Ash and I decided that whilst at the Feb meeting we will know our fate, it seems a long while to wait, so we are going to meet for a general chat before then at `20 Princes Street’ a caff below the Hotel Indigo on Tuesday 11th Dec at 12 with lunch booked for 12.30. If any other HUR investors would like to join us, please let us know by replying to this post and we can adjust the booking which will be going in Saturday lunchtime, so you may miss out if you



Be there or be square.


Please raise a glass and toast RT, AM and all who sail in her!


And by all who ‘sail’ that includes all who made HUR possible, from the fitters to the rig, to the operations, finance and PR and venerable investors - may all our good wishes be fulfilled!


Hear hear Albi1 ! I would have loved to go to the lunch but it’s a bit of a haul from Jersey to Edinburgh ! I aim to get to the AGM in London next June (if that’s when it is) and hope to meet fellow LTH. Enjoy the gathering folks, cheers to absent friends :wine_glass: By the way, Hurricane “in the blue” so far today…


My uncle came from Jersey.
Any Dumonds near you?


No, sorry, it doesn’t ring any bells !


I’ve still never been there.


Hello Floss and Ash,

i’m disappointed that i won’t be able to make it to Edinburgh next week. It’s too short notice. My wife and I have a prior engagement that unfortunately can’t be rearranged.

If I could have made it I could have travelled to Edinburgh in my FLASH CAR.

CAR liol