Once you cross paths with the puppetmaster your fate is sealed, He will close you down or bully the others into flagging your posts, unaware that he closes his own threads in the process…I see he also labelled you as someone else ? He couldn’t possibly think that 2 posters didn’t agree with his points.
Cheers BFD it was worth a try to show another side to the argument.


You are pushing your luck Broadmoor…



Sounds like your son is a right chip off the old block, Pete! :kissing_heart:

(The annoying argumentative bit)


yes he is but he is so much more extreme.


I am going to London for the anti Brexit March anyone else going to be there.


Where a T-shirt “Pete The Novice” and i’ll look out for you on the local news.


If I was able to I’d be there but unfortunately cannot…I wish you luck. I expect it will be quite a crush.

For anyone with claustrophobia the ‘other’ march would be more preferable…but even Farage isn’t interested in that (unless he can get on TV).

Is Jeremy going to be there?..or is he washing his hair?!


Does she have a plan?

She could be in for a bit of a shock by the EU’s response to her request for a short extension. They may tell her to ‘take a walk’.

What would happen if the EU told TM that they wouldn’t play her games, that a short extension without a realistic plan was just delaying the inevitable crash out & therefore they wouldn’t allow an extension. Would she allow us to crash out in 9 days?

Just as likely that the EU chicken out and give her the short extension, which just delays the inevitable crash out a few months later…Interesting times!!


See what Barnier is said about it:

The long version.

Move to minute 9 to 13. I think it gives a good impression about Barniers perplexity regarding the British position.


BW3 closed again. It looks like we have a Brexiter saboteur actively flagging to shut down the debate. Hopefully the mods will sort them out. In my view, those who use flagging to deliberately close down reasonable debaters on both sides of the argument should be banned.

Frog in a tree


Doesn’t mean they can’t discuss it again.
I’m not just referring to the old “two speed Europe” conversation from decades back… which hasn’t come about by the way… the Eurozone is quite different.

I don’t see any reason why as in almost any other membership or contract that it has an agreed term… and why different options for that term shouldn’t be available. Large companies operate this flexibility all the time and it doesn’t have to disturb budgets or long term projects.

Fact is that there are several countries in the EU that over time may elect Governments or hold Referendums that promote either joining, staying or leaving. A more flexible approach would make it easier to accommodate these realities.

Further, there are aspects of EU many consider central that don’t need to be.
One example is mobility/freedom of movement… it is of symbolic importance only. There is no reason why countries shouldn’t be able to join EU without being forced to adopt this. Every country has a different view on it and they all implement the rules differently.
More options that you sign up to or not would be a better way to go.

If the EU sought to relook at and Change some of these things then it would remove many of the unnecessary aspects that become a target for some.



On what exactly do you base this theory? Given that you seem to take offence at pretty much everything and everyone (racists, xenophobes, little Englanders blah blah blah blah blah) I would say the person most likely to be flagging all and sundry is you.

You really are in full on bunker mentality aren’t you, “Brexiter saboteur”.


Once your on suspension you lose the ability to Flag Posts…so as i’m currently in the sin bin i’m in the clear for once :joy::joy:


I don’t think that it is you or JAR but there are some rather poor quality debaters on these boards as you must have noticed. I do not flag much at all except where there is personal abuse. I have no wish close down the debate. The mods should be able to sort this out. I think one of the main suspects is about to comment…



Your alternative persona “whatyoutalkingaboutwillis” which you use to evade your suspension is not in the sin bin…



The old adage is as true as it’s ever been: no one likes a f’ing grass. But in this case a “flagger”


Well yes, on the other hand, the EU started as a small club and new members joined and agreed to the club rules. Most new members are still very satisfied with the rules. A major argument was over the distribution of refugees, but which aart from that? Actually, you have three speeds already:

  1. EU and Euro zone membership
  2. EU membership
  3. EFTA membership

If a country only wants economic cooperation and free trade, why not join EFTA? But it seems Brexiteers don’t even want that.

Additionally there is an option of Schengen membership. I think that offers enough choices. I wouldn’t make that more complicated by offering more versions of membership. The EU being complicated and difficult to understand is one of its main problems when its comes to being accepted by people.



I agree. As this keeps happening, I’ve created a new Brexit thread tagged to UK banks & relevant stocks. All welcome, or of course free to ignore. Not to replace BW3 mind, but to keep the Brexit debate in greater focus & for greater visibility for anyone visiting this forum who may also be interested.

If that too is soon locked, then ii moderators seem very misguided as they’re shutting down debate on an understandably passionate issue that generates far greater activity on this forum than many other threads put together. - Regards


Yes you are largely correct but that is a very blunt way of doing this and offers none of the flexibility I described.

As you know… to stay in the single market… today… a country must allow the free movement of goods, services, capital… and people.
I see no reason why the latter ‘people’… need be compulsory.

Simply making that an option would make the EU much more palatable to many… whilst losing very little but symbolic meaning.

I have worked in UK, EU states and several other countries outside EU. It is easier to work in EU states as there’s little admin to complete… but frankly it has never been that tricky or much effort to work in other countries eg. US, Syria, Nigeria… the online work visa applications are quick and easy esp. if you already have all the details in advance from your employer… so… I’m really unclear why that has to be such an important point given it’s obvious downsides.

I also don’t think that “Most new members are still very satisfied with the rules.”… is quite correct or indeed has been properly measured… I see in many EU states new… and old… large sections of the population raising questions and issues surrounding this.
My central point is… that it it doesn’t need to be turned into an issue by the EU.


A brexit supporting activist has appeared in court in Manchester charged with assaulting a press photographer. We have also seen a Brexit supporting activist appearing in court in London charged with harassment of Anna Soubry. The behaviour of one or two Brexiters on these message boards (and certainly not all of them) reminds me of this thuggish tendency with attempts to shut down the BW3 thread.


Frog in a tree