If any other poster put that message up, there would have been no irony


I think it’s himself who is flagging posts in order to block the thread. He is a troll.


@jackdawsson @john.a.reeves @arsanias @oilovlam @SBK @broadmoor1 @petethenovice

I often wondered why i could never spot professional market participants on a free public bb. Now it’s become obvious.

If you cant handle a free public forum debate, shorters, and everything else that’s real in markets, here is my advice:

Quit before the markets gobble you up. Just play in forums where the markets cant get you. That’s blunt advise but very sound.

It takes a particular type to manage the market play psyche. And if you cant handle a forum, I’m afraid the city beasts will have you for fodder.

Think about that. Some poster with a different style does your head in . IN A BEANO FORUM . If you can’t handle different, well markets are differnt every hour. I don’t even have to ask how most portfolios here look. I can already tell.

That’s advise for all of you bar two.

Really think about it…peoole up in arms on a free public forum thread, as if it was their home and trading accounts under attack. I pity you . I really do. Now i see where all my profits come from


Actually… I suspect that it is an automated thing by ii… when a thread gets a large number of posts then maybe it thinks it’s an automated bot and closes it down.

Personally, I’ve no probs with beansfordinner’s stuff… though if he just posted a little less frequently sometimes that would be useful! Maybe that’s just the Iraqi way.


He has a way of dragging you into his trolling. He starts with a question that could well be discussed, but then he is not willing to discuss it in a sensible way. He resorts to writing nonsense answers that are only meant to provoke people. It kills a board.

See the 350m for NHS nonsense above. It’s always the same method.

I hope it’s not typical for Iraqi. I don’t know any. I know some Iranians and they are quite ok.


Why is all the remain advertising valid ?


Whataboutism in the worst form - not even naming a whatabout.


Seems he prefers quantity over quality :wink:



Oh. I didnt realise looking back, this was about quality.

Il read again and see can I pick up on it anywhere.

@oilovlam @J_Westlock (always exceptions of course )


Posted the on BW3 but not sure if its online

Bercow getting accused by LEAVERS but the question should be…

Do you thinks it OK for a GOV to lose a vote twice then put the same vote to Parliament while openly Bribing Blackmailing and offering incentive’s to MPs?



on BW3 looks like people are taking the trouble to go back to posts in Feb and flag them for silly reasons. I think it might means they have NO arguments left for Brexit and want to shut down the discussion…


I wonder who could be doing that? Some of my old ones being hit too… not that I care.


I see I’ve been edited again too. That’s me done on any frog boards. Allowed to have unedited opinion on all others here. Much better . Not blaming frog. Just so happens to be these ones


Lots of posts just disappeared on ‘Everyday’ - the ones from the last hour - what’s going on?



Can a poster really do your head in? God bless you in markets

Btw forget that spread sheet tosh you wrote. Just trade. Excel wont do much for you


You sure you aren’t doing any ‘flagging’ @beansfordinner ?

If not… looks like the Gestapo are following you…


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Well you see the standard. A reference to Bfd possibly having asperegers. So is that low class because they know not true?

Or is it sick because if they believe , they have no care about somebody’s mental health by discussing it in a disparaging manner?

I do think it’s funny. The remain voters standards here. This is a representation of class and decorum. Well done. Shine the light on the classiness
****Jack your of the (bar two (exceptions) when i stated it. A good calm presence and not affected by much. Points taken on-board. ****


@oilovlam @J_Westlock @jackdawsson Seems any topic i opened is closed

I think I got flagged for Every post and topic i made. Must be the case as I’m the only one who can’t post (Just edit) . (Account in temporary hold)

And maybe they are editing the whole lot as they do the reporting edit in me.

Sad really. Seems this is real life and home for one poster. And outsiders not welcome lol.

So adios if I’m deleted. And good luck in future trades.


one of my PICs of the LEAVE campaign Nigel with Migrants was flagged from FEB 10th . Others are being flagged as advertisements .

Maybe I have upset someone