Nothing wrong about his comments on the EU economy, it is simply the unfounded allegation that some of us are paid EU bloggers.




So with the millions that get spent on both leave and remain you don’t think it’s possible that people get paid to post on Twitter, Facebook etc … so why not here ??
Now what’s all that fuss in America about atm :kissing_heart:


I suspect it was in jest. i.e. a joke. i.e. something that shouldn’t really upset anyone…

Unless a nerve was hit.


Hardly. As you are well aware T, it was a deliberate dig. He got banned for abusive behaviour not for posting a Bloomberg link. His post was also a dig at admin who have tried to maintain an orderly online environment.




T for some reason , Eric (Frog in a tree) knows more about my banning than me ? I received an Email stating my “links” to Bloomberg stories were against the rules and have been banned from posting in the Brexit thread , As Eric was the one that complained to get me banned he just follows me around now and reports everything i post…Hence why i carry a “greyed” out status not dissimilar to yourself ?
The BB knows the truth and can see who is involved in the clique…Step outside of the in crowd and woe betide !
Roll on 29th March ;-0


Hi Trisco,

I hadn’t noticed you have been greyed out. Why?




Nor had I until you and BM pointed it out.

I only signed up last week, so perhaps I’m on probation.


Well count yourself lucky your not getting accused of being me ! And if your “Grey” they are watching you :wink:


the “demonization” of diesel played a big part in Nissans change of heart … if you believe sky news of course?.. I’d withdraw every penny previously offered it I could!!
So … are we now looking at the “malthouse” no deal?
2nd ref seems to be slipping… tick tock


JRM speaking on LBC earlier has played a blinder and has the party positioned exactly where they need to be.


When Nissan said they would build the X-Trail here, this is what the government had promised them in 2016.
No Deal Brexit does not fulfil that promise.
Even the deal doesn’t guarantee it long-term.

More lies and all Car COs will be expecting the same…


No doubt part of May’s pitch to Nissan and maybe others was the usual guff about “exact same benefits” and “easiest deal in history”. The Tories lack of understanding of EU solidarity and determination to protect the single market has been a fatal flaw all along. They should have asked me, JW and Arsanias back in summer 2016.


Frog in a tree


BREAKING NEWS: Falling diesel sales said to be key factors in Airbus, Sony, Dyson and Panasonic concerns over operations in UK


If you are talking about me I am more of an unpaid LEAVE blogger as a great deal of what I post is LEAVE posters and adverts which strangely often get adverse reaction from LEAVERs

Heres a few for you to be proud of…



Hi Pete, i guess a lot of those messages will have featured in Theresa May’s reassurances to Nissan. I don’t think she was deliberately lying. Ultimately Tory Brexiters fool only themselves.




If you speak or listen to an ardent Brexiteer, the move was nothing to do with leaving the EU; listen to a remainer and it’s purely to do with Brexit.

Isn’t the truth somewhere in the middle? Propaganda, on both sides, is being pumped out on a daily basis.

Whenever a decision is made by business, there are probably lots of reasons why something is done. But also people try to find a reason that cannot be argued against to support their business strategy.

The reality for Nissan, is that the X Trail is largely a diesel car. If you have a look at the stats with diesel we in Western Europe and America we have trashed diesel as a source of energy: 30% is the slump in the decline of orders of vehicles powered by diesel and that will only increase because there is so much hostility from governments and environmental lobbies, and it’s a social pariah. The only excuse as a consumer, is it’s cheap!

When you are building a plant, you have to do so that is close to the markets that wish to buy it. You don’t want to be making it in Europe and ship it over to Japan, Africa, or wherever the market is strong and where they are going to buy it.

This decision by Nissan won’t directly cause a loss of jobs, as they were going to do it anyway. When you think of manufacturing, of course you want them to make more “stuff” in your country, Nissan still has a manufacturing base here in the UK. They’re not talking about what they are already building but something that was being built in Japan, and they were thinking “do we need a factory elsewhere in the world, in order to make more of this car”.

And the simple answer is, if you have diminishing returns then you probably don’t want to build a new production line in a market that won’t be buying those cars. But on the other hand, if you want to be making further noise and perhaps receive further inducements from the government, because lets face it car parts are made all over, shipped here, there, tariffs etc and probably only aeronautical and defence are bigger industries in that regard, in terms of supply chain may very well be disrupted by Brexit. But it doesn’t mean things can’t be made here in the UK. Of course it can.

And lets not forget the furore with Renault. The more cars they can make in Japan, the more they can sell in Japan, the control back in Japan, the more the Execs are back in control. We are one small cog in a decision line. Can Brexit be an issue? Of course it can, it would be foolish to think otherwise. But it is one of many many factors, but quite a way down the list.

My t’uppence worth.

PS Sadiq Khan, for instance, you would imagine would be delighted - a man who is very much against pollution in London, against you even having a wood burning stove, never mind a diesel pick up truck. You’d think he’d be singing from the rafters about how good it is “this ugly polluting car won’t be built in this country! Brilliant, hopefully we’ll never import any” But instead of that, he’s saying how terrible it is. Amazing how these politicians speak up to suit their narrative???


I have no doubt that you are right, Trisco, that the diesel issue swung it. However, I also think that we can’t ignore what Nissan said that Brexit was also a factor. Tariff barriers and increased trading friction will will also add costs and may well tip the decision where profitability can dependent on small percentage margins. I reckon there will be a lot of Leave voters regretting their decisions in Sunderland tonight.

Frog in a tree


I voted to Remain and I don’t believe that Brexit was the only reason for Nissan not building a car model in UK. You only have to listen to what Nissan have actually said to know that isn’t the case.
They have said that the uncertainty of Brexit is one of the reasons. That’s just a fact.

As you say… it is one of the reasons… you shouldn’t infer that is “well down the list”… that would be your own subjective view based on no facts.

The plain facts are that they… and all Japanese car manufacturers now have little reason to build cars in the UK… other than inertia (plants already in place and producing) and to provide cars to UK market.
The UK will no longer be an easy gateway to Europe… so that reason has been eroded away.

Further, the recent EU-Japan trade deal will mean that Japan will be able… after a few years from now… to produce cars in Japan and sell them in the EU with no tariffs.
It means that the EU plants that are producing will still be producing cars as they are efficient, cheap and close to one of their major markets… but they can still keep their local Japanese factories producing. There will be zip reason to start any new production of cars in the UK therefore.

So Brexit has delivered a triple whammy… uncertainty, inability to be part of the EU-Japan Trade deal and no longer economic to sell from UK into one of their largest markets.


Of course Brexit would have been factor, but as I say, probably way down.

Brexit is the story to bury bad news, because lets face it they’re not going to say

“We’re moving production, because it’s a polluting car and you lot aren’t going to be buying them as readily as you once were”

There may well be a lot of Leave voters regretting their tick on the ballot sheet, but then it depends what propaganda they read. Sorry, narrative etc etc.


Now whose being subjective? We’re not a gateway to Europe for an X Trail, as it’s predominantly a diesel car. Diesel car sales are massively on the decline and even more so in Western Europe. Electric cars are on the up. There isn’t a market in Europe for the car, that justifies the cost. In the EU or out of it.

As for the EU=Japan trade deal - I think this is Nissan seeking government inducements. Bit like when a player leaks to the press that another club is after him. Existing club suddenly offers a better contract.