Have you re-read what you have written? It is gobbledegook.


Frog in tree


I’m sure you got the gist from.


See you got the complete range of responses from our remain groupies
From the predictable posters and leave lied to basically you’re an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about… your opinion doesn’t count so be quiet!!

You were totally right in one of your earlier posts @Swamp_Cat… . there is no point in engaging these in “conversation”?


Fiat, I don’t think all SwampC wrote was gobbledegook, started off coherent. It was all about despair in the system…which is understandable. It did get a little wobbbly at the end though.
Absolutely no suggestions on how to get out of this mess. Probably a 'five pint essay"!


Come on now, @fynne. Frog can’t resist belittling people who hold a different political opinion to him. Normally it’s a more subtle sly snidey dig.

@Swamp_Cat - good post and yes, I think everyone gets the essence of what it is that you are saying.


Good way to engage and have you opinion heard is have another referendum now we know about lies and the myriad of Brexit options now its Norway??


Speech being made a JCB UK (not one of the 5 factories in India) If the Tories really want to destroy themselves making this guy PM should do it…


The issues that drove Brexit?

So I guess he’ll be touching on subjects such as :

Racial Prejudice
The Rule Britannia pipe dreams of the elderly
Poverty caused by Tory austerity
Ignorance due to poor education
Tax relief for the super wealthy
Xenophobic rabble - rousers making a fast buck from Leave campaigning
The naked political ambitions of himself at any cost to the UK
How lying works.





Was it so easy to tell:)


I’ve been there myself, sometimes it doesn’t read so well in the morning light. :sunglasses:



…more news hits our desk of the many ways in which Brexit will cost us more. Today we hear from the AA that car insurance increases will hit us in the pocket for Brexit related reasons:

All I can say is …Oh Brexit, up yours!

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Can’t help but feel a lot of companies will use Brexit as a pretence to increase premiums/cost of their products. Not just The AA.

Let’s say the AA are proved wrong, will they decrease the premiums in 2020, or pass the difference back? Will they f…


Absolutely… and another eventuality that was predicted pre-2016… but labelled as Project Fear.



…we get more evidence of the nature of the (many) beasts that supported Brexit. Today we have a story about a UKIP supporter:

In my view anyone who joined UKIP was likely to have racist attitudes or, at minimum, had a capacity to tolerate the racist nature of the vast majority of its membership.


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…we hear of more damage caused to British business by Brexit madness:


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Probably of interest to Pete

Doesn’t bode well for behaviour during a 2nd referendum though.



Great point. Is it too late to short Stobart?



…more estimates are made of the damage that would be caused by a no deal Brexit. Today, ii have emailed this article which warns of the possibility of a massive fall of up to 25% in the UK stock markets:

It might not turn out as bad as that but there is certainly more chance of a bad fall than any increase in my view.


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Just shows all they have left is threats… No effort to persuade voters on both sides that it will be anything other than a disaster… 2 nd ref would be different they cant tell the same lies again and threats wont work…