Shadow cabinet member Richard Burgon has said he regrets having said Zionism is the “enemy of peace”.

The Labour MP denied making the remark in a BBC interview last year, but he has now admitted doing so after footage emerged of him saying it.

The Labour Friends of Israel group had accused him of “seemingly misleading the public”.

Mr Burgon said he would not use the “simplistic language” again today.

The shadow justice secretary, an ally of Jeremy Corbyn, was asked about the comments in a BBC interview in March 2018, following newspaper reports in 2016 that he had made them.

Zionism refers to the movement to create, and protect, a Jewish state in the Middle East, roughly corresponding to the historical land of Israel.

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When asked on the BBC’s Daily Politics show whether he had said Zionism was the enemy of peace, he replied: “No and it’s not my view”.

“I didn’t make those comments, I asked when I was meant to have made those comments. No one could tell me and it’s not my view”, he said at the time.

“So if it’s not my view, I wouldn’t have made those comments”, he added.

‘Different meanings’
However a new video shows Mr Burgon saying: “The enemy of the Palestinian people is not the Jewish people. The enemy of the Palestinian people are Zionists, and Zionism is the enemy of peace and the enemy of the Palestinian people.”

In a statement, Mr Burgon said he did not “recall” making the remark when asked about the 2016 newspaper reports, and had asked for details of the quote.

“I received no reply, so I believed it was inaccurate to have claimed that I had used that phrase. It is now clear that I did and I regret doing so”, he said.

“As I have subsequently said on numerous occasions when asked about this, I do not agree with that phrase”, he added.

“The terminology has different meanings to different people and the simplistic language used does not reflect how I now think about this complex issue and I would not use it again today”.

Journalist Iggy Ostanin, who released the video, said the footage was from 2014 - before Mr Burgon was elected as MP for Leeds East at the 2015 general election


nice pics of your FARAGE supporters next to REMAIN.


They aren’t Nazis though… just wannabe Nazis.
Even the Queen does the odd Nazi salute.



…more tales of disgusting UKIP’er behaviour.

Even UKIP leader Batten defends this scumbag. There is no level which is too low for Batten to stoop to. Those who vote for these people are as low as they are.


Frog ina tree


I can see why people are moving away from UKIP to Farage’s new party.


Is Carl Benjamin moving there?


No, but Sargon of Akkad is!!


"The Survation poll of 781 Conservative councillors found that 40% were planning to back the Brexit Party at the May European elections…Some 15% said they believed Mr Farage would be the best leader of the Conservative Party - only Mr Johnson was ahead of him, on 19%. "


Is that news? They know that their Councillor roles are questionable in any local elections… they probably won’t be councillors for much longer. More than 1/2 of people now want to Remain in the EU but the Tories still want to progress leaving… they are could to have problems.


Everything is news…if you didn’t know it already. I was more ‘interested’ in the ‘fact’ that 15% of Tory councillors want Farage as leader…beaten narrowly into 2nd place by BoJo. I wonder what % Tony Blair got?!


It was rather a leading question… first ask who you want for Tory Leader… next ask the same question adding “including Nigel Farage”.


Damnit, how on earth did they manage to crack my password…it must be GCHQ, using a supercomputer…‘123456’ is ‘almost’ uncrackable!!


Ever so slightly depressing…planet of the Apes.


Mr ‘straight talking’ needs to answer a few questions…so it seems :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


“Some of those who want to change the Conservative rules say another vote of confidence should be permitted after six months, rather than a year, if a relatively high number of MPs - 30% or 40% - call for it.”

Animal Farm springs to mind. ‘Relatively’ is an interesting word…so it starts at 30%…but 20% is also relatively high isn’t it…even 10% could be seen as a ‘relative’ number…OK lets get serious, how many MP’s are in the ERG?..let’s just set it to that number shall we!! :face_with_monocle:


Even if they do sack May, they still do not have the numbers to pass a Brexit deal. If they lose the backstop and pitch towards a no deal Brexit the Commons would block it. Then what? A general election? With support for Remain averaging 10%+ the Tories would be heading for oblivion.


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Another snout in a very dirty trough. £85K for 4 hours per week? That’s equivalent to £850,000 p.a. for a full time worker. From the article it seems LCF was taking 25% in commission. At those rates it could never have been a legit operation. Maybe he has been a fool but in my view Mercer should resign as an MP for his involvement in this enterprise.

Its about time that being an MP was an exclusive full time job.

Frog in a tree


It isn’t so much the extra earnings as what the company expect him to provide.
Is he abusing his position as an MP for instance and giving undue influence to that company?

Nearly every Tory MP has other income in roles such as an NED.



They cant have another vote. It would not be democracy??


Fiat, I suspect that Mercer is far enough away from the really dirty money that he will survive…he was ‘probably’ just the recipient of dodgy money & didn’t know where is came from (although he should have asked more questions).

I believe LCF (London Capital & Finance…‘almost’ sounds legit) was the ‘financial’ entity that ran the ISA and they collapsed into administration (taking all client money with them…I wonder where it all went?!). The ‘Surge’ group of companies I presume found customers for LCF and received the 25% commission (which seems an extortionate payment)…the company Mercer was working for was funded by a ‘Surge’ company.

All very convoluted & complicated, which seems to be the way a lot of ‘suspect’ companies are set up nowadays. Designed to rob peter to pay paul.

Arron Bank’s firm has quite a complex corporate structure if I understand it…so did Cambridge Analytica. Funny that!!

“Less than 20% of the lost money is expected to be recovered” [see earlier BBC link]