“…“From local knowledge, there is terrific concern that we [Ramsgate Port] can not possibly by ready. There isn’t the width or the breadth of the berths that is needed to carry large ships,” the councillor (Conservative Beverly Martin) said. “I don’t see how, with the state of the harbour and the port and the number of repairs that are needed that it could be ready.”…”

The staff at Seaborne Freight are immensely proud of their ‘new’ Brexit ferry :face_with_monocle: (


Let’s hope the launch goes better than these…



“The layoffs are part of a £2.5bn cost-cutting plan amid what industry insiders have called a “perfect storm”. They mean a downturn in Chinese sales, a slump in diesel sales and concerns about UK competitiveness post-Brexit.”

Job losses ‘partly’ attributed to Brexit…and we haven’t even left yet…never mind a ‘No’ deal Brexit :face_with_monocle:


Thanks for posting this story Oili,

This story confirms what I was told by a nephew over Christmas. He is a manager in a company linked to JLR and he was talking about short time working which was linked to Brexit worries. These cuts seem to be for a number of causes including high exposure to diesel, a fall in China sales and, despite what one friend said on the Banished Leaver’s Thread, Brexit uncertainty.

Similar problems appear to trouble Ford motors too.

Frog in a tree


Cars are also very overpriced, even 2nd hand cars are too expensive. Presumably based on cheap credit deals feeding into record levels of consumer debt, it can only end one way and I’d argue it’s not bullish for the Car market



…more news of Brexit damage to our car industry. We have already heard about Jaguar LandRover and Ford today. Now we get news of Brexit chaos from Honda:

I reckon a lot of our car industry are considering whether they have a future in the UK unless we stop Brexit.


Frog in a tree



…we hear more voices warning of the perils of a no deal Brexit. This time it is Carolyn Fairbairn warning of thousands of job losses and up to an 8% drop in GDP.

I guess our Brexiter friends will continue to stick their heads in the sand screaming Project Fear. No doubt when the shit hit the fan they will scream that we were stabbed in the back by the EU as they continue to believe it was anyone’s fault but their own.

Frog in a tree



…we hear of the damage that Brexit is likely to cause our major manufacturers. Less often heard about are the small companies where the dreams and livelihoods of entrepreneurs are being put at risk by this nationalist spasm. Today we hear the story of Moving Beans:

They describe how having to conduct business on WTO tariffs will damage them… These are the same WTO tariffs that deluded Brexiters tell us will cause us no problems at all.


Frog in a tree


‘Project Fear’…a Brexiteers version. Perhaps Grayling should concentrate on getting the trains to run on time.



…more evidence of everyday Brexit cruelty. This time Bradford grannies of Italian origin are appalled that they need to apply for “settled stutus” in the UK despite having lived, worked and raised families here since the 1950’s. The will have to complete the bureaucratic processes and pay £65 for the privilege. Surely a decent country would not charge anything for imposing this on people who have worked here and paid taxes and contributed to our nation for decades?

This is the May government hostile Windrush environment again. There is something very seriously wrong with the racist/xenophobic Home Office and Theresa May is responsible for it.

Frog in a tree



…we get more reasons why Brexit is a bad idea. Today Theresa May warns that a no-deal Brexit could break up the UK union.

Indeed, I woukd say that any form of Brexit presents a risk to the union.

We need to rethink…a Peoples’ Vote now!

Frog in a tree


Good to see TM telling it like it is, The Corbyn supporters on here are just trying to save face for calling it wrong, very strange how some back the antisemitic leader and yet report posters as being racist ! Very weird.
Hey ho…Roll on tomorrow.
Theresa May has warned opponents of her Brexit deal that they risk “letting the British people down” as Labour said the prime minister faced a “humiliating defeat” in Tuesday’s crunch vote.
She urged critics to give the deal “a second look”, insisting new assurances on the Irish border had “legal force”.
She said the “history books” would judge if MPs delivered on Brexit while safeguarding the economy and security.
But Jeremy Corbyn said the PM had “completely and utterly failed”.


I am pretty certain that Brexit - should it happen the hard way - or to be fair any other way is going to shatter the world order. The end of West sadly. Nevermind, here’s another good news to cheer everyone up.


You can possibly multiply that scenario many times. It is true the Leave voters were under-informed, but so were Remainers. Who knew what the customs union was? Who knew that that the UK imports all it’s insulin? Who realised the Irish border would complicate Brexit? Almost all Remainers and Leavers simply voted their world view.

The market has already told you Brexit will not happen, but, no one wins and everyone loses.


We had well over a year of people talking about the Customs Union and Single Market… and a host of other related EU matters…for people then not to know about those things yet go out and vote anyway… just shows what a farce any Referendum actually is… and why we shouldn’t ever have one on anything important again. If a Government wants to find out people’s views on issues then they can do it via online Consultations and also via our MPs.


Not sure about ‘end of West’… but at least Neil Warnock, Cardiff City Manager is more positive about it… he said today regarding EU (at least I think he was talking about the EU and not the Premiership):

“I can’t wait to get out of it, if I’m honest. I think we’ll be far better out of the thing - in every aspect, football-wise as well, absolutely… to hell with the rest of the world.”

Someone ought to tell him that 1/2 his first team squad are from… the rest of the world.


Frog as you well know it was Labour who created the awful windrush situation not the Tories
Theresa May only continued with a policy set up by Labour


In another sign of a gathering storm, exports by China slumped 4.4 per cent in December – their biggest decline in two years – amid a trade war with the US.
The figures from Europe and China came as the US government shutdown entered its 24th day, making it the longest ever period that federal agencies have been closed.
Global economic groups warned of a widespread slowdown which could harm Britain too. Stock markets around the world went into reverse as nervous investors digested the news. Uncertainty over Brexit is also plaguing the markets.
The eurozone grew by just 0.2 per cent in the third quarter of 2018, and it was hoped this would be followed by a recovery at the end of the year.
But the latest figures, from statistics office Eurostat suggest the situation has only got worse.
Bert Colijn, of Dutch bank ING, said: 'Fears of a technical recession in large eurozone economies are mounting as industrial production in November provided a harsh reality check for economists.
‘Surveys have been dismal throughout the quarter, and actual production data is now confirming that bleak view on the eurozone economy.’
The biggest fears are for Germany, whose economy shrank by 0.2 per cent in the three months to September 2018.
Analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch believe output fell 0.1 per cent in the fourth quarter – meaning Germany is in recession.
Germany is the powerhouse of the single currency bloc, but is heavily reliant on exports by its manufacturers and therefore at risk if global trade falls.
Italy is also seen as highly exposed, with an economy which was flat with no growth in the third quarter.
The country’s treasury minister Giovanni Tria said he expects this stagnation to have lasted until the end of 2018.
Zero growth will pile pressure on Italy’s ruling anti-establishment parties to act, and could force them into a confrontation with Brussels over state spending rules.


Its all downhill from here for Germany= Recession looming large

Germany’s economy grew by 1.5% last year, its slowest rate since 2013, the latest official figures show.

Figures from the Federal Statistics Office showed Europe’s largest economy slowed sharply as the year wore on.

The economy actually shrank in the third quarter of the year, by 0.2%, with global trade disputes blamed for the contraction.

At the start of the year, the German economy had been expected to grow by 1.8%. Growth was 2.2% in 2017.

There were fears that Germany was at risk of following the third quarter with another quarter of negative growth, something that would have put the country into recession.