Feedback from AGM please



Feedback from AGM please for anyone that attended.
I’m out of the country so was unable to attend.
FX?? Tony???
Much appreciated


Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to attend this year.

Nice move to appoint Liberum- we’re now a small fish swimming with the big fish. It wouldn’t take much additional buying interest for us to have a really good growth spurt!

IMO the most important thing is in this sector is the chemistry- getting a new drug approved in the most highly regulated industry in the world is a very technical undertaking. The FUM board in my opinion is really strong in this remit. They’ve made a few errors on the business end and we’ve paid the price by way of market confidence taking our stock price as low as the single digits. However, I believe they’ve learnt from these errors and the market is now starting to realise that where we need to be strong, we are strong, and the previous negative perception is pivoting.

I remain convinced that you won’t find a better Risk:Reward ratio anywhere in any sector in any UK market.

Let’s see what unfolds between now and the end of this year…



Thanks FX.
If anyone did attend the AGM, and is not able to post on this forum, could you please send an email to