There’s more than 2 Parties out there.


I have a hybrid happy with it, but if I was buying a I would consider a diesel because IF they seriously reduce diesel sales will the cost of diesel at the pumps not reduce and a good diesel with good mileage and lower cost of fuel would be a bargain… I dont live in city where there might be other costs.


Check out your mpg when running petrol only for a couple of days… would be interested to hear what you get?
I too was hoping a few months back that Diesel car prices would drop… they haven’t that I can see and I’m not sure they will… and Diesel at the pump is still more expensive than petrol. Duster is doing about 40mpg on mixture of motorway and city driving… when back in UK… not that I care too much personally… but for £11k… how much is a Leaf or a Prius… 3x that? As Dacia would say… do the maths.


Yes its my wifes car thats the Hybrid small 1.8l Lexus she get good mileage up to 50 but my thinking is a gallon of oil produces x amount of diesel and petrol so if oil is still being made into fuel AND less diesel is being used it may get a lot cheaper… Not 100% sure of facts it just a theory


I purchased a new diesel model 2 weeks ago.

I had been driving an E class Merc estate that was now 6 years old and as an ageing OAP I had come to the decision that I would prefer a smaller (in overall size) car that would be easier to park and with sufficient gadgets on it that may help prevent scuffs and scrapes.

I visited my local Merc dealership who gave me a trade in price double what I had thought the old car might attract and gave me a brand spanking new A180d hatchback for a payout a few grand less than I would have expected, I am well pleased with the result and my new best friend and I are gradually getting to know, and perhaps understand, one anothers idiosyncracy’s.

I had wondered about going hybrid, Merc don’t seem to have entered that market as far as I could tell nor are they producing any electric models either. I live in an extremely rural area and I have seen very little evidence of anywhere I would be able to recharge an electric vehicle anywhere on my travels.

I do not envisage driving in any major city, the one that I have known, lived close to and worked in for most of my life I would certainly struggle as street closures, one way street systems would certainly deter me from trying.

Last year I was driving in northern France and had the satnav set for where I needed to be in a certain town. At some point the French had changed the road layout and my satnav had me going in a complete circle as I followed the road signs and found that the satnav was trying to take me up pedestrianised streets and one way streets the wrong way! In the end knowing roughly in which general direction I needed to be heading I just took a chance on a few roads until my satnav managed to work out where it was in relation to my actual destination and eventually managed to direct me to my desired destination without any further hitches.

At home, again as far as I am aware, I would need to be able to plug any recharging equipment into a three pin socket in my home with the leads to the car outside in my parking area which I don’t think would be an ideal solution.

The mileage of an electric vehicle still seems relatively poor between charges although with a hybrid it is much better. I sometimes do journeys of 300-400 miles in a day a few times a year and as I have said the availability of recharging points seem a distant dream rather than a reality. Also I understand that the time it takes to recharge an electric vehicle is counted in hours rather than the minutes that it takes to refuel and pay for a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Hopefully, diesel manufacturers have now been required to make alterations to their engines so that emissions are safely within the required limits and easily verifiable as being so.

The ban on diesel engined vehicles is some 20 years or so ahead, the early 2040’s I think and if that is not brought forward by a “greener than thou” government then I feel reasonably confident that this car will outlive me.

Kind regards



When I looked at the brochure for the new Merc A180d and then at a particular ex-demo model I noticed that the ex-demo was advertised as averaging 67.3mpg.

The official brochure for the model showed it to be in the range of 53.3-61.4 mpg.

I queried this with the sales staff and was simply told that the details of the ex-demo A180d were based on old figures and new rules showed the overall mpg that much lower and that the older figures would be changed by someone at some point.

Hopefully if Mercedes have managed to get their act together on this they may have seen fit to ensure that the emissions standards are within verifiable regulatory limits



I read that the new Mercedes PHEVs come out this year.

Yes, I’ve never trusted the mpg as shown by manufacturers or dealerships… there appears to be no independent checks on published figures.

Seems to me that the main effect of the new emission standards and car tax methodology is to push people not towards hybrids and electric… but towards petrol rather than diesel.
Seems still rather muddled thinking and creating something complex out of something that should be straightforward… almost as if they are only interested in the tax being collected and the perception they are creating.


Any Corbyn supporters left on here ?


Funny thing is that Farage is on record as being in favour of a second referendum…




Not the only one… They know they would LOse and where would that leave them…


If it smells like It usually is…

Dan Kawczynski met up with Bannon in Nov 2017 when Bannon was also meeting Rees Mogg & Farage.



“I read that the new Mercedes PHEVs come out this year.”

Thanks for the info JW

I have not seen that or heard anything to that effect from my local Mercedes dealership. Hey, they were trying to sell me a car on the day not sometime in the future. A car sold today gets the salesman a bonus, a new car (in this case a PHEV) may take anything up to a year or so to deliver.

Never mind I will stick with what I now own, you never know but if I manage to live another year or two I may be tempted to invest in a Mercedes PHEV dependant on the price of such a beast!

Kind regards



Yes indeed. Farage unsurprisingly has changed his mind on a 2nd Referendum now.

It is quite funny how some senior politicians have switched around on Brexit over last few years: some through being Leaders and having to hold back their personal beliefs (May & Corbyn) and some because they are simple liars (Farage, Mogg, Boris, Gove, Hannan etc.)

That video that’s “emerged” is no surprise at all… it is well known that Corbyn is a Eurosceptic. He was only grudgingly part of the Remain Campaign in 2016 as he was backing the majority view of the Labour Party.



I was trying to find the article I read some months back but can’t locate it now… but I did find another couple of links which you might find of interest.

Well hopefully you’ll see a lot more new Mercedes models yet out there…!
They aren’t the sort of cars I’d drive tbh… I go for economically cheaper end for ‘day to day’ transport when in UK… the money I ‘save’ I put into fun cars for track days.



I presume that as well as racist problems on the extreme left of Labour, that you are also aware of similar problems on the extreme right of the Tory party?

Those of us on the civilised centre left and centre right are living through a “hostile environment”. Do you agree?


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The difference is between a “young Tory” and Jeremy corbyn!!
Hopefully neither will make it anywhere near no10


Short memory Fynne?

And what about “letterbox” Johnson?




Fynne, another one you may have forgotten:

Warsi says that the Tory Party is infected with Islamophobia from “top to bottom”


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Here’s another summary of racism in the Tory party:

This stuff is not hard to find.

Even this morning the Windrush scandal continues with 50 people put on a plane bound for Jamaica. At the last minute five were reprieved, including one who had PTSD after servining in the British Army in Afghanistan.

This scandal continues after months of criticism and evidence of incompetence and cruelty on the part of HMG.

…and let us not forget Theresa May’s " Go Home" buses.


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