Exploration or development well?



From reports given by GKP, we learned that they have drilled another well.
We don’t know if they have one or two targets. The first would be to put a pump or whatever is necessary. The second target is obviously the Permian!

The 2nd amendment will trigger the expected M&A, with better returns and an extension of the PSC to compensate for money not paid by KRG.

If extension of PSC, it means a value must be given to what is in the Permian: Kurds can’t give it away for free.

So I do not expect the a 2nd amendment without drilling done into the Permian. And I have the feeling that it is not impossible that the Chinese make an offer for the cy without publication of this 2nd amendment by MNR.

Of course, it would be at a stratospheric price that would take into account something below 3300m. If there is something below, we have a new Kirkouk.

PIs and II don’t need to know the reserves of a gigantic field. MOL would probably have to sell its stake as it will become a something belonging to China and Russia.

Is it a dream ?