Fortuna finance



Who knows why we are buying up this rubbish. If Fortuna does not come in we are finished.

Nick Cooper comes across well but the simple fact is the finance has not materialised…yet. I still have faith in him but why not give more details and updates on what is happening.

What do we think the sp will be in the finance comes in?



Is it Golar and Schlumberger who are holding this up?
Is he gambling on higher energy demand and prices?
Being in front end oil and gas it seems to me that it wont be long before the dam breaks as far as work is concerned.
Like everyone here I will be a lot happier when Fortuna FID is signed off and the show I back on the road.
Are the Chinese after a slice of the pie?
And what the hell I happening in Tanzania, half a billion barrels of oil equivalent with no appreciable forward movement.


Seen this before…keep the wolf from the door and everyone at Ophir can enjoy their jolly a little bit longer, but eventually when the lights go out we’re picked up for our debt and the pi’s are left stranded…

I hope that doesn’t happen, but it looks like there’s more than business level theatrics at play here, as in the hydrocarbon industry in general, there always is.

P, i did state there was something up in the beginning with E/G and NC isn’t gambling on anything he’s now holding on by the seat of his pants.
I can’t see the dam breaking much, all the governments are skint and cheap fuel is the way ahead and if its in house(shale oil)all the better its to do with economics and little else. I did read 2025 maybe a good year for global economics back in 2015 but who really knows as we have to watch all the old games for the rich and greedy being trundled out again.
Tanzania used to be British the hold up could be anything or nothing.

best of luck


Morning CH.
With EG there’s no OneLNG until FID is signed so both Golar and Schlumberger, if they truly are serious, need to get their finger out.
As for the dam breaking I was talking about work not the price of oil per se, however oil is ticking up nicely.
I understand where you are coming from, as Xshite Energy, is a timely reminder of how things can play out and PI’s get burned.


3.8p up by 11.00 am. Not seen that for a while.



Mornin P

Golar and Sclumberger(in particular)may have ulterior motives regds, E/G? We’ll need to wait and see but its taking a while.
I knew what you meant and i know how hard its been for the sector in general and you have to be thankful for any small recovery…even if it doesn’t equate to much.
Finally sometimes investments pale into insignificance when you’re left watching another kind of monitor every day, but,

best of luck


Indonesia’s Medco Energi could offer 340 mln stg for Britain’s Ophir

Jan 11 (Reuters) - Indonesia’s Medco Energi Internasional Tbk PT said on Friday its unit was continuing talks with Britain’s Ophir Energy for a possible 340 million pounds ($435.88 million) all-cash takeover.

Medco said shareholders of Ophir, an upstream oil and gas exploration and production company focused on Asia and Africa, would receive 48.5 pence in cash for each Ophir share.

Medco under British takeover rules had until Jan. 28 to make a firm offer or walk away. (Reporting by Noor Zainab Hussain in Bengaluru; Editing by Shinjini Ganguli)

best of luck