Fantastic week for XTR leading up to Sino 2 , alluvial revenue figures



Ironic how there were very few buy trades prior to the uptrend that started last Monday at 0.87p /share to buy and yet we’ve seen a great many sell trades going through of size since it reached 1.35p /share to buy yesterday prior to close of trading . Even more puzzling is to buy towards the end of trading only small quantities of shares were offered before Negotiated Trading ( N/T ) kicked in but some lucky person managed to bag 90k shares at 1.149p /share 30 seconds before close of trading . Spread quickly went back up to 1.10p - 1.20p .

So my personal thoughts are Market Makers ( MM’s ) took the share price up to close their shorts . The volume of buy trades prior and during the rise from last Monday rules out traders . Even before the last tranches of short positions were closed my 150k share tranche to buy was sent to N/T .

With Mid July being only days away the alluvial results from Sino 2 should be far better than previous quarters with far more plant on site and a commitment to meet minimum throughput targets it should be a cracker . Not forgetting previously stored dorey bars have been sold but current dorey bars may not show in the quarterly results as sold hence worth checking to see how much gold is now being stored at Manica in the Q2 2019 results . It’ll obvious to me it will be far higher than what we had before or Mr.Colin Bird would never have sold all stored gold at Manica having used it previously to even out quarterly revenue figures . He is after all a very cautious steadfast man .

So to the lucky person who bagged the 90k shares at close of trading I say well done since my 150k share request was sent to N/T I blame greed for me not bagging them but then share price was taken down to off load MM shorts in my mind so many be not greed just out foxed by the MM’s .


Must admit I sold a trading tranche into yesterday’s rise. If this yo-yo pattern continues we could make a few bob here! Limit buy already in, just in case it drops into the 80s again!
Luck all



Be fantastic if it drops into the 0.80p /share again but with Sino 2 alluvial results due in days I think under 1p /share is a buy for me . There wasn’t much buying to elevate the SP from 0.87p /share only last Monday to 1.35p / share on Thursday but there was huge selling going on yesterday that’s why I feel MM short positions were closing .

I never do limit buy or sell orders but do use trading tranches to fund buying extra shares for my long term hold position . Hence must admit to feeling a little uneasy about wanting the SP to drop just to fill my trading tranches again when news regarding our copper joint ventures in Zambia might through a spanner in the works . Yep , Zambia is certainly looking more promising to the likes of Arc Minerals ( ARCM ) with copper discoveries exceeding expectations … brrr … I’m not invested in ARCM just researching to see what potential Zambia may hold for XTR .


I thought i must be finally learning when i read this post prior .
As i had done the same but before you posted .
Not looking so smart today .


Hope you didn’t sell them all? I just work in small tranches and hang on to my vote holding for when the real money comes in


Lol … yes that is what i usually do , I had noticed with AIM in hindsight many times i would of been better if id ditched the lot .
Not a lucky guy with shares , the one time i do something different !!
With these down so much holding was not worth selling a tranche , also played into it .
( At least i know the reasoning behind my ways is not so daft now )


It’s not easy making money at this game, in fact, 90% of retail investors lose money, so no point feeling bad about it. It’s a long and steep learning curve. And predicting which way a share is going to move, even with charting, is nigh on impossible in most cases. Just take opportunities to take a profit when you can and hope you come out on top!
Good luck



looking more like Market Makers ( MM’s ) closing shorts before news every day . Just did some dummy trades 1.275p /share to buy , 1.25p /share to sell . Hence they’ll catch a few traders with their shorts closing in the open market as they’ve done so many times before . Sadly my trading tranches have been used meaning I’d like to see the SP drop before news but news is due regarding Q2 2019 alluvial results , Omnia processing hard rock up date cherry picking from Guy Fawkes . Then there’s the wild card copper / gold tests drill results from Zambia … brrrr … not forgetting XTR are debt free , cash in the bank very little direct operational costs to worry about .


Thanks for the advise prior it is ironic the one i do not hold some back… takes off.
up 21% today now 1.65p
1.2p… 18 days ago