We’ll be leaving on WTO Article 24 rules is my guess. That’s a fudge without a fudge result


It will not include very small companies like plumbers and garages. I expect the IofD surveyed their members. Whatever, if it is a third of those companies that do significant business with the EU it is significant information.

Do you have any better information?

Frog in a tree


So? At least Financial Service companies are moving sections of their business to EU state legal entities so that they can process their EU client business still following the ending of financial passporting… resulting in a large loss in Corp Tax to the HMRC… what’s fake about that?


I believe something like 90% of JLR sales “were” Diesel engined … not sure 2019 will be so good for them … suppose they will blame that on Brexit as well?


F, you really are an intellectual minnow and obviously have no idea how business decisions are made.

JLR have to update all/most of their range to cope with changing customer demand & regulations…so they have to go clean & ‘probably’ electric. That will require a huge investment. The ‘powers that be’ in India will look at where to make that investment based on business reasons but not wishful thinking. If Brexit places obstacles in manufacturing or exporting cars to the EU/ROW then the investment in new productions lines will go to regions of the world that are better for their shareholders. Simples…possibly even Greece would be better than the UK if we get a ‘No’ deal (if they can find anyone sober enough to ‘man’ the machinery) :face_with_monocle:


Brexiters think JLR on their side because they have a British name (Indian owned) you can see where they see the future and its not in the UK…

Jaguar Land Rover has insisted that a new £1bn factory in Slovakia will “complement” its UK operations, despite concerns from trade unions that it could put jobs at risk.


Seem to remember we had a discussion on the captains of industry and business leaders a few months back … about the time Carillon collapsed?

Sure the 125m sweetener of eu money made that decision easier?


125m is peanuts JLR must want to go there and that money would make little difference… but its one of the benefits of being an EU country especially IF your GOV believes in the Union and not simply a selfish spoiler.


This is just another example of companies making decisions to leave a country that is hampering it’s ability to access EU markets and suppliers.

It isn’t difficult to work out why JLR didn’t invest in UK but instead chose Slovakia. They go to countries that make it easy and cheaper for them rather than those that split themselves away from supply chains and main markets thus facing costly, extra hurdles.

You can expect more Production to switch to EU states and also Mexico (for N. America market access) as time goes on.

From Institute for Government ( ):
Typically, for preferential origin, around 50%+ of value has to be added to claim origin. Post-Brexit, what was once European value-added will have to be separated into UK and EU value-added. That will make it harder to reach the threshold to export to the EU without tariffs.

Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, gave one example of the challenges this poses in evidence to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee. He noted that the average car made in the UK purchases 44% of its components from UK suppliers. But the proportion of this actually made in the UK “is somewhere between 20% and 25%”, which is a long way from the 55–60% threshold needed to qualify for any FTA. Hawes has pointed out that “To move from where we currently are — let us say 20% to 25% originating content — to 60% will take many years. There is not necessarily the capability here in the UK.”

… then there’s Ralf Speth, JLR CE (Sept/Oct 2018):
He also said it was already cheaper to make cars in Slovakia than in Britain, adding: “What decisions will we be forced to make, if Brexit means not merely that costs go up, but that we cannot physically build cars on time and on budget in the UK?"
Mr Speth warned that some suppliers were hesitating to invest in Britain and that it would be “impossible” for car makers to meet rules of origin rules, often set at around 55 percent in international trade deals, without the continuing inclusion of EU components.

Project Fear… has turned into Project Reality.


Great Video about America for Broadmoor very funny and scary like Brexit…Hard to believe these are real PPL being duped.


Some are easier to dupe than others…



Don’t post links on my behalf Peter…I’ve never bothered opening anything you’ve posted in the past, With respect its all very boring as we’ve made a decision and Leave won.
Not much left to discuss or put stickers on whiteboards from us on the winning side.


Best lines.
Talking about arming kids in school to stop shootings US gun rights advocate “good idea”.
He said in Israel they have a Kindergarten programme teaching kids from 14 to as young as 3 to shoot…

" My son was in the very first programme MAY HE REST IN PEACE"
“we dont teach 2 year olds because they call it the terrible 2,s for a reason”


Nice to have an open mind but why come on a discussion board…
Pity in this case even you might have thought it was funny and we could all do with a laugh…


Pete, I’ve never opened any of your links either … sorry but your “banner headlining” is no better than that of the “express” … I don’t read(?) that either ?


Nice to have an open mind but why come on a discussion board… Pity that many others dont read the Express maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess…

News to come next week… Sky news" something else for Brexiters to cheer…
Nissan will drop another bombshell into the heart of Britain’s car manufacturing ‎industry next week by announcing the cancellation of plans to manufacture its X-Trail model in the UK.
Sky News has learnt that the Japanese car-maker’s executives will confirm the move on Monday, casting further gloom over an already-embattled sector.


Why come on an investment discussion board ? Think your somewhat delusional if you think I’m here to click your links ? First thing your taught in any financial institution is to do the complete opposite, never click links from untrusted sources, your constant use of the IS flag is a prime example!


Discussion centered around brexit which you support.
Most of what I post is Express etc headlines in support of or LEAVE literature plus the odd News item.
Strange you are so sensitive to it…
I didn’t get blocked for putting up dodgy content…

Off to Portugal so talk in a day or so…


Pete, on the assumption that despite using the express headlines you never actually read the content of the story?
Why would I then read the content in the links of your posts?
I assume them to be as equally biased as those in the express!


I publish headlines from the Express to show how disgraceful and racist the LEAVE campaign was. They were obvious lies but headlines do the damage.
MIGRANTS are rapist. crooks. thieves. stealing jobs. etc
I don’t publish links to the Express as very few read those they might have kernels of truth.