I’m not kidding!
And I’m certainly not a neo-Nazi… I wouldn’t promote hatred, single out minorities or attack those who don’t agree with you in any way. Even Leavers… they were just misinformed in the main and taken for mugs.

I think that would be a logical and appropriate method of dealing with what today is a failing Prison service that has become nothing to do with rehabilitation… this will just skim off the worst of the worst.


“It is forecasting growth of 1.2% this year, down from its previous forecast of 1.7% made in November.”

Is this a case of project Fear becoming project Reality?! :face_with_monocle:

I don’t really see how they can predict growth because surely that has a lot to do with Brexit…what sort of Brexit we get!! (TM’s, Corbyn’s, ‘No’ deal, Norway, No Brexit etc etc).


Labour starts to come off the fence but is he still playing games?

“While his office insists that his basis for a deal represents the “practical application” of Labour’s six tests, it is significant that there is no mention of this one: Does it deliver the “exact same benefits” as we currently have as members of the Single Market and Customs Union?”


Brexiters lies explained by a clever young man…


A very eloquent, clear thinking young person. Someone who is ‘going places’!

Reminds me of Shami Chakrabati (now baroness) who has been very successful.


Had a thought…

No DEAL brexIt is like playing cards with the Trump card face up and its a 2…

Sophie Ridge on showed a Irish Poll 73% says Brexit bad for Ireland but 79% say they should have backstop anyway…


The contract has been given to ‘Captain Pugwash’ enterprises


Project ‘After’…presumably a nod to ‘After’ project Fantasy we get project Reality :face_with_monocle:


We can then wait for UK regulations and food standards to be ripped up too… where it will be called a reduction in red tape.


I just hope there isn’t such a thing as ‘chlorinated’ pork chops :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The hormone treated pork may cause you to grow moobs, maybe?



Bonus!! The wife is getting extra pork chops :wink:


I like Gregory Peck…I like pork chops…heaven!!



…more businesses scream with pain at the chaos being daused by the worst government in UK history. Many food and drinks businesses will go bust, reports the BBC:

"WarehouseGetty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images
Around 30 lobby groups in the food and drink industry, including the National Farmers Union, have written to Michael Gove, the environment secretary, asking for a pause on consultations that are not related to Brexit.

That includes areas like recycling, forestry protection, pesticides.

“A third of my staff on any one day are in conversations and discussions with government representatives to help planning for a no-deal Brexit,” said Ian Wright the chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation.

"This is becoming all consuming and the dangers are huge.

“Many businesses are threatened with extinction.”

“One in ten of our members surveyed last week believe that a no-deal Brexit could cause them such damage that they might have to go out of business.”

Frog in a tree



…Mark Carney spells it out…maybe he should be on Brexit Wars?

This time he is warning of the consequences of “no deal” which I know some of you don’t worry about at all. The Kamikaze Squad is always with us!


Frog in a tree


"The British love affair with Spain dates back to the 1970s when package holidays first became popular…There are 300,000 British-born migrants living in the country…Pensioners who have paid in to the UK’s national insurance system for the qualifying number of years benefit from the S1 reciprocal healthcare rules if they retire in EU/EEA countries or Switzerland….The system currently saves the NHS about £450m a year. In 2017, a senior health department official told a parliamentary select committee that Spain charges an average of £2,300 for every pensioner it treats, compared with £4,500 charged by the NHS. "


In Portugal Healthcare insurance relatively cheap and hospitals are good. People who cant afford it will get minimum insurance then hop on a plane back to UK live with family for expensive treatment on the NHS…


Olly making full use of his expense account no doubt…one for the road and he starts singing like a songbird …He might be getting called into a meeting today…lol

TV News said chief UK negotiator Olly Robbins was overheard in a Brussels bar saying the EU was likely to allow an extension to the Brexit process.


Brilliant news Boradmoor. So that effectively takes ‘No’ deal off the table. Leaving us with a binary choice of:

  • TM’s deal
  • No Brexit

Finally some good news…thanks again Boradmoor for making my day :wink:

PS. I’ve given your excellent post a tick up…probably the first time ever…definitely the first time ever.


So today we read that AIRBUS are to stop the production of the Plane that no airlines want to Buy, surely we can link this back to Brexit if we can find an angle ?
So that’s Nissan who have no product to build due to diesel gate, and Airbus building planes that have no purpose…

Not hard to unpick the Project Fear pt2.