chaos we have…even more chaos.

The only way to crack these nuts is a second referendum.

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…it rains and it pours while Tory rows lead us into oblivion…

…while we wait for tonight’s vote of the ones who caused all this.



With the support of only 63% of Tory MPs, Theresa May’s support looks anything but secure. Can she rely on her party to get difficult calls approved? It looks too tight. This will give hope to Labour as they seek to wreck May’s plans.

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A ratio of 1.7:1


But that’s a massive majority…a massive endorsement of ‘May means May’…so it’s now ‘May’s way or the highway!!’.

63% is better than 52% :face_with_monocle:


You label all Leave voters as Racists , Yet support Corbyn ? Very strange


63% is better than 52% ?
It’s a bigger “majority” (JW take note) and it will be accepted… however maybe the MP’s didn’t have all the information or didn’t realise what they were voting for?

I demand a second vote !!!


Don’t worry…in another 12 months :face_with_monocle:

It should coincide quite nicely with the ‘Peoples’ vote.


Next one you get will be a general election… Corbyn or Bojo?


yet another Crooked Brexiter…


fynne - Bojo is not yet in play…but he could be. I suppose there is the looming possibility of him taking over from May, but Bojo won’t be looking for a GE more likely no-deal Brexit.


And there was me thinking he wanted to negotiate a “SuperCanada” deal? Something changed since October?
But then he is the chap who used to support being in the EU a few years back… and also signed off on the Chequers Deal a few months back… so he’s used to changing his mind.


If I was in the EU set-up I would have been looking to empower May, but they haven’t done that, they have handled that badly, even for the EU to come up with a side-letter or codicil, is late in the day now. The HoC looks to have become more firmly entrenched over the border question.


So today we learnt the EU will not renegotiate, TM still dreaming a legal letter will be enough to somehow convince MPs that we will not be locked into a backstop, and meanwhile the Leaders all meet for dinner and once again they have banned TM from attending, And Frog says we haven’t left yet ? Appalling treatment imho.
Roll on the 29th and trouser the £39bn


Have you heard Mays latest plan, ffs that’s some crazy thinking she’s got going on.



…more negative forecasts come to light on the impact of Brexit. Today we are hearing about the impact on house prices:


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It already has.

“Is this phenomenon going to continue”?

“It not only going to continue…it’s going to get worse”

Seriously, I noticed this over 2 years ago.


One year ago… the UK Government agreed that in the absence of any other solution, NI would remain in “full alignment” with the EU’s single market/customs union.
Then their new mates, the DUP piped up and said it also needed to guarantee “no border in the Irish Sea”. (Despite fact that could have been beneficial and unique for NI).
So… the UK Government… proposed that ALL of the UK would remain in the customs union temporarily after the transition period.

Isn’t it awful when you ask for a backstop, get a backstop… then complain that you have a backstop.