PTN, I don’t know if you are being ironic…I suspect you are. But this is an internal Tory decision…they can change the rules if they want to, although we would have to live with the consequences. How they elect their leader is up to them at the end of the day.


Looks like the words to ‘that’ song are going to have to be changed!..“We’re NOT in the money!”


“Ferry firm P&O is taking legal action against the UK government, claiming a rival was unlawfully handed £33m of taxpayers’ money”…that rival being Eurotunnel.

The ‘magic’ money tree that is Brexit just keeps on giving. I’m thinking of taking the DfT to court myself…seems like an easy way to make money! :face_with_monocle:


yes true. but have a fraud referendum and we cant have another because it’s not democracy…


No argument from me. To me it always seemed a very weak argument that a 2nd referendum would be undemocratic, almost laughable.


“The Committee on Climate Change believes electric cars will be cheaper to buy than petrol or diesel vehicles by 2024-5…not certain there will be enough cobalt in the world by then to build the batteries needed.”


More sticky mud Corbyn has to wipe off his face (from his life before leadership):


Oily - I often think that you are on the wrong side re: Brexit.
You seem to revel in stories from the same trash tabloids that promote Leaving the EU… it’s all the same trash they drag up and hardly worthy of any comment… just leave it there in the gutter with the other idiots who lap it all up.


JW, I thought you kept an open mind and got your ‘facts’ from a variety of sources. The article in the Mail (also Telegraph & Sun btw) seems to be accurate…Mr Corbyn did write a forward for a book that had views that ‘probably’ aren’t acceptable today (the book was written before WW1). It’s fair to ask Mr Corbyn why he wrote the forward and what his views actually are on anti-semitism (again!).

But I suppose it’s easier for some people to ignore uncomfortable issues.

Being ‘on message’ about Brexit doesn’t mean I have to agree with your other views (some of which I find very strange btw).


Did you actually read what Corbyn wrote in the Forward?
And do you actually understand what the book is about?


Good to hear that Assange has been jailed for 50 weeks for skipping bail. Once he has served his sentence hopefully he will be deported to Sweden.




I am not one usually to defend Corbyn but this story is more about character assassination than anti-semitism in my view. Deplorable as it is, anti-semitism would have been a pretty mainstream view in 1902 and the book was more of an academic critique on capitalism and imperialism and as such worthy of study. Had the book been published in 2002 than I would have expected that it would have been severely criticised and most likely not published at all in the form that it was in 1902. Sometimes Corbyn fails to keep his head screwed on I reckon.

Frog in a tree


Are you aware that the Swedish authorities were eager to give up the case four years before they formally abandoned proceedings in 2017 and that the UK CPS dissuaded them from doing so?
The CPS also deliberately deleted key mails relating to Assange between the CPS and their Swedish counterparts… sound fishy at all?

There was never any reason why Swedish detectives couldn’t interview him in London… as was offered numerous times.

The whole Swedish case is just a distraction and was a means to try and get him extradited to the US.

Meanwhile, real violent multiple rapists in the UK are re-released to rape again.


“The whole Swedish case is just a distraction and was a means to try and get him extradited to the US”

And what proof do you have for this sweeping statement?


Frog in a tree


First Froglet… what is your real reason for disliking Assange and/or Wikileaks?
I don’t believe for one moment it is an old Swedish case that’s long dropped for which there will be no compelling evidence other than one person’s word against another.
You didn’t answer why Swedish Detectives couldn’t travel to UK to interview him by the way… as has happened for other cases.

His organisation has published the truth from whistleblowers… if you don’t think that is the real reason behind what is going on then you really are crazy.


I am less convinced than you that there was no sexual misconduct on his part in Sweden which involved two women.

Mostly I dislike him for his collusion with the Russians over the Clinton email hacking which most likely ultimately delivered The Groper into the White House.

So, no sympathy for him at all.

Also happy for him to go to the US after Sweden.




You didn’t answer why Swedish Detectives couldn’t travel to UK to interview him by the way… as has happened for other cases.


So now you are believing the comments from the CIA.
They have their own reasons for trying to smear organisations that publish the truth of course.

The mails were passed from a source (not a state party according to Wikileaks)… and they don’t reveal their sources.
There’s only one set of people responsible for using a personal email server… Clinton and her entourage.
Equally, it’s hard to imagine a more dismal set of choices for POTUS than Clinton and Trump… never mind though… its just about to get even worse in that regard.


The suggestion is that the government is halting ‘No’ deal planning…which would suggest that the UK will not be leaving the EU without a deal. Equally they could just be ending a pointless and wasteful contract that has been a PR disaster.


What a moron!

The end of a not very promising career.