Now over 3 million.

Good news!



Another 100,000 since miday. Should be 4 million by midnight.

Interesting to watch Theresa May trying to backtrack on her public statement of two days ago. She is broken.

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…we get more information about how big business has colluded with right-wing political forces to subvert our democracy.

Facebook like to pretend it is the peoples’ friend while stealing our data and using it for commercial and political reasons. The more we find out the more obvious it is that Facebook has been lying to us and to our political representatives.

In the referendum Brexit voters thought the were taking back control. In reality they were handing it on a plate to crooks, cheats and tax dodgers.

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We now have 4.25 million petitioners on the Revoke Article 50 counter. That will put wind in the sails of today’s Peoples’ Vote marchers.


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…top businessmen tell us that Brexit is a very, very bad idea. Today Richard Branson advocates a rethink:

He says thousands of jobs are being lost and £trillions are being transferred out of the country. He supports the Peoples’ Vote.


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…jobs are being lost because of Brexit. From the BBC:

"Business leader critical of MPs

Jobs are being lost and firms are going to the wall because of the “Brexit black hole” of uncertainty over the British economy, a business leader said.

In a speech at the BCC annual conference in London, director general Adam Marshall had this message for MPs:

"We are angry - you have let British business down. You have focused on soundbites, not substance, tactics not strategy, and politics not prosperity. Listening without hearing.

"And as a result, business communities in every part of the UK are still unsure about when the future starts, let alone what it holds.

“Three years, going round in circles. Ladies and gentlemen, three years is long enough. Too many critical questions ladies and gentlemen remain unanswered. No-one would run a business like this and it is no way to run a country.”

While all this nonsense is going on people’s jobs are being lost. It really is time for a Peoples’ Vote with May’s Deal being pitted against Remain. At least this would breakthe deadlock.


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TIG want to be ‘Change UK’ (political party) [reported on Sky news]



…more evidence of Tory disintegration. Today Junior Wales minister, Nigel Adams, has resigned. Nigel who? Anyway, no doubt May will find another non-entity to replace him.

Curiously, yesterday’s announcement of talks with Corbyn have caused a spurt in the prices of some UK facing businesses, including LLOY, RBS, BDEC and TW. Maybe it is time to bank a little profit?

I don’t hold out much hope for the talks as May has shown little capacity for flexibility since ever she was Home Secretary and PM.


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…we hear more about the Brexit related damage being caused to our economy. Today the BBC reports on a downturn in the services sector which is 80% of our economy.


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Hi, sorry to be a pain just is there a genuine Lloyds share specific thread around out here? I know, Brexit, however it swings (?) will have huge impact here but that’s all I seem to be able to read.

Brexit is too important for me to get bored with but looking for a thread that talks about all the other LLOY specific stuff because I can’t see the wood for the trees here or anywhere else.

ITDYA, yes Brexit is everywhere and it is important just I’d like to read other stuff as well



Try “Lloyd is going to fly”. Not too hard to find!



“A Home Office impact assessment estimates that the scheme will cost between £49m and £587m - taking compensation and operational costs into account.”

They deserve all the compensation they can get IMO…but it’s wrong that taxpayers have to pick up the bill…make the Ministers who made the decisions personally liable. Just a suggestion!!


That’ll be Theresa then!


Thanks @frog_in_a_tree, I’ll follow that one. Cheers!



…more trouble in the terribly split Tory party.

Its good to see the Economic Ruin Group begin to splinter under the pressure of Unicorns. Some of them are beginning to realise that there is little public support for their ruinous proposals and that the Brexit dream is fading. Good job too!


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…the BBC reports:

’I may be sacked for people’s vote’

A Conservative MP has said he could lose his government role for speaking in favour of a people’s vote, which is against party policy.
Huw Merriman, who is parliamentary private secretary to the Chancellor Philip Hammond, told the Today programme that “it’s politics of the madhouse”.

Truly a madhouse.



More misleading ‘facts’ by a Brexiteer…don’t they know how to tell the truth?!



Better late than never. I wonder whether that will stop Brexit campaigners pitching again to the fascists as they did last time?




On a related subject:

Ukip MEP a guest at South African club with far-right links

The Guardian17 Apr 2019Peter Walker Political correspondent
A leading Ukip MEP made a speech to a club of expatriate South Africans that has far-right links and calls Nelson Mandela a terrorist, it has emerged.
Stuart Agnew, who is top of one of the party’s regional lists for re-election if European elections take place in the UK in May, addressed a recent meeting of the Springbok Club.
The organisation has the apartheidera South African flag as an emblem, and has called for the return of “civilised European rule” to the continent.
Agnew told the Guardian he did not support apartheid but there was a possible argument for a “homeland” for white South Africans.
On its website the Springbok Club carries articles calling Mandela a violent terrorist. The club is led by Alan Harvey, a former activist with UK farright party the National Front, who moved to South Africa in the 1970s but returned after the end of apartheid.
Agnew told the Guardian he would speak to any audience if asked, and that the restoration of apartheid was “neither desirable or achievable”.
David Lawrence, a researcher at Hope Not Hate, which monitors farright groups, said: “The fact that an elected MEP is addressing this sort of vile organisation shows the scale of the challenge we face.”

And some of our friens on these message boards get upset when I call out UKIP and its fellow travellers for the racists that they are. Anyone who votes for them is complicit in the racism.

These UKIP’ers do my work for me.


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