Today’s message for TM “Walk away, We don’t have to pay”


She could at least use the threat and mean it.


She couldn’t run a bath , and would last 5 mins in the corporate world.


A continuous repetition of a falsehood…“When you leave a club you pay the bar bill” [Geoffrey Cox, Attorney General]


Buying opinion



…business warns us about the self-inflicted damage that Brexit will cause for the UK. Today Branson tells it straight:

Meanwhile Brexiters still inhabit cloud-cuckoo land.


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So what happens now that May has returned from the EU with nothing in her handbag?

Her situation is utterly appalling. She has lost the trust and support of a third of her MPs and has an exit agreement she negotiated with the EU without much in the way of involvement of members of her cabinet and that deal would pretty certainly be voted down by a big majority.

It is hard to see that she is in power in any meaningful way. Equally, her hard Brexit opponents, even if one of their number could replace her, would also be unable to govern as parliament would not agree an exit agreement which was a harder form of Brexit.

Perhaps a Norway style agreeement might be a possibility? It is said that the EEA wouldn’t agree to the UK joining without a commitment to permanency. I don’t know but I don’t see why the EU could not agree a Norway-like agreement. But…JRM wouldn’t like it. Well, just tell him and his boneheaded Brexiter mates to F*** Off.

Likewise, Labour’s threatened vote of no confidence looks like a no hoper.

The idea of playing for time in the hope of a so-called “default” no-deal Brexit also looks like a no-hoper since the majority of MPs who are Remainers would vote against it as would a proportion of the more level-headed Brexiters.

I think that it is clear that the only options of gaining majority cross-party support in parliament are a Norway-style agreeement or a second referendum.

Theresa May’s days are numbered. With her anti-migration agenda while Home Secretary she helped to build up a toxic environment of xenophobia which in large part delivered the Brexit vote. Before she hands in the keys to No. 10 she should take the opportunity to do her patriotic duty and tell the British people that a no deal Brexit would be a disaster. Just like Richard Branson did this morning. She should then move a proposal for either a Norway-style deal or a second referendum through parliament as these are the only viable routes to avoiding a catastrophe.


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Says the Guy who believes Turkey Serbia are Joining the EU…


… at the moment froglet… it will all kick off again in January.

Despite the fact that I fully expect Article 50 to be extended in February and further expect a 2019 #BrexitRef2 where Remain will win… I think plenty of MPs have to be more honest about their intentions… all those crowing about how bad the Withdrawal Agreement is due to the ‘backstop’ need to be very clear and say how THEY intend to resolve the issue of the border between the Republic and NI.
I haven’t yet heard any solution that a) would work, b) Ireland (thus the EU) would accept, c) would be acceptable to majority in NI and in particular to the DUP.

Anyone advocating any of Norway+, Switzerland+, Canada+ or all the variants needs to state upfront very clearly how THEY think it would work.

For decades prior to the mid-80s… there were border posts on the Republic side… as well as on the ‘British’ side manned by British soldiers… checks were made on cars, vans and people… border post bombings, sniper fire and murders flared up repeatedly… and it only stopped thanks to the EU and the Belfast Agreement.
Undoing that risks a return to The Troubles along the Border which is why you can’t bury your head in the sand on this one.


Every little doesn’t help!!


Pfff, €7 just about buys a good pint in Yorkshire these days.



…more Tories come round to supporting a second referendum.

"Former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine, Dominic Grieve MP and Lord Willetts are among the Tory MPs and peers who have written a joint statement saying that if their party does not back another referendum it risks “losing young people for good”. "If we are to remain a party of government, it is absolutely critical that we increase our support among younger generations,” they say. “To do this, we must listen to and engage with their concerns on Brexit. They voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the European Union in 2016 – and since then have become even stronger in their views. Since the referendum, nearly 2 million young people are now of voting age. Of those in this group who are certain to vote, an astounding 87% support the United Kingdom staying in the European Union. If we do not hear their voices, who could blame them for feeling excluded and powerless on this most vital issue. The truth is that if Brexit fails this generation, we risk losing young people for good. Our party’s electoral future will be irrevocably blighted.”


…Corbyn and his eurosceptic allies are said to be resisting a second referendum because of their fear of losing votes to the Tories and UKIP. I suspect that they haven’t considered that there is also a risk that masses of centre left pro-EU supporters might refuse to vote for a Labour Party that failed to resist the Brexit brigade.


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The Irish peace deal had nothing to do with EU it was the US who brokered the agreement as you well know J along with the British and Irish Govs
No one wants to go back there and if we don’t put up customs points what will EU do


Perhaps we could get the Leprechauns to ‘man’ the border…it’s a kind of magic!! :face_with_monocle:


Dear me O you obviously have no understanding of the NI issues and it’s history


Get a grip mate.

I’m surprised the ERG & DUP haven’t suggested a Leprechaun border…it’s more realistic than their other policies. :face_with_monocle:


Senator George Mitchell is on record as saying that without the context of the EU that it is unlikely that the 1998 Good Friday agreement could have been agreed. The fact that under EU and its single market that there was no need for a border on trading and immigration grounds made it much easier to agree.

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RRW , It’s not difficult, The UK will not build a physical border, Ireland will not build a physical border either.
For some strange reason the remainers forget that only 4% of non-EU goods entering the UK are checked by customs authorities.


@red_rose_wizz I suggest you do some more reading on what I am referring to… and what we might head back to:

Excerpt from: “David Shanks: An Irishman’s Diary on the hard Border of the 1950s”
The IRA did its best to blow away Border posts but it was the 1986 Single European Act, the Single Market, and the Belfast Agreement that ultimately have given us our soft Border


Really i think not