…more warnings of the consequences of Brexit. This time we are warned that tomatoes for your salads will become a lot more expensive. Of course where the tomato goes, your lettuce, cucumber, courgettes, beans and other foods will follow. Some of you Leave Loonies voted for it so here it comes. Your weekly shopping bill will get more expensive.

(Arti)choke on it!


Frog in a tree


More good news for Brexiters…
Barclays to move £170bn to Dublin over no-deal Brexit fears
Plan involves transferring assets linked to 5,000 clients to protect bank’s EU business



…the evidence piles up of showing the disruption to British business that will be caused by Brexit. We have already heard from the car manufactures, the financial services industries and today we hear from the Institute of Directors:

The IOD says that a third of firms are planning to move some or all of their operations into the EU. The transfer of jobs and taxes to the EU will damage the UK and these businesses will be disrupted and be loaded with extra costs.

All brought to you by clueless Leave Lovies.


Frog in a tree


Aah how sweet … and I thought we were all ageing, uneducated northerners?

Into February now … tick tock


No… ageing, uneducated xenophobes… get it right.


You missed out racist …


As I’m uneducated I wouldn’t know what xenophobia is :joy:


Looks like you’ve got your visa free travel to Greece secured now…


the 27 were all happy for the eu to do their negotiations… on a similar assumption to the UK’s.
That, a sense of “common sense” would prevail.
Will Spain want to evict all the pensioners from Benidorm… of course not neither will Portugal, Italy nor Greece
Each will make their own arrangements when the need arises…


Fynne , Rise above the name calling bullying or you will be banned from posting on certain threads,
ps…Don’t mention the “Remoaner” word as that is deemed more offensive to the losers.


No point in engaging them in any sort of discussion… several have tried only to be rounded upon by the pack.
I amuse myself with the odd little dig :innocent:


I read today that in the event of no deal that the reciprocal agreements for free health treatment for UK pensioners living in the EU will end. Hopefully our friend Fynne is well insured.


Frog in a tree


It’s what health insurance is for :roll_eyes:


Its comical to watch them pat each other on the back…Like one handed clapping !

What cracks me up is the painful lengths they go to to convince the majority that they are clueless, When they have 16m completely clued up professional EU backers on there side…and still lost :wink:

Petes obsessed with Tax Laws and the Daily Mail? Frog loves Corbyn and will cut his nose off to spite his face, Clueless to what affect that will have on the financial markets , That alone will lose more Tax Revenue in a month than a token gesture of a few relocated bankers.

Sad bunch…but great entertainment value


Better check that @fynne… depending on your particular contract… it might be illegal to pay claims in an EU country in event of No Deal… read the small print I suggest.
Equally, dependent on the particular contract… it might be illegal for any private pension you have to pay to a retired UK expat. Prob don’t apply to you being a tourist though.

That isn’t agreed yet apparently.
The clock is ticking… but ask not for whom the bell tolls.


The “one” who wasn’t eligible to vote, whose nationality is a mystery and sole purpose was to correct any Brexit myth has suddenly become very vocal in his(?) “attacks” … his motivation does puzzle me slightly.
but I guess as the clock runs down the remain groupies will start to get more desperate.
… what will be the new title in April I wonder?

Big Ben needs to be specially commissioned for the 29th it seems


Oh i don’t follow the “Paid EU Backer” …His posts like some of the others are hidden from me, Its very easy to see who the genuine posters are…The paid rampers tend to reveal themselves early doors :wink:


I wish his posts were hidden from me !!


Unfortunately, you can’t hide from reality… even out in Greece. You checked those contracts yet? Maybe better hope you don’t need that insurance?

By the way… another lie from @broadmoor1 who’s become a serial liar… posts can’t be hidden on ii… you can stop being alerted of them… but you can’t stop seeing them.


You seem quite certain that posts can’t be hidden
… but then I’ve never been on the naughty step so I wouldn’t know?

On the insurance, whilst your understanding that as a leaver I must be uneducated. I was capable of asking how it would be affected after Brexit.