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Hey Fynne did you catch the news?

‘Obviously’ nothing to do with Brexit :face_with_monocle:

Unfortunately it ain’t funny for people whose jobs rely on future investment in the UK car industry…they cannot even relocate to Europe to work. But I suppose they could visit the new factory as ‘tourists’.


So where are Nissan going to be building these diesel X Trails that nobody wants (and indeed, Europe is currently trying to ban) then?


I believe they’re currently built in Japan… but yes diesels are really out of favour… sure that affected their decisions… despite some people’s wish to blame everything on Brexit


not difficult to put a different engine in if you have confidence in a market and country.


I’m sure it comes with a range of engines … but a lot of time and money had been invested in the.diesel market recently, the popularity of diesel has dropped massively and quite abruptly.
There is also a big drop in German car production atm and suggests a more general worldwide problem.

Nissan haven’t actually said where the “new” x trail is to be made … or when ? … time will tell but a little premature to blame it all on Brexit?


Let’s wait for the Nissan statement. As for whether Brexit is a cause or a complication, then maybe we will be able to speak with more certainty once they have spoken. What I will say is obvious is that these are not great times for the motor industry. They are caught between to righteous concerns about pollution and global warming on the one hand and trade wars on the other. Perhaps Brexit friction in trade will only add to the difficulties. The other point is that amid a world trade war and concerns about an economic downturn this is not exactly a great time to add Brexit stresses into the mix. Perhaps the only upside for Brexiters, if not the rest of us, is that a worldwide economic downturn it will give them cover for the damage that has been caused as a consequence of Brexit.

…and then of course, it will all be the EU’s fault for not letting us have cake and cherries.


Frog in a tree


I was responding to head in sand reply that IF Nissan don’t build in UK its because of diesel not brexit. just pointed out that they can build with many engines IF they have confidence in a country / market.
Big problem in UK almost all car cos are foriegn owned and want access to whole EU market.
Good news though maybe Vauxhall Nissan etc can sell to the latest FTA country. The Faroe Islands

Don’t worry. We won the war. survived the Blizt. and the queen will be evacuated.


The Nissan X-Trail is a compact crossover SUV produced by the … This new newly redesigned T31 X-Trail offers 3 motor options petrol and 2 diesel fuel … Nissan ahead of its competitors offering a sleek new body and more power with many

I’m sure potentially low sales of the two diesel options played a part ?
Maybe the financial scandal around their ceo?
Job protection at their Japanese plant etc etc etc

Maybe they’ll build them in Slovakia?


“Nissan said it had decided to “optimise its investments in Europe” by consolidating X-Trail production in Kyushu [Japan], which was the production hub for the model…While we have taken this decision for business reasons, the continued uncertainty around the UK’s future relationship with the EU is not helping companies like ours to plan for the future…”

F, who said that Brexit was the ‘only’ reason why Nissan have made their decision? It’s one of the reasons…but if other manufacturer’s come to a similar conclusion about Brexit then other investment may be diverted away from the UK (especially in the event of a ‘No’ deal).


Do the maths yourself.
Nissan sells across Europe.
70% of the cars made in the Sunderland factory go to other EU countries.
If Brexit makes cross-border trade more expensive, basing its factory here means 70% of its cars face a cost. If it moved to e.g Frankfurt only 30% would.


You missed this bit out of the quote?


@petethenovice Don’t ignore the impact of the EU-Japan Trade Deal too… there is almost zero reason other than inertia… for the UK to be used at all for Japanese car manufacture.

The new EU-Japan trade deal means that tariffs on imported Japanese cars will gradually be cut to zero over eight years. So, it still makes sense for them to manufacture cars in both EU and Japan… which will cover their main markets… but now the UK is leaving the EU, the business case for manufacturing and investing any further here is weak.


yes but worrying that Toyota Honda etc will all have the same issues so
"they need us " and "easiest deal in history " might look a bit silly…

Found this Link in the Telegraph from 2012 (for you to ignore ) but some of the points are important today…

Those who worry about foreign ownership, take note. Without Japanese, German and Indian support, Britain would have no automotive industry to speak of. Encouragingly, Britain’s automotive industry rebirth has also been based largely around exports,

The most powerful lesson from the history of UK car making is that to survive and prosper, industries must adapt, change, invest and, above all, remain globally competitive. Britain forgets these lessons at its peril.

For the first time since 1976, the UK exports more cars by value than it imports – amid supposedly the worst downturn since the Great Depression.

“They wanted a doorway, or launch pad, into the highly regulated European market”, recalls Lord Battacharyya, chairman and founder of Warwick Manufacturing Group, which provides support services to improve industrial competitiveness. “They came to Britain because we spoke English, we made them feel welcome, and because of our flexible labour markets.”


And I thought it was the leave voters who “reflected” upon the past?
Times change …


I just like to remember what people said…


@fynne is right in that times change… the UK Car Industry is less than 5% of UK GDP… and soon to be close to 0% of UK GDP thanks to Brexit.

So if you concentrate on the impact on the thick end of the wedge… Services… which today is 80% of UK GDP… that is going to be the largest adversely impacted sector by Brexit.

Still at least we won’t be ruled by that unelected EU Elite anymore and we’ll all be able to set our own laws… can’t wait.


The paid EU bloggers must just skim the news …So i’ll post this story that’s all over the financials and promptly no doubt be banned again for speaking the truth.

THE eurozone is “staring over the precipice of a recession” as France and Germany’s economies dwindle and Italy is plunged into a recession, financial commentator David Buik has warned.

The eurozone economy recorded its joint-weakest growth in four years this week in the latest of the dreary economic data to hit the bloc. Italy officially announced on Thursday it had plunged into a recession, sparking fears it could have a crippling effect on the rest of the eurozone economies. Gross domestic product (GDP) in the 19 countries sharing the single currency rose by 0.2 percent for the final three months of 2018, meaning it was stuck on its slowest pace of growth since 2014.


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