FRR Share Certificates



i’m not nervous … just pasted ii corporate message in full for information. It doesn’t change anything regarding where we are. We still have no new information about the end game.


You might not be nervous but companies like Computershare would not be doing this if they expected the company to relist anytime soon or there was good news just around the corner.

You will all end up with worthless paper shares you will not be able to sell if this company doesn’t relist anytime soon.


But because we are no longer allowed to keep them in an ISA or other accounts, we need proof that we hold the shares. Hence the certificates that will be sent to your registered addresses. This is par for the course in these situations.


Has anyone who had FRR in their ISA, received their FRR share certificates yet? I’ve been on to Equiniti again and complained why it is now 2 weeks and I’ve still not received them. They said they would call me back by the end of the day. I’ve also sent them a secure message as proof of my communication as I don’t trust anyone these days.


I have not received any certs for either my nominee or isa from Equiniti.


JT, sent Equiniti a secure message last week & here’s their reply!

Good Afternoon
Thank you for your message and please accept apologies for the delayed response, we have been experiencing high volumes due to the fee run.
Please be advised that the registrars are currently waiting for the share certificates, once they receive them they will despatch to customers.


Did you get a secure message saying they were going to send them ?




Yes JT got a secure message to say would receive certs mid May. After that timeframe passed sent a secure message saying where are my certs and received the answer as in my previous post.


Thanks for that Eyes. You got a better response than what I did. The guy i spoke to earlier didn’t have a clue.


ii give a different message
They state that they can only pass on a certificate ‘should the company provide one in the future’


Good afternoon, Selftrade say they have dealt with my shares, and the delay is
the fact that the registrars are extremely busy, hence the delay in them sending out
certificates. If they do not arrive by the end of next week I am advised to contact them again.

I’m trying to remain calm ! Kooiker


Latest update and I’m afraid it’s getting a bit chaotic. I rang equinity who said that they don’t have the share certificate and that i would need to contact Computer Share - 0370 7020003 which I did. First of all you are asked by a robot to say which company you are enquiring about and I said Fronterra resources and it didn’t recognize it, so after 3 attempts it passes you to a human. The human was called Nial but after 5 mins he said he wasn’t trained to deal with this company so he passed me on to Kim.

Kim said that the shares were sent out on May 22nd but had no proof of this and said that she would have to start an investigation which will take 5 days. She said if I was to get a copy then it would cost me, I said not until you can prove that you have sent the certificate to my address - which she could not.

The case continues…


JT…Certainly not encouraging!


It isn’t, but it’s just following the same path that I’m used to with company. Give me strength ffs


If no certs have been received or are forthecoming what would be the shareholders options/rights IF FRR do eventually relist, a NOMAD is reappointed and the sp goes ‘live’??


Well Computershare stated that I was on the register and there is always the proof from your ISA provider.


Just phoned Computershare and told the same as jaytee was that they will launch an investigation. The plot thickens.


I should get a reply from then by Tuesday. I’ll let you know


Called Computershare again today and had to go through the whole waiting process again before I spoke to someone who could deal with FRR. He said he could see the notes from last week but as yet the investigation was still pending. He went away to speak to his team leader who said that they will try and hasten this and update me via email asap.