First day dealing yesterday. IPO



Just got them all back @ 55p .
Looks like i could of waited for 53p.
No mention on SP blog Tom had a lot to say in July .
I read that was IPO price… why did it quickly fall to 38p days after ?


Even cheaper today … Patience.


Should of took advantage Thursday after thinking i had paid to much Wednesday lol.
Its a yo yo up 23% Friday back to 65p.
Might touch that old spike high of around 74p Monday ?


Sold and took profit @ 76p , had been wiling to take 74 yesterday.
Always get out too soon ( wanted funds )
Good luck to holders.


Nice one Ripley, all the best.


In hindsight big mistake taking profit here in mid Feb.
I see 113p now 50% increase an example of momentum buy style.
And how wrong share prophets/ Winnifrith advise can be .
They must be recommending there own book , and were shorting this one .
I did not notice them closing there short but ques not in there interest to do that.


So much for Winnifrith and share prophets 120p today they must have closed the short and of course not printed that .
None left all trades in ( D )


i3e …
My last post in August was the high price.
Big fall back this week down to the price i sold at in February .


Down to 10th May price today @ 69.5p


RNS … @ 9.22 am went to top of risers table up 30 % must be a short squeeze.
Hit 50p before dropping back to 43p


Massive 45% fall here today on RNS … 10am .
Buys at 29.6p the lowest i could see.
The forced sale proved lucky in hindsight on “13th” Feb 2018 .
Did not look like that in September last year when it topped @ 119p


Back in today @ 29p limit failed yesterday at same price.


This fell to 26p just after open when all oil shares going up due to Saudi aggro over weekend.
Climed back after 8.30am


Down to 18p now 3 year lows.
Took a gamble as talk on LSE new drill a duster !!
watched a video from management reaction to last duster.
( under this tab… not sure why i referred to Malcy in a post after ? )
Limit lifted @ 17.25p ( failed yesterday @ 17.5p )
All out of spare funds now.


Was a 58% tranche … when i go cautious .


Sold that tranche bought on the 16th Wednesday …Thursday 24th on way to meal .
Limit lifted @ 21.5p… 28p on Monday 28th lol


They struck oil…
Some knew In advance explains rise last week, opended with buys @ 54p ( up 90% ) … Can not sell anywhere near that.
Fell back to 39p by midday .
Was in 60s in January.
After falling from over 100p this time last year.
No mention on share prophets up to 2pm . ( one they comment on !! )
Hope for all my other losing positions maybe.
Are stop loss targets a good idea?
Maybe city crooks put that idea out there.
Stockomendation emailed to tell Cancord Genuity put a buy tip on it… They have a tip rate of 35.71% … Better then most of them lol.


Placing @ 35p


I3 E…
Massive drop in price 45% around mid day ( D ) would not let me place a buy deal which i wanted to place at a little below days low 25.9p !!!
Done me a favor in hindsight.

Message saying 23p is to high upper bound 22p …
Set @ 22p not lifting should of used patience … i increased when allowed shortly after 23 then 24 …
lifted 23.5p … soon after 1.17pm .
Then dropped to 19p lol… so it appeared :sweat_smile:
TIM … no cheaper buy then mine… my trade not shown can see sells at that price means nothing .

Now not letting you sell for 25p… to low they claim lower band higher so have to set higher to place a sell …we will see… lol
The day chart here is showing a couple of spike ups …around that time.

And looks like another sharp dip @ 4.23pm chart shows it touched 19p but my 22p limit did not lift.
MM robing sellers… you can not believe prices… it then shows it shot up to 30p by 4.25pm

Should of waited showing lows of 19p today 27th November.
Checked TIM… A dael showing 18.85 … spread is 6%


Topped again @ 11p
Saw this message on lse PHE board not heard that one before…

I guess sharesport… guess as Mr Buffet says

“Unless you can watch your stock holding decline by 50% without becoming panic-stricken, you should not be in the stock market.”