I have replied to Corbyn’s office (for what it is worth) to say that their reply is just further prevarification when what most people want is no Brexit.

As it stands, if there is an election and this remains the Labour position I shall be voting either LibDem or Change UK. I have no doubt that the Tories would be slaughtered in a general election and I reckon that Labour would be badly hurt too. I am pretty sure that no party would gain a majority and the liklihood is that Brexit Wars would continue.

We have a crisis of Leadership in both Tory and Labour parties. The runes for the Tories are even worse than for Labour. It is highly likely that once May is gone they will move to the right to shore up their support. This is likely to alienate even further vast swathes of voters for whom Brexit was the wrong solution to the problem of the impoverishment of their lives through austerity policies and the protection of the rich.

As for Labour, it is clear that we have passed peak Corbyn and that, even without Brexit, there is little reason to believe that they could win a majority in parliament with him at the helm. Labour’s problem is that the biggest part of its membership is Momentum which is Corbyn supporting. Until they tack to the centre left I think that they are stuck.


Frog in a tree


Cant help thinking this nightmare would be nearly over IF Greens Independents and LIB DEMS would join together.

I joined LIB DEMS and was a Tory voter never again. Not sure what labour stand for but IF sensible moderates take over maybe…

IF big IF Brexit goes ahead its clear we will be worse off for many years that leave the Tories with the blame, split and maybe worse.
labour or a coalition will be trying to get us back in…

AND with Frogs reply looks like another referndum…

we will continue to oppose their bad deal, and a disastrous ‘no deal’. And if we can’t get changes along the lines of our alternative plan, or a general election, Labour backs the option of a public vote.



Another direct impact of Brexit.



More Brexit madness:

Is there any need to import Estrella lager when we have our own excellent beers like Pedigree?


Frog in a tree


"It said there was “now little doubt” that Brexit had caused customers to delay their summer holiday plans. "


Hi Oili,

On balance that will cost Brexit a few votes. People don’t like to have their holidays disrupted.




Perhaps Farage is allergic to chocolate chip!?


Absolutely no need. Brexit or no Brexit, it’s just another generic tasteless lager but sells well because it’s slightly different to fosters/heineken/carling etc.

Some outstanding British beers at the moment from a whole variety of breweries. Huge Brewdog fan and their expansion into Europe, and with their marketing, is fantastic.



I’ve always believed the “eu” (?) would make it as difficult as possible and I hope Mays deal is finally kicked into touch … along with her position as PM.
“No deal” … and no divorce settlement :white_check_mark:


Going for the No Deal option eh Fynne?
Sensible for someone hiding out in Greece.


It will take a chunk out of his sterling denominated pension when taken in Greece.

Just desserts!



Another incorrect post from a Leaver. There will be a divorce payment because the UK Attorney General Geoffrey Cox said in Parliament that “the UK always pays its bill”. It may not be as large but it will still be significant.


We’ve had this discussion before I believe…
The settlement comes with a negotiated (and agreed) deal … at the moment we don’t have that.
There is no “legal” obligation to pay ?
I’m sure any farmers subsidies will stop on day one etc in the event of no deal … their attitude over Galileo for instance shows the stance “they” are taking. … but we’re going to do the gentlemanly thing eh??
Maybe the eu need to come up with a better deal… despite no hope mays head in the sand approach.
As the £ devalues it makes German cars more expensive… and those producers now in the eu.
Reducing exports affects their economies.
Europe and the euro are already teetering on the brink … imo … so who knows what the exchange rate will be … you don’t that’s for sure … you’re guessing the same as me


Incorrect, the EU lawyers will argue that because of the treaties that the UK has signed up to the UK has a financial obligation to the EU having agreed the current fiscal budget…so the EU will request that the UK pays its bill.

If the UK doesn’t settle that bill then the chance of a free trade aggreement with the EU is zero. The chance of a USA free trade deal is also zero…because Nancy Pelosi said recently that the NI border needs to be resolved before any trade agreement would get through congress.

So to say the UK will not pay a divorce payment is misleading & designed to fool people (IMO).

You also seem to know more about the law and our obligations than the Attorney General (Geoff Cox)…which is quite impressive for a man who stares at goats!! :wink:


Isn’t that what I said? ie it goes with an agreement?
I never said we wouldn’t pay did I ???

haha … so who’s currently the potus? … Nancy Pelosi indeed !

because Nancy Pelosi said … ffs :joy:


Quite like roast Γίδα … especially at Easter … bbq’d goat :+1:


No…you don’t quite understand it. The divorce payment doesn’t lead to a free trade agreement necessarily. The divorce payment is due once the withdrawal agreement is signed. But without a divorce payment the chance of a free trade agreement is zero (IMO). Even in a ‘No’ deal scenario the UK will still require a trade agreement with the EU and for that to happen they will have to pay some sort of divorce settlement (and agree to a NI border solution).


Yes I do !!
The amount to pay has been agreed as part of the withdrawal agreement.
If we exit without that agreement we have no legal obligations to pay that amount.
If a new trade deal is negotiated I’m sure the amount we pay will be part of that agreement.
Note the words “part of that agreement” … whichever”that agreement” turns out to be.

My original quote…