same answer as to oili
Just shows all they have left is threats… No effort to persuade voters on both sides that it will be anything other than a disaster… 2 nd ref would be different they cant tell the same lies again and threats wont work…


“The “febrile” atmosphere around Brexit could be exploited by far-right extremists, the UK’s most senior counter-terrorism officer has warned.”

It’s a few nutters who think they can bully & threaten in order to get what they want…but democracy in this country cannot be intimidated.


When will Brexit voters see the light… JCB 5 factories in India guess where they will be going next…


‘Take Back Control’… looks like we know where the real control is… and it sure aint with the mugs who were conned into voting to Leave the EU.


An EU country doing the best for its citizens


Won’t be a second referendum O


RRW, could be the only way out of this mess…if Parliament continue to fail in their duty.


“The firm’s chief executive, Tom Enders, said the firm “will have to make potentially very harmful decisions for the UK” in the event of no deal.”
“… it could move wing-building out of the UK in the future if there is a no-deal Brexit…In all, Airbus employs 14,000 people in the UK.”

Pressure against a ‘No’ deal Brexit continues to build by the day.


Won’t be a second referendum O


Repetition doesn’t make you right.


why. because you wld lose.


Don’t worry Oily… it’s now just a Parliamentary game between those who want No Deal and those who will not accept a No Deal for now.
The numbers are well in favour of those who won’t accept a No Deal.

There’s no more than 100 MPs who will accept a No Deal… and about 450 who will oppose it… for the other 100 with mixed views, they’ll fall equally on each side.

Hopefully after another staggering meaningful vote defeat, TM will resign in February.


Yes, Oilovlam, everyday we are seeing more and more evidence of manufacturers actually shipping their operations out of the UK or warning that they might have to.

After two years of listening to Brextremists accuse Remainers of treachery and treason, it is now very clear who the traitors are that have stabbed the UK in the back…none other than those self-same Brextremists. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the delusional prospect of prosperous post-Brexit future is not going to happen. How many years will it take before we can repair the damage to our business community that has been caused by those Brexit traitors?

Remember how in 2010 some hyperventilating Tory ministers warned that our economy was becoming like Greece’s. They are about to fulfill their own prophesy.

Frog in a tree



…more Brexit damage. We have already had the warnings from Airbus and no I have just heard on the news that Ford are estimating that Brexit will cost them £614 million THIS YEAR ALONE.

I expect that Ford will also be exploring options for decamping into the EU.

Frog in a tree


Quite right Froglet.

Similar figures for every large company really:

  • HSBC estimated $300 million Brexit costs last year
  • UBS… $100 million
  • Bank of America… $400 million

ditto hundreds of other companies.

That is aside from Roles moving to EU states. I know most of their Policies are to ask existing staff if they want to move then if they don’t to move them to other roles in London… but when they can’t… it’s the old settlement agreement.
That aside, as mentioned previously… real issue is the loss in tax to HMRC … Government will only get that revenue back from one place… guess who?


Did you read the Ivan Rogers speech posted by Pete?

It would be heavy going for some but I think it would be up your street.




No we are not Frog employment continues to rise and be at the highest levels in memory
What you are seeing is businesses setting up small satellite offices in Europe which is sensible you do exaggerate


“small satellite offices”… Ha.
Go tell that to UBS… as one example… who will be using a new German legal entity where millions will be washing through it each day. The tax on that new business flow is going to go where @red_rose_wizz… HMRC? Or Germany?

I’ll let you work it out.


Oh you really do need to have a more positive outlook in life all this doom an gloom in your life can’t be good for your health. I know you are desperately scrabbling around trying to find stories to prove your project fear
In reality massive technology companies like sales force are predicting the uk will boom and are investing in 900 new jobs alphabet and Facebook more you know the future economies the uk economy is booming despite Brexit unlike the major European economies
Feel free to snip a few words out to try and sink further into doom and gloom


UBS … wouldn’t be the Union Bank of “Switzerland” by any chance ?
Sure they will have offices outside London already?