The “law” as I believe it says that any foreign national (non UK passport) will be deported following a spell in prison.
You remainers are always quoting that the UK can deport anyone under certain EU laws … well this is what happens when you do !!!


hi Fynne,

If I might take the liberty of completing your quote about Windrush,

“You remainers are always quoting that the UK can deport anyone under certain EU laws … well this is what happens when you do” it wrong"

The Tory government has implemented its policy with a complete lack of competence, humanity and proportionality. It has caused itself serious reputational damage. As Home Secretary and Prime Minister, Theresa May must shoulder most of the blame.

You ignored the other points I made, I note. The point I was making is that there are problems with attitudes in both parties. Maybe you can agree?




Totally agree with the problems of certain attitudes within both parties (or politics in general)

It is true though that whilst we may have the laws to deport people, when they’re implemented they will always be unpopular.
Whether that is eu citizens, illegal migrants or people who don’t bother to register as a British citizen and then go on to commit a crime.

My “quote” was not regards to wind rush btw


No longer greyed out and out of quarantine! Might go for a pint to celebrate!


Pleased to see it. I never understood why you were greyed out in the first place.




Congratulations…now you can give us both barrels!! :wink:


Your comparing a kid with the Leader of your chosen party to prove a point on Racism? Shame on you for not admitting you support the Labour leader.



Perhaps you missed my message 1140 this morning. There are problems in both of the major parties.

I note that joined these boards on 25 January. What gives you the idea that I am a Corbyn supporter? I am very anti-Corbyn because he is a Brexiter.


Frog in a tree


I think you’ve got your story in a muddle, Frog.

With the Windrush, The Government made a complete pigs ear about the deportation of citizens who should had every single right that they had to live in this country for the rest of their lives. It was patently clear that people were treated incredibly badly. It was clear that there were some awful decisions by the Home Office. And it was also clear that the HO/Government weren’t particularly good at cleaning up the mess that they made of it all. That is indisputable. Teresa May dealings with this was an unmitigating disaster, for which Amber Rudd carried the can.

However, the situation you are describing is somewhat different Frog. It’s not comparable to the Windrush situation. These are people who were found guilty of serious crimes, and served a prison sentence, having been invited to become British citizens. And they knew that if they committed serious crime, they ran the risk to having their citizenships revoked and being deported. And that is what has happened in the case you highlight. It’s as simple as that.

My sympathy with the lad with PTSD, who was given the reprieve. But what about the person who was a victim of the serious assault that he committed?


Agreed @Trisco

Firstly, this has zip to do with the EU… but everything to do with the incompetency of the UK Border Forces and Government.

So everyone who arrived from a Commonwealth country up to 1971 was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain… which means the youngest in that category are now 48.

How many on that flight were 48 or over? None I suspect.
And none are anything to do with Windrush.

Whilst the UK Government not keeping records of who was allowed ILR status is scandalous… it doesn’t mean that forever and a day people from Commonwealth countries shouldn’t be deported.

You might want to ask why they aren’t already British citizens? Why didn’t they apply? Would they be refused by any chance?

Have little sympathy for them.
The more criminals that are either executed or disappear the better.


So you know the details of the crimes committed by these people? I thought not. 5 of the 50 were reprieved from deportatation. Does that not give you some concern as to the safety of the judgements made by the Home Office?

I also note that JW cares more about the lives of chickens and foxes than he does about some of his fellow human beings.

All in a day’s work!

Frog in a tree


Do I know the details? No, not really. Would I trust the Home Office? Again, no.

But these were people that served prison sentences, who I presume had a fair trial in front of an impartial jury and I would imagine the appropriate legal rights. Would I trust our judicial system? Yes, by and large.

These people didn’t serve time for failing to pay their TV Licence or some other petty crime.

No idea why 5 got a reprieve, maybe it was felt that their crimes weren’t so severe to warrant being deported. But a number of the other 45 served time for “serious violent crime”, so in their cases, and assuming they had a fair trail, and every avenue was exhausted in terms of an appeal, then yes I’m sorry that warrants deportation as far as I’m concerned.


We know about 29 of them as they released details of some:

1 Murderer
4 Sexual offenders (including rapists)
14 drug offenders
6 violent crimes (including GBH and battery)
3 firearms and weapons offences
1 dangerous driving

The ones who were reprieved were down to last minute appeals or sudden asylum requests… which will need to be processed.

No , I don’t have much confidence in Home Office, Border Control or UK Government but that don’t mean we give up and allow criminals to do what they want in the UK.

Absolutely correct. One lot made their own choices, the other had no choice.
Couldn’t give a f*ck about those convicted tbh; they are just useless, worthless slabs of fat that prey on the rest and deserve nothing… fellow human beings? They are just a waste of space.

Plenty of people have called me a leftie on this Board… so to set the record straight… I’m all for a Criminal Points System where for each convicted crime you get some points… and when you reach 100 points you go on Death Row.
Murder - 100 pts
GBH - 50 points
Assault & Battery - 50 points
Rape - 100 points
Parking offence - 1 point

… you get the idea.



I guess Timothy Evans wouldn’t have had much chance with you on the jury?



I liked the film 10 Rillington Place.
It aint about the jury system… it’s about what happens after that… if he got the 100 pts mark he goes straight to Death Row… were he will be allowed plenty of Appeals and will be there a few years… 'til he either gets off or is culled.


So basically their deportation was wholly warranted and had absolutely nothing to do with the Windrush.

Dangerous driving, aside.


JW, you’re a strange character…don’t forget meat eaters, they need to be got rid of too!!

‘Disappear’ people…that’s scary. It happens in right wing juntas in South America. Hopefully the British are above such things…but even ‘executions’ are too much for us now…lilly livered liberals that we have become. Bring back the good old days…hanging, drawing & quartering…halcyon days :no_entry_sign:


We aren’t there yet. That will take a few generations of enlightenment, improved education and intelligence but it’s coming.

Yeah right… maybe within the UK… not out there in various hot spots around the world. People go missing in plenty of countries all the time… even Singapore.

People have got used to I’m a Celebrity, Big Brother, Strictly etc… it removes the need for a Blood Eagle or a HDQ’ing.
But yes, we could have an Execution Channel and tune in weekly for the latest Executions, maybe even a system where you can vote for the method of execution… maybe even allowing a competition winner to press the button from their smartphone Execution app.
A world of possibilities out there on this.


JW, you’re kidding right?!

Has some alt-right neo-nazi hacked your account?


Putin would call you an ‘ideas’ person…you’re going places.

The funny farm…probably!