Feb 5, 2018 Update



Ripley! Good article…


It did not fall back much early in week went to new high yesterday ( Thursday ) so put another limit slice on @ 178 limit. ( 10 % more then last slice just 9 days ago )
No e-mail so surprised to see it dealt yesterday @ 3.13pm ( visiting hospital )
it dropped off through the day .
Rewarded for a good deed maybe :wink:


Well done! Now that DEA have scheduled Epidiolex to V we will see this growing nicely over the coming months. Justin Gover says they will get Epidiolex out there in six weeks time. Looking good.


Well done ?? time will tell maybe better if i showed more patience .
I would of reinvested proceeds from my slices not sure at present that money has done better then if had left it here lol ( i do not think so )
Fact is its always gone to higher highs .
In my madness maybe i am a little concerned to have to much in one thing.


I must admit I am tempted to sell another stock I’m invested in that I’m down on and put it all into GW. Like you, though, I worry about ‘too many eggs…’ GW should be $200 within 3 months IMO.


I bought back my last slice ( 178 ) for 169 ( D ) .
I’m buying back with different broker so there is an extra reason for trying to sell on peaks.
Went through around 4.30pm and continued falling back to close @ $ 167 .
Interesting interview with CEO on Business insider i can not copy and post maybe someone else can .
Brought back the (165 ) slice for (163 ) next day Tuesday 3pm inpatient as it fell all the way to 159 .


Bought some more ( D ) @ 155 . ( that is a 12.5 % approx swing in 6 days )
Fell to 148 i see Friday 5th October ( - 4.5% ) on yesterdays top up … Wallet investor has a year target of 214 on it.
Held back on another top up , would only make another two max.


Topped again @ 147
Could of picked up for 143.6 just 30 mins later .
Ftse… - 1.03 %… Nasdaq…- 0.74 %… Dow… - 0.29 % @ London close

Just had a look at charts to see if any indications on this movement .
A golden cross on 2 November 2017 but it then dropped below the 200ma three times since and not recently .
A short term week one showed a bad cross on the 2nd .
The BB better .
Not convinced by technicals .


US Stocks big falls yesterday Wednesday 10th Oct , over the growing concerns over US bond markets. ( been lots of talk about it )
Nasdaq had its biggest drop so far this year down 4 %
Topped these up to soon could buy yesterday for 139.2 ( 4.5 % lower then 8th October top )


139 looks to have been the new recent bottom back up to my last top today.


Dropped to 132 at one stage today , I see on Trading view show it as strong sell .


Set a limit buy @ $132 went out, just back and it has lifted on unexpected further big falls in USA.
EX Rate not as good as 23 days ago @ 1.2803 ( 1.3059 ) 2 % approx diff .
Lowest trade i could see $131.48.
No rush same price on the Tuesday.


What a difference 10 days makes $ 152 yesterday.
Results 27 November , Epidiolex the epiepsy drug launches in USA today.
Trading view has strong buy now lol .
Are these technical’s simply pointing out share direction .
Market opens 2.30 pm again now .


I seem to be the only one commenting on this now days big fall back very volitile of late can buy now $ 120 low yesterday $ 117 .
I hope you resisted that temptation villafan 1


Moving back towards that $117


Noticed they had slid back beyond the $117 set limit @ $110 buy increased to $111 and went out wish i had not as hit a days low 107.86 . lifted 7pm .
Only one around these days.
And some more on today’s further drop 20 Dec @ 104 ( 80% ) 4pm


Continues falling $97 close 21st ( shortest day ) last time this low June 2017 .


Last buy as above $104 80% 20th Dec. ( should of waited )
Picked some more up @ $92 fell further to $90 before closing @ $95


Looking a good idea just 11 days on and Christmas / New year holidays .
Up to $ 115 today was minded to slice @ 117 :slight_smile:
After falling back at start on the 8th finished on high of 117.8 p
This might see 130 very soon . heading there 122 on 9th Jan .


No internet away at lyds … Rang and placed a slice sell @ 125p Thursday noticed Friday it had lifted. looks like it went to 127 yesterday before falling back but still a little higher then my slice today.
FX ( W ) 1.2966