It could be that Admin have some new software that goes through the posts flagging certain content as spam. My post (from 5th Jan) contained a Youtube video…I’m assuming it was that. The rest of the content was a discussion with JW about Labour’s anti-semitism (mundane stuff)


I had posted the suicide attack scene from Life of Brian and it was flagged. It seems that’s the only one from me.


Perhaps they just don’t like humour…mine was ‘Yes Minister’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Well they are not advertisements. They are examples of the blatant racist dog whistles that helped the Leave campaign to win the stupid Referendum which has plunged the country into social divisiveness, political chaos and economic uncertainty.

Put 'em up again.




Vote LEAVE fined again this time for unsolicited messages… crooked campaign
The official Brexit campaign has been fined £40,000 by the UK’s privacy watchdog after sending thousands of unsolicited text messages during the EU referendum campaign.
A probe by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found that Vote Leave sent 196,154 text messages promoting their campaign in the weeks leading up to the Brexit vote.

However the campaign group, which was backed by Tory big-hitters Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, was unable to provide evidence to the ICO that the recipients had given their consent to receive the messages - as required by electronic marketing law.


I had four posts flagged, including one saying that if anyone believes what IDS then they need their own head examining. Also one with a Youtube link to “living in the past” by J Tull, obviously not a Brexiter’s top pick.

My suspicion is that BroadmoorAKAWillis is behind it. He has a propensity for archeology and has intimated flagging activity. Admin will know. I am self-flagging this one.





You probably know me well enough to know that I don’t want anyone banned, bar very rare exceptions where moderators have no choice if a poster sinks to attacking others on an ad hominem level, rather than just strongly disagreeing about whatever. Latter seems inevitable on all BBs. I’ve not seen any real ad hominem here, but perhaps I missed it?

A brief, but perhaps not insignificant observation for if after any suspension ends, which hopefully you may take on board: quality over quantity of comments always far more preferable on fairly serious BBs where passions can become heightened quickly. Especially with extremely divisive matters like Brexit, not to mention all the significant correlations. Otherwise, the gist of any debate can be hard to follow & soon gets lost.

Naturally I wish you well, as I do for any trader. This can be a hard game. Even though I’ve seen more recovery recently, a kick in the teeth can come almost anytime & when least expected. - Regards.


Nice people these supporters of the Grove and Rufford Hunt…


Silly and pointless flagging…




Incidentally the same Hunt that 2 years ago was caught illegally hunting foxes. Not surprising… as that is what they all still do.

And small wonder… having been caught red-handed in this illegal activity… here are the fines they received:

Larby was fined £800, White was fined £550 and Wright, who played a lesser role, was fined £180. All three were orded to pay costs of £248 and an £80 victim surcharge each.

Being sentenced for this should be 50 pts.


I expect they had a good drink afterwards.

Ohhhh, you meant points not pints :wink:


BFD - good afternoon

Not true! I’m a Brexiteer and post to ‘correct’ the Remainers!
Essence of democracy is freedom to express differing views rationally.
Not to flood the BB with posts to drown out other’s views (even if you disagree).


After 300+ posts and four hellish days I’d like to express my sentiments by way of The Tremeloes


From me, a timeless classic, even if it was from an era a bit before my time. :wink:


At this moment, I feel nothing but love for every poster on here. Why did it take so long to shut him up? My god.


mac - hi

It’s done my brain trying to get the YouTube link for this but suggest a good one for BFD is Pete & Dud’s rendition of ‘Goodbye’.


JAR well said. I have tried to explain to BFD a couples of times heres why…

My son has Asperger’s lovely lad, 40, lives at home, highly intelligent but If you think of the most annoying person you know and multiply by 20 thats him…

In any discussion he is impossible no matter what the subject, he just wants to win and is so quick witted, in changing the subject hes impossible to argue with…
My tactic now is just not to reply it drives him mad.
I see many similarities to the way BFD behaves in the board to the way my son would be (only he would much worse).



I accept things can get a little muddied by the sheer welter of posts if more than a few people are posting at the same time. Especially without including quotes from whoever’s being addressed & about what. However in my experience, generally speaking, the nature of most BBs accepts that when anyone makes strong claims, others naturally have every right to ask for those claims to be further fleshed out & substantiated by further elaboration or presenting more detail. Preferably some of it factual, or at least commonly observable. That seems reasonable.

If those requests for more detail are instead frequently met with more evasive questions, or various vague references, for eg. to a certain “bus”, :wink: then things soon get discursive & discussions become more like tit-for tat slanging matches. When that happens, no-one wins. We all lose.

I’d be surprised if most serious professional traders have that much time for partaking in BBs, bar occasionally. For eg. as an amateur, if I have just a few trades that I anticipate closing soon, or opening others, my focus is almost exclusively on trading screens & germane financial sites. But that’s me. - GL.


Excellent point and thanks for sharing it. When you see that type of behaviour (seemingly no sense of self awareness) you think of some sort of personality disorders. I mentioned NPL and HPL, but Aspergers could be it. Either way I think he needs help.



Fair point. FWIW, I’ve not ticked up any such post as I don’t support its implication & it’s not my way, though I naturally feel only genuine sympathy for Pete’s situation. I don’t judge people nor do I follow group-thinking.

If I’m to take issue with anyone, it’s entirely with their opinion(s), as with JW recently. But soon after I hold no grudges as life’s too short. Some of your’s too previously, as with others.

The only thing I can add is maybe try to reflect on how posting a lot of rapid comments in quick-time, from any one poster no matter who it is, can come across to most others or be interpreted by them. It may not be what one intends to impress on others, but it can be seen as a bit of a wind-up.

If so, then mere consideration seeks to avoid giving that impression too often. You’ll no doubt appreciate that there’s a common thread within all people that leaves us open to various impressions, no matter how hard our exteriors.

Like I say, I wish you well until any suspension ends. Try to learn from it. That’s surely very doable.

Regards. Catch all later.

Edit: Thanks also for the bit you added to your germane post a bit later. Just seen it. Much appreciated. Take care & I hope to catch you later!